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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Fast Dating: How to meet lots of women - Alpha Male Nation

Fast Dating: How to meet lots of women

It is no secret that men love meeting women wherever they go, no matter they go shopping, drinking a beer with their friends, or just going out for a movie. Even the most experienced men in dating are facing difficulties, sometimes, in finding new places and ways to meet women.

Meeting a woman can become a complicated process, especially if you become anxious when you are trying to approach her or you get refused. Some guys may say that it requires time and experience to know exactly what to do to meet lots of women, while other think it is all about luck or about a special charm. Since we cannot all be charming and irresistible, we need to learn new ways to meet women. So, for the not so fortunate ones, it is important to learn how to become better at seducing women. Thus, the most fortunate guys still need to learn new tricks about dating and meeting women.

The good thing is that the occasions in which you can meet women are endless. You can meet women in the park, in bars and clubs, in coffee shops and even online. The Internet is the fastest way of meeting lots of women, but not any kind of women, but single women, interested in getting a date. So, if you are looking for a place to start meeting women, you should try it online, if your offline experienced weren’t as successful as we wished them to be.

Places where you can meet women

The best places where you can meet women are bars and clubs. People go to these places to have fun, to spend time with their friends, but also for dating. If bars and clubs are not for you, have you consider meeting women to classes. It may sound stupid, but some guys actually meet women when they take different classes.

You can choose classes offered by different colleges and universities. While you are taken these classes, you can easily find attractive women, who will be more easily to approach, since you share topics of common interest.

Another great place where you can meet women is the gym. This place is not only helping you to be in shape, because it also allows you to meet beautiful women. Most people who go to the gyms are women, so it is easier than ever to meet women that can become your dates.

Men can meet lots of women at coffee shops, because these places are quiet and you can see here women who study, read, or just enjoy a cup of coffee. The relaxing atmosphere from coffee shops works in your advantage, because it is easier to approach a woman in a nice and quiet environment.

A place where many guys meet women is the mall. Women goes to the mall for shopping or even to take a walk and find new items to buy. Therefore, you can find relaxed and happy women in malls, who have some time to spare and even who could be interested in knowing you or dating you.As you can notice, there are plenty of places you can meet women. Whether you go to a rock concert, to the gym or you are on your way to work, you can meet a woman when you less expecting. The important thing is to take advantage of all the opportunities, especially if you want to improve your dating experience and you can boast with your new “conquests”

The advantages of online dating

When we speak about fast dating, probably there is no type of dating faster than online dating. Definitely, the online is the perfect way to meet lots of women in a short time. Those who choose online dating, become more demanding in choosing women they want to meet. Perhaps this is because they can think for a while about how they would like to look the woman they wish to meet.

Online dating has plenty of advantages to offer, including access to more women. You can get access to thousands of women who can become your dates. You will need less time to meet women, compared to offline ways of dating. Also, online dating is perfect for shy people, because it increases their chances of meeting a woman. The truth is that the number of people who choose online dating is getting bigger and bigger. It is popular for both young and old people, because people can find a date and even the right partner on the Internet. It is easier and because it is faster, so you can date lots of women in a short time.

The number of websites that offers online dating is continually growing and today you can find websites for certain interests and groups. So, if you want to date fast, you will need a profile, giving basic information about you, including your age, your interests, and the place where you live.

After completing the basic information about you, all you need to do next is to offer indicators of your physical attributes. You have to mention your height, weight, and hair and eye color. This information makes the entire process of meeting women easier. In some cases, it is necessary to offer details about your religious beliefs or your political views, but it depends on the website you use. Next thing you need to do is to describe the ideal person for you and how it should be like the woman you want to meet. It is useful to post a photo of yourself. Because it is useful, guys are not afraid to use the Internet as a way of getting rapidly a date. Some of them are even able to meet the right woman on the Internet, using dating websites.

Online dating offers numerous advantages for shy people, as well as for those who are too lazy to put a serious effort in getting a date. So, there is a solution for all of us, whether we are real players or just simply a beginner.

