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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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How to become a better lover? - Alpha Male Nation

How to become a better lover?

Loving someone means doing anything to ensure his or hers happiness. In order to do so, we need to become better persons and even better lovers. Although we may think we are seen as the perfect lovers in the eyes or our partner, it is not always true. Sometimes, we can make some changes that will improve your relationships. The more important changes consist in small things that could make the difference not only for our partner, but also for us.

The most important thing we can do to be a better lover is to take a good care of our self. It may seem stupid, but if we want to look good and to make some changes in our lives, we need to feel good. Therefore, we can start eating healthy, exercising, and drinking a lot of water. All these will be noticed in the way we look, which will influence the way we feel.

Small changes that help you become a better lover

Everyday responsibilities have a way of making us more focused on everything else but us. We need to remember the things that made us happy and try to bring them back into our lives. In any relationship, intimacy is extremely important, but we are too busy all the time and the boredom begin to affect us. The best thing we can do is to make time for intimacy. You can surprise your partner with unexpected intimacy moments, no matter how busy you are.

Guys are seen as being a little insensitive, while women seem to be a little to more sensitive. It is good to pay attention to ours partner feelings, without suffocating him or her. Insensitivity could hurt our partner, but paying attention to the small details will change things for the better. Moreover, it is an opportunity for us to discover new things about our partner, which can be interesting.

Do you used to spoil your partners? Try to spoil them every time you can, offer them attention, buy small presents, leave love notes and make them complements. Men who want to become better lovers should improve their communication skills, feel confident about them, but get rid of the arrogance and give their best to make their partner feel better. Women should learn to like their body the way it is. Also, it is good to know what you like and what you dislike and to be able to express your desires.

If you are in a relationship with your partner for years, it can help to make dates, especially if you are not dating your partner anymore. A romantic date can be exactly what your relationship needs. Therefore, it is good to go somewhere out and eat or go the movie.

When a couple has been together for some time now, sex becomes a routine and intimacy loses its place. Instead of spending all your nights at home, worrying about laundry, cooking, and cleaning, you could try to go out more and relaxing. In order to become a better lover, you need to improve your sex life. It could help if you try to spice up your relationship, because there are many new things you can try.

When sexual problems appear, we tend to ignore them, but it is not a solution, on the contrary. Therefore, we should talk with your partners and try to find ways to solve your problems, because they will not disappear, unless you do something about it. There are couples who choose to divorce because they ignored sexual problems. Lack of communication will only make your relation worse and of course, will not help you becoming a better lover.

You can be a better lover, if you don’t make time for buying gifts. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to buy your loved one a gift, because any ordinary day can turn into a special one. Why don’t you prepare a surprise for your partner? A gift can be a reminder of how much you love him or her.

Exercises that make you a better lover

According to research, exercising has a positive influence on our sex life, which is important if you want to be a better lover. Exercising improves your self-image and makes you feel better, it gives you more energy and burns fat. By working out in the gym, you will be happy about yourself, it tones your muscles and boosts your mood.

If you want to feel sexier and more confident, you need to exercise. Spending time in the gym will help you build strong and flexible muscles and definitely improves the way you look. There are different types of exercises you can try, including Pilates, because it increases blood flow to the pelvic area.

It is useful to perform strength training if you want to improve your look and boost your self-esteem. Yoga is perfect for increasing flexibility and dance lesson are perfect for enjoying romantic experiences. In addition, it is good to take walks together, because it has a positive influence on emotional aspects of your relationship.

Tips for women

Both women and men are interested in becoming better lovers. It is easier than we think to be the perfect lover, because all we need is a little creativity and the desire to make your partner happy. Since men put emphasis on the visual aspects, they love if their partners look amazing every day. It doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel, just to pay attention to the way you look, the makeup you choose, your clothes and the perfume you wear. All these details can surprise your partner in a pleasant way.

Don’t promise things you are not interested in delivering, because it will only affect your relationship. In addition, it is not helpful to promise sex and not keeping your promises, because it will make him associate sex with negative emotions and disappointment. This will affect your relationship on the long-term.

