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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Alpha Male Dress Code for Interview - Alpha Male Nation

how to dress like an alpha male to the intrview

What To Wear To An Interview

So, they called you and scheduled an interview with you. Congrats! Now, you might be used to having interviews or you might be new to this and you’re wondering what to say and what to wear. We focus on the second part today and talk about interview outfits. Stay tuned to find out more.

Things have changed so much in the last years. From technology to what we build, to how we build, to what music we create, to the jobs we do. Just think of a moment and you’ll find out that many jobs we apply for these days didn’t even exist, a couple of decades ago. The way we dress when we go to work or to a work interview have changed, too. Most people would have advised you to dress as you already had the job, some while back.

Well, that doesn’t apply anymore. There are companies where employees dress as casual as possible, casual like wearing shirts and flip-flops, and then there are companies that come with a strict dress code policy that requires suits. All day.

how to dress like an alphamale

Each company has its own style and finding more about that before going for your interview might be the very thing to do. You might not know too much about a company’s dress code and arrive for the interview dressed opposed to what they opt for, not get the interview and wonder why that didn’t happen. It’s true that if you’re a pro in your field, you are very likely to get the job and you might be asked to adapt your style to the company’s dress requirements after that.

Still, if we’re to make a list with guidelines for getting the right interview outfit, it would go like this:

  • Look for information on the company’s dress code policy. As we’ve said before, this is the first step to take. In some cases, you won’t need to do that as the job itself is associated with a formal dress code. If you apply for a lawyer position, be sure that suits and formal outfits are the ones appreciated. If you apply for a job in the IT industry, you might find out that job interviews are as casual as possible when it comes to the way you are dressed. You might even ask the HR recruiter that contacts you and asks you to come for an interview about the company’s dress code policy. Ask, google, learn more about the company itself and dress appropriately.
  • Pay attention to colors. Applying for a highly situated job position or any job that involves a bunch of formality and showing up dressed like a rainbow might turn up to be to your disadvantage. If you’ve found out more about the company’s dress code and you’ve chosen your style, keep in mind that the following colors are the safest. Or so they have in most cases. For a formal interview, blue is said to be the safest. Hiring professionals recommend it, adding that different shades of blue say that you’re a credible, trustworthy individual and you inspire confidence.

If you apply for a modern job, opting for brown might not be the most inspired idea. It does talk about a reliable and comforting individual, but it might also make people think you’re old-fashioned. For a modern job interview, forward-thinking is one of the most appreciated qualities and brown might stop you from sending that message. As hilarious as this might be, we should trust color psychology.

Black is said to go perfectly with management positions since it conveys leadership. Some might say it’s so classic that it’s boring. Ok, if you don’t want to go for an all-black outfit, you might add a splash of color to differentiate you from other candidates. If you have a black jacket and black skirt, then you could brighten your outfit with a printed silk blouse. That should do.

Grey is associated with being logical and analytical. If these two are part of the job requirements, you might have just found the color of your interview outfit. Purple and yellow are allowed if you apply for jobs in creative fields. While yellow talks about optimism and creativity, purple is often associated with being artistic and unique.

An entirely white suit might be too much for an interview although white stands for being organized, impartial, and detail-oriented. You might go for a combination of white and black and still cut a fine figure.

  • Be confident. If you choose a suit that makes you feel comfortable, you will also feel more confident. If there’s a suit or outfit that brings you compliments whenever you wear it and that suits the company’s dress code, don’t be shy to wear it. Go for your old favorite, you’ll know that you look good and you won’t need to focus on that anymore but rather on the reason why you’re there for the interview, to sell yourself.
  • Be comfortable. No matter what your outfit will be, formal, casual, semi-casual, somewhere at the border between conservative and modern, make certain comfortable is what it makes you feel like. Most often are inclined to buy a new outfit for the interview. No objections here. Still, if you want to try something new, make certain you try it a couple of days before the interview. Test it, see how it makes you feel. You don’t want to have surprises on your big day. If you know you have sweat or blushing issues, go for a dark color.
  • Shoes. What do the right shoes mean when it comes to an interview outfit? It means clean and comfortable shoes. Women shouldn’t opt for high heels that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Closed-toe mid-heels are the most popular and appreciated. Not to mention that they’re comfortable. Add a brighter touch to your outfit by opting for pastel styles.
  • Ah, and one more thing. Your smile. Don’t forget to wear that. It’s true what they say, a smile is the best accessory you can wear. Make sure you greet your interviewer with a smile. It will help you start things with a positive vibe. Smile and nod at your interviewer while they talk to you. Don’t overdo it, though, and you’ll be on the right track.

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