Other ways to meet women

Meeting women fast is not only about where you meet them, but also about other things, like your attitude. You probably noticed that for some guys, meeting women come naturally, it like their special charm. No matter what they do, they are successful at getting a date, wherever they go. Basically, meeting women is a social skill not all of us have.

If you are not good at socializing, it doesn’t mean we can become better, just by getting out more. A good thing to do is to act just like you want to make new contacts and not just to meet women. It is true that sometimes works perfectly to pick up women, but other times is just a waste of time. It is better to be friendly and nice.

Once we established the perfect attitude when we go out and try to meet women, all there is left to do is to find the right place where you can find the woman of our dreams. As we learn from movies, women like to be hit on in romantic and cool places. It could be true.

So, a good moment to pick-up a woman is at happy hour. This is the moment of the day we all waiting for, because we want to relax and have fun. Both women and men go out alone or in groups, which means you will not look creepy when you open a conversation with a lady or with a group of ladies.

Do you prefer meeting women offline? If you have a dog, it is easy, because dog parks are excellent places to meet women. Your dog can play with her dog, which makes easier for you two to get to know each other or even to arrange a date for our dogs, to have a play-date. These kinds of places allow you to meet women faster than you can imagine. Moreover, it is fun and interesting.

You can social media, if you want to meet women. It may sound silly, but teenagers use Facebook to meet girls and works for them. Social media can be useful, but if it is not your type, you can find new and interesting ways to meet women. You can meet an interesting woman in public transportation or at a concert.

Sometimes you don’t have to put an effort in order to meet women. You could be invited to a party and when you less expected, you have the opportunity to see lots of beautiful women and even to meet some of them. This is a good scenario, it is true, but it really can happen in the real life. Depends on your social life and your friends, but if you have the occasion to attend to different events, don’t hesitate. It could be fun!

Useful tips of meeting lots of women

As I mentioned before, attitude is important if you want to meet more women. Everything matters, including the way you look, the way you dress or even the body language. Having the right attitude and the right words will express self-confidence and can convince women to want to meet you. A simple night out with friends can turn into a success. If you remove online dating sites or social networks from the list of ways that you use to meet a woman, then you should start frequenting the bars and clubs that are preferred by women. This doesn’t mean you have to go to bars that are visited exclusively by women, but you could go to places that women prefer more.

In order to meet lots of women, you need to be surrounded by women. In a club where sings an artist or a band that women love you has more chances of getting a date than you can think of. Go to bars, clubs, parties, concert, and different events, improve your social life, have fun, and enjoy the time you spend trying and succeeding to meet lots of women.

If you are convinced about your seducing skills, a good way to get a date could be in a grocery store. It is difficult, because you could risk of being taken as creepy, but if you know the right words to start a conversation with the woman you are interested in, it could work. The same thing could happen while you are in the park or on the street.

Practically, every place can be perfect for meting women, if you know what to say and when to say it. It is not enough to be surrounded by beautiful women, if you let anxiety ruin everything. Unfortunately, some guys get anxious when they want to start a conversation with a woman they see for the first time in their life.

It is normal to feel the anxiety kicking in when is desperately trying to get a woman attention and have no idea about what you should do. The problem that the more you stress, the less you will be able to act. At the end of the night, you will return home alone, feeling the bitter taste of failure. It is therefore better to take advantage more and more of the opportunities you have and try to relax when you want to meet more women. Perhaps the most effective way to meet more women, especially if you’re shy, is to opt for online dating sites. It is less likely to fail, as you approach someone online and not offline. You don’t need a smart opener, you don’t have to have excellent social skill, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time going out, looking for good places where to meet women.

Also, the process of dating takes places rapidly, faster than it can happen in the offline. If the stars are on your side, you will meet the right woman in just an hour and after that you can arrange for a real date. Probably it is not exactly how you dream to meet women, but the important thing is to work for you.