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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Enhance Your Fitness Workout With These Apps - Alpha Male Nation

Enhance Your Fitness Workout With These Apps

The 8 Best fitness apps

When talking about one’s health, the importance of sports activities reaches high levels. Scientists, health care specialists, and researchers have directed their attention and efforts towards understanding how being active helps one achieve strong health. The results of various studies and researches point to a strong and direct link between one’s health and level of activity.

While we’re now aware of the significance and impact sports activities have on our physical and psychological wellbeing, some of us still have a hard time embarking upon a fitness program or sticking to regular workouts. Here’s where technology comes into sight. Out of the many applications available on the market, an increasing number of apps is dedicated to health and fitness. They are the help many of us need in order to stay motivated and the source of information related to what happens in our body when we work out, the information we wouldn’t otherwise know (or at least, we’d have a hard time getting hold of).

Now, this very great number of workout and fitness apps might be a bump in the road. You could narrow that comprehensive list down to the following 10 workout apps we’ve gathered for you. They’re among the ones paired with a high rating. Check them out to see if there’s one that could help you turn workouts into a priority and learn more about what happens with your body when being active.

Garmin Fit

Garmin Fit

If you want to track your speed, elevation, and distance, then this one app is for you. Using the tracker on your phone, the Garmin Fit app will provide you with information regarding the three aspects of your activities and it will also calculate the number of calories you burn using your age, height, and age. Plus, you get to enjoy your own music while you run. You can get the application for £0.69, for both your iOS and Android devices.

Strava cycling

Strava cycling

If you love to spend your spare time making the wheels of your bike spin, then Strava cycling app might be just what you need. This application will use the tracker on your phone, just like Garmin Fit, to let you know about your speed, elevation, and distance while you cycle. The extra bonus you get is the fact that Strava cycling will allow you to compete with other cyclists who have cycled on the same road or trail and it will give you information on the best nearby cycle routes. You can get the application for FREE for both your iOS and Android devices.



Most of us are interested in knowing the number of calories consumed during the day. Well, if that is what you want to know, too, Myfitnesspal app is of great help. This application will help you count the calories you’ve eaten by helping you monitor what you eat using the barcode scanner. You can also search their extensive database of more than 3 million foods. Get the application for free for both your iOS and Android devices.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app

Many people want to embark upon a workout program but have no idea where to start from and what to do first. Well, Nike Training Club application was designed to help such people. The application will use your fitness level and the specific areas of your body you’re interested in to provide you with a range of workout routines suited to your needs. If you work out for 15-45 minutes, you will get to unlock bonus regimes, fitness tips, and recipes. Enjoy the application for free on both your iOS and Android devices.



Unlike the applications mentioned so far, Gympact focuses on keeping you motivated to go the gym by rewarding you with money if you reach your workout target set for a certain period of time. So, you go to the gym as often as you’ve planned to and you get money for keeping up with your schedule. The opposite will happen, too. If you miss a workout, you are fined. The accumulated fines will be redistributed to those people who reached their workout goal. One more reason to turn your workouts into a priority. You can get the application for free and use it on both your iOS and Android devices.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga   app

If you think Yoga is more suited to your needs and you find it more relaxing, then Pocket Yoga app will guide you through any of the 27 yoga routines using both audio and visual guidance. Pay £1.99 to enjoy the application on your iOS device and £1.89 for its Android version.


iMuscle app

If you’ve made up your mind about the group of muscles you want to focus on and tone up, you can go for iMuscle application. Based on the group of muscles you want to work out, the application will suggest you the exercises that suit those muscles best. iMuscle will provide you with detailed animation of the muscles you focus on so you know how to make the best out of your exercises. You can get the application for £2.99 and use it only on your iOS device.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer

With Workout Trainer, starting a workout program is as simple as 1, 2, 3. The application provides you with a generous collection of workout routines that vary in intensity, length, and the muscles you want to work out. Thus, you can pick the program that suits your fitness level and interests best. Most workouts come with pictures that will guide you as well as a digital trainer to talk you through your routine.

The web and app stores offer a large selection of health and fitness applications. The ones we’ve mentioned above are the most preferred and popular ones. Before starting a workout routine, though, it is best to see your doctor or nutritionist and let him know about your intentions. Once he gives you the green light, you can pick your application.