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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Escalating Workout - Alpha Male Exercises - Alpha Male Nation

Escalating Workout – Alpha Male Exercises

The only reason that determines us to lift weights and build muscle is to get more powerful each day, in order to become an alpha male among our friends. If we want to be more powerful, we have to work harder and to exceed our limits. Bodybuilders recommend us different methods of increasing our body’s muscles. Some of these work, while others are just a waste of time.

It does not really matter the time we spend in the gym, but how we use the time for doing workouts. You may think that is important to work more and more each day and to increase the duration of your workouts. Escalating workout propose us a different approach, putting emphasis on the improving of our results in a specific duration.

Therefore, we have to pick duration and try to get more work done each time, than the session before. Your goal is not to increase your training time, but to increase the number of workouts you are able to do. If you exercise for about 10 minutes, you repeat the same workout every day for 10 minutes, but you try as much as possible to increase the number of exercises you can do in 10 minutes.

Can you do 150 push-ups in 10 minutes? It is great! Next time you try to do hit 155 push-ups in 10 minutes. If you are able to do so, then you are trying escalating workout, which will help you be more powerful.

What is escalating workout?

Escalating workout is a type of training created by Charles Staley in 2005, known as Escalating Density Training. You can perform to exercise back to back in a specific time frame. Unlike your traditional weight training that focuses on muscle fatigue, escalating workout focuses on muscle performance. If you are able to do more reps or weights than before within the same time frame, it means that you become stronger and bigger. This is the purpose of escalating workout.

It is important to dive your training into two zones and to use at least two exercises in each zone. You will begin your workout by alternating between the exercises in the first zone until you are running out of time, then you rest for five minute. Next, you begin your workouts from the second zone.

Imagine you can do 130 push-ups the first time you try escalating workout. Next time you can see how many push-ups can you do in the same time frame. In the number is increasing, it means you are increasing your training density. The beauty of this training program is that you will spend less time in the gym, while you will get the best results.

Is a perfect training program for those who are extremely busy, but dream of becoming an alpha male. Working on the density of your training, you will work harder, but for a short period, which will improve your training results and will make you stronger.

How can you improve your results with escalating workout?

Escalating workout can help get the best results in bodybuilding, if you give your best. If you are interested in growing muscles, you should keep in mind that muscles grow or atrophy in direct proportion to the work you do. The advantage of doing escalating workout is that you know exactly when the workout starts, as well as when it ends.

You know exactly what your goal is, which increase your motivation. It is easier to exercise knowing what is your purpose and the time frame in which you have to achieve your goal. It is easier to do escalating workout than to work hard with traditional training programs, in which you have to increase the time you exercise, with no guarantee of success.

All you have to focus on is to do more work than you did last time. You don’t have to worry about sets and reps, because the important thing is to exceed your previous limits. If you are able to do that, your muscles will growth and you will happy with the results you will get. If not, it means you have to try harder, in order to get the desired results. Moreover, you will know where you stand and much you have progresses, which is very important.

People can use escalating workout for weightlifting, power lifting, or bodyweight training. Whether you want to lose weight or to increase your body muscles, this training program can help you a lot. Each workout consists of 20-minutes time frames separated by a rest period of 5-10 minutes. You have to perform two exercises in each time frame, in order to do four exercises per workout.

The two exercises are performed in each time frame by alternating back and forth, until the time frame is finished. Escalating workout is a good choice for experienced trainers, as well as for beginners. No matter your experience, you can benefit from using this training program. It helps you to increase time efficiency of workout and its intensity.

Those who want to lose weight can notice an increasing of fat loss, because they will burn more calories in the same time frame. It is true that you will feel pain, exhaustion, and fatigue, because you will challenge your muscular endurance. If these symptoms don’t scare you, you definitely should try it, especially since it will improve your mental strength, as well as your bodies.

We all know that for increasing our mind toughness, we need to challenge ourselves and to get out of the comfort zone. With escalating workout, we can build a powerful mind, because we will exceed our limits and work harder, for better results. We need to work harder, even if you feel like giving up. Little by little, you will become stronger and bigger.

