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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How to be an alpha male - Alpha Male Nation

How to be an alpha male

How to be an alpha male

The alpha male- a position most men long for, a rank that is so privileged people might think is reserved for a sole man, a single leader and ‘the first in the pack’, yet this place in the hierarchy is not just for the king of the hill, the merciful Greek God who rules all heavens, seas and lands, the warrior who amazes everyone and who wins victory after victory. Every man can learn to become an ‘alpha male’ and can manage to get the alpha trait, grow on a personal and professional level and become an interesting individual characterized by power, agility, vitality, energy, stamina, as well as sexual appeal.

It is true to state that most men wish to become the captain of the industry, the best of the best, the most appreciated stand-up guy, the persistent individual in peak physical shape, the courageous male who can attract all women and the ambitious manly man who turns all his visions into reality.

The term alpha male can be defined as a person with dominance, the leader of a group/pack/herd or a powerful individual who stands out amongst the others in a community with the highest possible rank. The Greek letter “Alpha” has been used to denote a special and privileged position in social hierarchy. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the noun which comes from this word being used in English as a synonym for ‘first’ or ‘beginning’. It is important to note that, according to history and symbolism, two important figures in Antiquity have been designated to name the first letter of the alphabet, one of them mentioning that the very first articulate sound a baby makes in his earliest stages is ‘alpha’, due to its simplicity and lack of motion of the tongue at the moment in which the air comes off the mouth. This has led to the ongoing worldwide culture and habit of naming, acknowledging and respecting a ‘first’ man, a leader, the one which holds the helm of any ship, the one which shines amongst the rest, the role model everyone has, the person all men want to become and all ladies wish to be with.

Taking into account the animal world and social implication amongst virtually any specie, the alpha exists in any herd, group, pack, flock or animal community. In some reigns, males fight to maintain their position and to continue to gain preferential access to food, the mating process and other desirable items. Alpha males benefit from respect from the other animals, as their superior physical prowess, appearance and fit are being acknowledged. The same stands for the interactions and group behavior amongst humans. We tend to look up to that person who is fitter, stronger, smarter and more attractive than us, not just because of looks and superior intellect, but also thanks to his ability to lead, to persuade others and to sell himself and his ideas. The alpha male is not only a person with a ripped torso and back, muscles, abs and a well-sculpt body who also happens to have a PhD in Economics or Law, but that individual who manages to spark the interests of everyone, to behave in the best manner when surrounded by ‘inferiors’, to ignite change and to lead the others.

Whilst being an alpha male may have seemed a trait one can be born with, in today’s world, this social position can be earned. Any man who wishes to be respected by others and feel better around them, as well as in his own skin can make the necessary steps to turn his vision into reality. Being the dominant and powerful male, the best in the pack and the most appealing to women can be an easy learning and training process if you follow some essential steps:

An alpha male needs to have courage- this essential element defines the entire persona of the alpha male. This individual must be the very embodiment of the above-mentioned term and prove that nothing stands in his way of achieving his goals, regardless of any terrifying risks, external factors, as well as dangers ahead on his journey. Courage is present in all relevant heroes we see in cartoons, movies, TV shows, as well as throughout history. Hercules, Alexander the Great, Prometheus, Castor, Daedalus, Theseus, Ajax the Great, Aeneas, Achilles, Cesar, Frederick the Wise, Martin Luther, Calvin, Stephen the Great, Muhammad Ali, Napoleon Bonaparte, all of these wouldn’t have accomplished their goals had they not nurtured a feeling or ability to confront fear, uncertainty, danger or endure physical pain. Courage is the most important feature a man must possess in order to face everything that life offers him, overcome all difficulties, irrespective of their nature and help himself, as well as others.

Be confident in your own skin! – probably the most important rule all human beings must abide. Being confident cannot be overstated. If one thinks highly of himself, believes in his own strengths and capabilities, both men and women will look up to him and respond in a positive manner. Confidence, along with a positive attitude (which is somewhat included in this concept) is what turns any bad day into a good one, any task associated with uncertainty or fear into something accomplishable and any action into one worthy of everyone’s attention. Demonstrating inner strength and stability, confidence ought not to be confused with arrogance. It is what ladies generally appreciate the most, as they cannot imagine spending their time or being with a man who is insecure and problematic. An alpha male will always turn heads or attract the attention of everyone in a room whenever he enters, thanks to his ability to assume his position, acknowledge his greatness and, of course, act in a great manner.

Let your body do the talking! As in the case of all the heroes and Greek gods and mythological key-figures, the peak physical appearance is a prerequisite for an alpha male. Looking good translates into being attentive towards your own body and putting an extra effort to feel great and to impress the others. Furthermore, it is essential to note that, despite doing your best to look good, there are other things you need to pay attention to: all your gestures, your posture, your stance can send signals to those around you and can speak quite the volume. Since everyone pays a great deal of attention when it comes to physical appearance, you ought to work with what you have got,  improve your posture and make sure your gestures will define your intentions and your true personality.

Another important thing to bear in mind when becoming an alpha male is to link the above-mentioned advice to the proper way of dressing up. Looking good also means dressing smart, wearing high quality pieces of clothing that can totally change your appearance, improve your overall physique and complement your best assets. All ladies are impressed by a man who knows how to dress either for a casual day out or for a fancy formal event or premiere. Try to search for suits that fit you properly and do a little bit of research online as to what colors look good on you or what type of patterns and fabrics are fashionable this year. Keeping up with the latest trends is also of utmost importance! Adapt certain fashion traits to your own style to make sure you are perceived as ‘the mould breaker’, ‘the trend setter’, ‘the one who is out of the box’.

The way you talk can really ‘speak volumes’- having a distinct and controlled way of articulating words and breathing whilst ‘pleading your case’ or telling a story is also crucial. The alpha male is interesting and captivating also through his manner of never rushing things, talking slowly, putting the right emphasis on certain phrases or words that can make the story more fascinating. This individual is not only the main character in any book, but also an excellent storyteller. If you wish to become an alpha male, then you ought to develop a good diction, exercise in front of the mirror and discover how you can turn any boring narration into an excellent story.

All these rules to help all those who wish to become an alpha male work hand in hand. Once you manage to improve one thing about yourself, the rest will come naturally, provided you have the right level of ambition to achieve your ardent goal. Becoming an alpha male certainly has its perks and can radically change the way you used to look at yourself, others and life in general.