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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Do you need big muscles to impress girls? - Alpha Male Nation

Do you need big muscles to impress girls?

Do you need big muscles to impress women?  

The short answer is definitely no. Unless she is a gym-addict too and she is one of those girls who go a bundle on six-packs. When it comes to long-term relationships though, most women look for something else than big muscles. If we’re talking about an affair, she might let herself guided by your well-built body. For more than an affair, women usually and generally need that well-built body to be just the result of a healthy attitude towards life and one of the multiple qualities/positive sides of you. Here’s a list of traits that impress women. Together they are the whats that make an Alpha male. And Alpha males are what women respond to.

Be comfortable with yourself

Women like guys who are comfortable with themselves, know what they are and don’t need other people to confirm it. Being confident when it comes to your qualities and showing it in anything you do and say is a great women-trigger. Don’t exaggerate though and fall prey to arrogance. One of the things women resent when it comes to men is them being arrogant.

Passionate and ambitious

Being passionate and ambitious speaks about knowing your goals in life and working hard to see your dreams coming true, qualities that women respond to. A true Alpha male sets high goals for the future and succeeds in reaching them. A man who works hard yet passionately to see his dreams coming true is what women look for in a mate.

Focused on high values and morals

Part of a true Alpha male thinking and lifestyle is the focus on high values and morals. Women whose mindset is based on such a foundation as well will respond to you. And a real woman will know that such qualities are the ones to look for in a mate/long-term partner.

Self-disciplined – once an Alpha male sets a goal for himself, he follows it and does anything he needs to see that task accomplished. He is self-driven and doesn’t need to be guided or told what to do. Women go crazy on such men and prefer men who make decisions

Dominant yet not aggressive

Women look for protection and even for being dominated. Men don’t mind it. So, even if women respond to dominant males, don’t overdo it and become aggressive. Domination here should mean strength, protection and taking charge of difficult things. Remember that true Alpha males and bullies are often confused. While bullies are aggressive and arrogant, alpha males are calm, controlled, thoughtful and calculated.


When it comes to finding a mate or a long-term partner, women look for qualities that don’t fade with time. A well-built body will age at some point even if you lead a healthy lifestyle and try to slow down the aging process as much as you can. Cleverness will be there for some time and such a quality is very much appreciated by women.

Optimistic and witty

Well, yes we all like to spend time with optimistic and funny people. Just like many men look for witty and fun-to-talk-to women, so women look for such qualities in guys. So, if you see the bright and funny things of life, you’ve got some bonus point. Women love it.


This is similar to dominance. Women like dominant and strong men who can offer them protection whenever it’s needed. Feeling safe is of utmost importance for a woman.

A well-built toned and healthy body

Well, women don’t necessarily look for big muscles (except for women who themselves are very interested in keeping a very fit body) but they do look for a toned and healthy body. And we don’t talk about guys who work out a lot just to attract women. No. We talk about those men whose well-built body is just a result of a sound mindset and healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercising. Doing all this is just a part of what they are and they don’t force themselves to do that. It comes naturally.

Bad habits? Women-busters!

If we’re talking about affairs and one-night stands, a bit of drinking might even be the thing to loosen up the things between you and women. Well, things change when it comes to long-term dating. A glass now and then might be ok but when that glass is taken like a pill 3 times a day, daily, we’ve got a bit of a problem. Bad habits like smoking and drinking are definitely not what women look for. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercising do impress women because they speak about your being ambitious and passionate.

These are the main traits of a true Alpha male, the ones that impress women. They are not just some bullets in a list that need to be checked though. Try to play the role of an Alpha male and you will fail if you’re not a true one. Work on your inner game though, improve yourself non-stop and results won’t fail to pop up. Plus, wrap all those qualities in respect and good manners and you’re getting very close to what impresses women.