It is good to take care of your look and do your best to look lovely all the time, by using body lotions and other products, which will make your skin smoother. Try to be as beautiful as you were when you met or even to become more beautiful. The important thing is to look beautiful for you, not only for him, because it makes you feel more confident.

Your scent can be special for your lover if you are using a perfume that he loves, it you remain engraved in his memory. Although you are going through a stressful period, it is useless to scream at him, because it will not solve anything. You would better try to count to ten and wait until you calm down. When women complain, men are not paying attention every time, but they hate this situation, which make them remember of the times when they were single and could do anything they liked, without hearing any complaints.

Most important part in becoming a better lover is to love your partner for real. If you are staying with him because you are afraid of being alone, we will eventually realize it and you will hurt his feelings. It is not the right thing to do, not for either of you. Even if some women prefer to be manlier, it is not wrong to be feminine now and then.

Guys need to have space and is better not to put pressure on them, even though we want to check on him and now where is he or why is he there. A relationship is a partnership, in which both partners need to achieve things and grow to fulfill their potential. Partners should support each other, especially when things get tougher and everything seems impossible. Being there for him will ease his problems and help him overcome all the obstacles.

Men need to feel attractive, just like women do. You could compliment him, because it will help him feel more secure about himself and about your relationship. Becoming a better lover requires a good communication in your intimacy, because your partner will love you more if you are amazing in bed. In addition, he will appreciate if you can cook him delicious meals. If cooking is not your thing, you could try to surprise now and then with a special food. Even if it is not delicious, the gesture counts.

Tips for men

It is no secret that women are different from men. If you want to become a better lover, you need to surprise her, to be more sensitive and to communicate more. For women it is important to talk openly, even when it is a conflict. Remember you are not spending time with your bodies! Women want to be able to express their feelings, talk about what they love and what they hate and share opinions.

Unlike men, who are turned on visually, women put emphasis on words and communication. Women like men who are present, who communicate, are attentive and respectful, even though media shows different things. Sometimes women need their space, just as men do. When a woman is upset, it could have nothing to do with you, but you could try to make her feel better, just by let her be.

Help your partner, by doing the dishes, taking out the garbage or buying groceries, before she tells you to. It is a way of expressing your love and support. Your partner will appreciate and start doing more things to show her appreciation, which could be great for you both. You must also try to be romantic, to surprise her in a meaningful way. Try to do something different, like you did when she was single and you were trying to earn her affection. It will make her feel special.

Support her all the time, because it is important for her to know that she can always count on you. Listen to her carefully and protect her when she needs it. Do you remember the times when you two were dating and how much you tried to court her? You can try some courting from now and then, because little things can make the difference for women. It is important to know that you are there.

Do you want a different way to tell her “I love you”? You could write her love letters. She will be surprised to find a love letter in her purse or in her makeup bag. If you can be more creative, write a romantic poem. It will create a special and romantic moment for her. If you want your wife to look better, don’t tell her she should lose weight like your neighbor. You can tell her that she look beautiful now, but don’t compare their negatively to other women.

If you will communicate more, get seriously involved in your relationship, complement her, and treat here with respect, you will become a better lover. It is not difficult to please a woman and to make her happy. If you are absent and selfish, we will never be able to earn her trust and affection. Also, you must be sincere and really want to make your relationship better, because if you pretend, eventually she will realize it and things won’t turn out the way you want to.

As you can see, it is not impossible to become a better lover. You can be the perfect lover if you try harder. There is no universal recipe, because things may vary from one person to another. Paying attention to the other one needs, be attentive, carrying, and interesting in making each other help is all you need. Aspects like the way we look and the way you dress are important, but they are not all the things that matters. Sometimes we just get lost in what we think we should look like or be like and end up focusing on things that don’t really matters.

Media promotes a different image about how to be the perfect lover. Understanding both men and women is easier than it seems. Women don’t have to be Cameron Dias or Sharon Stone to make their partners happy and men could try to be more attentive and more romantic to impress their wives and lovers. There are no rules in love relationships, because we are not alike and we want different things from people around us, but the most important things we could wish is to be loved and happy.

No matter how stressed we are and how difficult our life may sometimes, we shouldn’t forget about things that make us happy. Spending more time with our partner, as well investing time and energy to create magical and romantic moments will make us better lovers.