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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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How do you kiss a girl for the first time? - Alpha Male Nation

How do you kiss a girl for the first time?

When you are about to do something for the first time, it is natural to be afraid or a little nervous, especially if it involves relationships between boys and girls. Sometimes, it is all about our instincts, while other times it is about saying the right things in the right moments. If some guys prefer planning ahead in order to impress a girl way up to the smallest detail, others put everything into the hands of destiny and trust their own charm.

When comes to kissing a girl for the first time, it never gets easier, particularly if you never kissed before. In order to be prepared for your first kiss, is better to practice first, even if it may seem strange to practice on your hand or with an object. Practicing will help you be more confident in yourself, because you will feel like you know exactly what you are doing. If you have practiced enough, you may actually know what you’re doing.

Always make sure you have a good breath, because it will certainly be unpleasant if she tastes onion or other flavors of the food you’ve eaten for dinner. So, you just make sure to brush your teeth and use a mouthwash, which will freshen your breath and will help prevent awkward moments, both for her and for you. After dinner, you could excuse yourself, in order to go to the bathroom, where you can freshen your breath with your favorite breath freshener. You know how to kiss, your breath is good, but how do you know when it is time to kiss her. In order to do things right, you need to create a good atmosphere. You could try flirting, by complementing her look and tease her with funny lines. You could also put your arm around her waist if you two are laughing, but make sure you are flirting respectfully. The perfect time to kiss her is at the end of your date, when you say goodbye to her or after the movie, you watched just finished. There are plenty of opportunities to kiss her, depending on the place, you go, and the way things go between you two.

If you want to know exactly what she thinks about the fact you want to kiss her, you could move your face slowly toward hers. This way she will know that you want to kiss her and she has the chance to give a sign. You can easily she if she wants you to continue or if she is about to slap you. The best thing to do when you kiss her for the first time is not to use your tongue. You should go for a close-mouthed kiss, don’t forget to close your eyes before you start kissing her. It will be awkward is she sees your eyes open.

You can compare kissing with a silent conversation. You want to make a good impression. It is better to be nice, to show her that you can be loving and gentle. Girls love romantic and loving guys and this can be your first date and your first kiss of more to come. Be confident in yourself and in your connection. Things can be easier if you relax and remember to enjoy it. After all, it is your first date, not a difficult exam you want to pass. Don’t over think it, because you will only get things more complicated.

Could your room be a good place for first kiss?

Not only that could be difficult for you to know when is the right time to kiss a girl for the right time, but also it is difficult to know when the perfect place to make your move is. It is good to kiss her at the end of your date, at the movies, in the park or even in your room. If you have the girl you are interested in right in your room, is it a good place to start to kiss her? You could feel more comfortable in your room, so if you with the girl you like are in your room, listening to music and looking through your CD-s or on your yearbook, it the best time to try to kiss her. This way you can be sure that nobody is going to disturb you.

After you enter in your room, close the door, but not completely and remain standing until she sits on the bed. Then sit down next to her and show her something, in order to set the mood. Try to act natural and don’t look nervous. You could tell her that she looks great and make eye contact. If she smiles and laugh at your joke, it means she is enjoying the time spend with you. Her good signals are suggestive enough to let you know it is time to kiss her.

Act nicely, be loving and tender, wait for her signals and if she responses well to your moves, start kissing her slowly, by reaching her face. If her signals aren’t as you expected, it could mean that she is not ready to kiss you or that she is nerves, because she never kissed before. When her responses are different from what we wish, you should try it some other time. Don’t force things, even if you’re eager to kiss her for the first time. If your first date went very well, you will have plenty of opportunities to kiss her. If he doesn’t like you, you have to overcome this difficult moment in your life. Certainly, you’ll find another girl who’ll be interested in you faster than you think. It does not mean that is your fault, but simply that you two are not compatible.

There may be girls who like you, despite the fact that you are not interested in them. These things happen frequently, even if we like it or not. When we are rejected for the first time, it hurts a lot, but with time, we learn that these situations are part of our lives. As some people reject us, we reject others. It’s like an unwritten law of dating, and if we are rejected doesn’t mean that we did something wrong. These are things that simply happen.

