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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Drinking alcohol makes us hungry, but why? - Alpha Male Nation

Drinking alcohol makes us hungry,

This is what you did not know about drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not bad within itself. It is the alcoholism that has harmful effects on the organism and not only that. You could experience biological side effects simply by consuming more than needed every day, without having to actually be an alcoholic, which is a chronic addiction, in need of serious treatment. Now, since you may be asking what exactly does “more than needed” means, let’s clarify that. One glass of wine daily. Anything more than that falls into the above-mentioned category.

Since we got that out of our way, let’s look at one interesting aspect about drinking alcohol, you may not have known about. We all know what the symptoms of the next day hangover are. Headaches, nausea, bad mood and, least but not last, a feeling of serious hunger. Like you have not eaten in days. This always happens particularly when waking up after a serious liquor excess and it turns out it is not just your imagination, but an actual biological need.

What is the science behind it?

There are actually several factors that explain why drinking alcohol makes us hungry and what is more interesting, they affect women and men differently. The simplest explanation involves the levels of glycogen that the body is using to process all the liquor you are pouring inside you, which means that the source will be immediately depleted.

As a result, in need of a refill, the brain reminds you that you need to eat and not just everything, but carbs in particular, since those are the richest sources of glycogen available. In addition, the food preferences will turn towards salty and sour, due to the dehydrating effect that is caused by drinking alcohol. It is why we tend to consume pickles as means of overcoming the hangover symptoms.

So what is up with women?

According to the latest studies, women, in particular, tend to crave for food more than men do, after waking up in the morning. The reason, as the scientists have shown, is that drinking alcohol makes the women’s brain more sensitive to food aromas. As a result, the feeling of craving will be more intense and they have actually tested this hypothesis in lab conditions.

It all happen in the hypothalamus, that part of the brain responsible for specific metabolic processes, that has shown a significant increase in sensitivity towards food odors when compared to its reaction to other smells. As a direct result, women who were drinking alcohol also tended to eat more, leading to weight problems and health issues associated with it.

This does not tend to happen in men, although the result is mostly the same. It is just that the process differs, because, in their case, only the glycogen exhaustion is the problem.

Solving the issue is rather easy

Sure it is easy. Stop drinking alcohol! This would be the most obvious solution. But let’s keep it real here. Everybody has to drink now and then, whether it is for a special occasion, or simply during a boy’s night, celebrating your friendship with the rest of the guys. So the problem will appear in the morning. What is there to be done?

There are mainly 3 solutions:

  • Consume water in between the drinks

Drinking alcohol dehydrates you. Counter the effect by consuming either water or some other non-alcoholic drink in between the shots. These will keep your organism hydrated and the thirst will cease to bother you, especially the next morning.

  • Consume high protein snacks

Both before and during drinking alcohol. Also, add some healthy fat meals in your alimentation. Aside from balancing the sugar levels in your organism, will also make you feel full more efficiently.

  • Do not rush, savor your drink

Sucking shot after shot will get you drunk in no time. Drinking alcohol in moderation will help you stay sober for longer and will take away some of the symptoms of the hangover, simply by the fact that you will not get that drunk in the end.