Escalating workout for weight loss

Losing weight is never easy, especially because we have to change our diet and to exercise in an effective manner, to burn fat and strengthen our body. It is difficult to choose the perfect training program that will help you lose weight effectively. Escalating workout helps you to burn fat, because it keeps you motivated throughout the workout.

Knowing exactly when you finish your hard work allows you not only to be motivated, but also to measure your progress, because you know how many reps have you completed. Working harder for completing more reps in a specific time frame will help you to lose weight.

Depends on your own goal, you can include in your escalating workout squats and dead lifts, Olympic lifts like Clean or Snatch, overhead Barbell Press, Bench Press or Weight Dips, bodyweight movement like push-ups or lunges or Bent-Over Rows and Weight Pull-ups. The choice is yours to make and the important thing is to achieve progress.

Escalating workout for muscles growth

Escalating workout is perfect for muscles growth and it allows you to get better results in a short time. It is an effective way of working out, which can be fun and challenging and can be used as a cardiovascular form of training. You can practice escalating workout at home under the supervision of a fitness trainer.

If in the first week of working out you are able to bench press 200 pounds with 15 reps, your muscles will be prepared for the same workout for the following week. If next week you bench press 20 reps of 200 lbs, your muscles will be prepared for the same resistance next week. Each time you will increase the reps, your muscle will grow stronger.

When your muscles are adapted to the high amount of reps, you can increase the weight, to stimulate your muscles. The important thing is to increase the number of reps or the weight only at a rate that your body is capable of. Escalating workout works and is an easy training program to follow, although in some cases may seem difficult to perform it.

Escalating workout can work for everyone who tries it, no matter if they have experienced or are just beginners. The important thing is to stop when you think your body can take it anymore. It is true that you will have to support pain while training or afterwards, but it doesn’t have to affect your health. Sometimes, is better to take it slowly, because eventually you will achieve your goal.

Before starting your escalating workout training, you have to decide how much time you want to exercise. If you haven’t worked out for some time, is better to exercise only for 10-15 minutes for the first few times. After you decided how much time to exercise, you need to decide what type of exercises you will do. You can do body-weight exercises, the choice is yours, and you are the one to decide if you spend money on buying equipment for your workout or not.

No matter what type of exercises you choose, your goal is to beat the last number of reps you did for the last exercise. Make sure you rest enough, because is useless to reps until failure. Escalating workout can help you build muscles, as well as losing weight. You can burn fat and become stronger with less time spend for your workouts.

The Founder of escalating workout, Charles Staley, claims that you can measure success by being sure that you will do more work than you did on your last workout. You will have to pick two exercises of opposing body parts and work out for 15-20 minutes. You can follow your own rules, if you like. Therefore, you can take the basic concept of this type of training and make it in your own way, according to your needs.

You can do three different exercises for an increased focus on endurance and strength. Also, you can use only bodyweights exercises and well as higher reps and shorter rests, if you want to burn fatter. Those who want to focus on strengthen their bodies could use fewer reps and longer rests.

You can be amazed by the results you can get with escalating workout. If you compare the results offered by the traditional training with escalating workout, you will see why is a good choice. The important thing is to lose weight or to build strong muscles. Although we want to improve the way our body looks, not all of us are willing to spend hours in the gym and work so much time.

Living a modern life means, we are always on the run, with less time to work out in the gym, to play football, tennis or other sport and be active. If we are dreaming to become an alpha male, you need to do something. The best thing we can do is escalating workout, because it doesn’t require a lot of time.

It is true that requires hard work and sometimes it can seem impossible to continue this training program, but it is extremely effective. You can stimulate our bodies to burn more calories and to strengthen our muscle, which will seriously improve our look. Moreover, you can perform this training from the comfort of our home.

We don’t have to spend money on expensive equipment if we don’t want to. It will be easy to be motivated and we will be proud of ourselves, because we will be able to get good results. Within 20-minutes session, you can build strong muscles and become bigger each day.

You can choose from many training programs. The only way to know which one is good for us is to try them. Escalating workout could work for all of us, no matter our body-weight and our purpose. Whether we want to lose weight and burn fat calories or to build strong muscles, escalating workout can help us.

For a funnier experience, you can practice this training program with your friends. You will combine a serious workout with competition and a nice company, which will make everything easier and more interesting. In this way, you will give your best to become better than your friends will and to get the best results.