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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How to Buy a Suit That Actually Fits - Alpha Male Nation

How to Buy a Suit That Actually Fits

Do you think shopping women’s fashion is a challenge? Things aren’t easier when it comes to buying a men’s suit either. Most guys think that if you just know your size, you can simply buy the suit in that particular size and you’re done. Not when we talk about suits. Since there are many things to keep in mind when going suit shopping, we’ve gathered a few of the most important tips for you to rely on and make sure you get that suit that suits you perfectly.

Just like women, men have different body types. You might go for an M size suit that suits your friend so well and find out that the reflection in your mirror shows a totally different situation. That’s why the size and fabric are not enough when looking for a suit. You need to know more about a suit’s silhouette, which is nothing else but the way proportions and lines work with each other. This is the very reason why it is best to have your suits designed and crafted by a tailor. He will know how to make those lines and proportions maximize your body’s positive features and minimize your negative features.

Therefore, before going any further you must make the following guidelines your philosophy when going for fashion shopping (not only suit shopping):


  • Pick a suit that matches your body type. I know, you might like a lot more that suit that fits your best pal so well. Remember that pal of yours has a different body shape than yours and what looks good on him might be such a mess on you. Highlight your qualities with a suit that matches your body shape.


  • Balance is what the new suit should get you. A suit that fits you well is a suit that will highlight your positive features and minimize your minuses as we’ve said. You want to achieve balance, keep that in mind when going for a shopping session. Be realistic and give up those preferences that match the latest trends but are to your disadvantage.


Now, fashion experts talk about various technical elements you need to keep in mind when choosing your suit. In order for your suit to lay against your body in a manner that maximizes your qualities, you need to take into account the following elements: fit, body proximity, and the fabric you choose.

First of all, you must know your fit. Secondly, you must pay attention to how relaxed or slim the suit is. This means body proximity. Depending on your body type and weight, you should think twice when it comes to the slimness of the suit you pick. Take structured and soft jackets for instance. If you have some extra kilos here and there and you opt for something too relaxed/soft or too slim/structured, the results will most probably fall into the “so not” category. And last but not least, the fabrics you choose will have a heavy word to say when it comes to the final result.


Tall or short guy?


And there is one more highly important element. Since you want to achieve balance, you must be careful to pick a suit that elongates you if you’re shorter. If you’re tall and you don’t want to exaggerate with your height, then opt for a suit that won’t do that. A great option for shorter guys who want to elongate their torso, is a single-breasted, two-button jacket.

Plus, there are suits that will make you look wider. If you are well built already, you might want to go for one that will slim you a bit. If you want to have a wider upper body, the perfection combination is structured shoulders, higher gorge, suppressed waist and wider lapels. A double-breasted jacket might be just what you need. Try one and see how it fits.


Full or lean jacket?


Before choosing your jacket, make sure you focus on three areas: chest, waist, and skirt.


If you’re interested in giving the impression of a wider chest, then a full jacket is the one to opt for. If the result you want to achieve is at the other extreme, go for a lean shallow jacket that will sit straight on you.

Waists can be suppressed or full. The first one will be closer to the torso when you button it whereas the full waist jacket will leave more room between the jacket and your torso creating a more relaxed, casual look.

The lower part of the jacket, known as the skirt, can also be full or lean. A full skirt will leave more space between the jacket and your hips whereas a lean one will sit closer to your body.


Don’t forget about the shoulders!


Shoulder details are of high importance as well. They will help you reach that overall balance or ruin it all. There are three shoulder types: roped, natural and bald. Roped shoulders are the most formal ones, natural shoulders are somewhere between formality and casualness whereas bald shoulders go perfectly with casual and leisure activities.


One more thing, padding! Depending on your body type and what you want to maximize or minimize, there are three options to choose from: built-up padding, lighter padding, and minimal or no padding. If you have square shoulders, then padding is not needed whereas if you have sloped shoulders, you will need a bit of padding in order to balance your shape. Also, heavier fabrics are recommended for more structured silhouettes and lighter fabrics go better with soft silhouettes.

If you want to shop your suit directly from a store and not have it custom tailored, the shop assistant should know which suit works best for you. Keep all of the above mentioned in mind as well to make certain the suit you choose reveals your best. The tips here and, hopefully, the shop assistant’s knowledge should lead you to the right decision.