If you think it is difficult to convince her to enter your room, choose another place. You can easily find a quiet place in the park or a peaceful corner away from the curious people, where you have privacy to enjoy your first kiss. It is important that both of you feel comfortable. Although a first kiss produces many emotions, is a moment that you will remember later with pleasure. Emotions can be constructive sometimes.

What not to do when kissing a girl for the first time

Kissing a girl for the first time involves things you should do and things is best to avoid, if you want to make things right, not to ruin everything. It needs only a few seconds to turn a good date into a failure, which will leave a bitter taste for both of you. You want to avoid embarrassing moments, because you want to create a special memory, of which both of you to remember with pleasure. Timing is important, as well as everything you do, because you don’t want to misunderstand the signals, she gives you. You want that your night to be special and memorable.

The worst thing you could possibly do is to rush into your first kiss. It is better to allow her to prepare for this special moment you are eager to live, instead of rushing things. It is true that if she likes, she may respond positively to your kiss, but is she is not ready, we will create an awkward moment for her. Kissing her at the right moment will give her another good reason to like you more. Choose carefully the place where you will kiss her, because it is wrong to do it in a crowed place, where you are surrounded by people and have no intimacy. Try to find a quiet place and when the timing is right, you can kiss her. Make sure you don’t talk about the kiss, at least not when you are at the moment, in a quiet place. You need to feel the moment, not to discuss it about it and doing it because you both agreed is what you want. Discussing when you are at the moment if kissing her could take away the charm of the moment.

Don’t rush, because you don’t have a train to catch. As I mentioned before, nothing is as important as choosing the right time to kiss a girl. Help her be comfortable, set the mood, and flirt with her. If you create a relaxing atmosphere, she will want to kiss you and she will enjoy your first kiss. Also, it is better not to ask her if you can kiss her. Chivalry is great, but there are things that are better to avoid. Even if she wants to kiss you, she may answer no and you don’t want that.

You can kiss her gently and enjoy your first kiss. First, you should get closer to her, even touch her hair and complement her. If she smiles when you touch her, it is a good sign that she likes you can kiss her is a good idea. A closed-mouthed kiss is appropriate for a first date. Don’t insist on doing more than kissing her, especially if you are on your first date, if you want to impress her and to prove that you are gentle and loving. First kiss is difficult especially for those who never kissed before, but it is better not to over think it. It is not as hard as you imagine. What matters more is the way you choose the time and the place, as well as how you let her know about your intention, in a discreet and respectful manner, without rushing and without telling her about the fact you want to kiss her.

If the first date went well and you pass the first kiss, you have nothing to worry. The difficult part has passed and now you have to focus on how to keep her interested in you and have successful future dates. Kissing can be seen as an art, which you can truly enjoy when you’re in love.

Knowing how to kiss a girl for the first time will help you impress her and even end a successful first date. As long as you are natural, attentive, protective, and you manage to make her feel great throughout the date, no need to worry about the first kiss. Pay attention to the signs that she gives you, the way she smiles and how she laughs at your jokes, try to compliment her about the way she looks or the jokes she says, make her feel comfortable, and everything will happen naturally. Sometimes you just have to do what you feel. You do not have to think a lot about how to behave, what you say or what you do, but just to get carried away and be natural.

If you do what you feel and you make her feel comfortable, you will know exactly when and how to kiss for the first time. After the first kiss, you will see that you made unnecessary worries. It is true that is natural to be nerves when you think about your first kiss. This means that you treasure her opinion and you don’t want to ruin everything, but kissing a girl for the first time can be piece of cake, especially if you are doing it because you really want it. There is no reason to worry that you will do it wrong, particularly if you pay attention to the sings she is given you.

A perfect and romantic date couldn’t end better than with a kiss. A kiss is the best ending for a successful date, in which both of you spend a lovely time and enjoy every moment of it. Not kissing her at your first date could create the impression that you don’t really like her. Also, if you are kissing her too soon you could give her the wrong idea. A first date is a moment when you two get to know each other. Choosing the right moment for the first kiss can be a proof of the fact that you know her. So, it could be your first test, a test you successfully pass.