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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Diets That Are Proven to Make You GAIN Weight - Alpha Male Nation

Diets That Are Proven to Make You GAIN Weight

Diets That Are Proven to Make You GAIN Weight

The majority of people now who are trying to lose weight think that being naturally skinny is the best thing you can hope for. For people who are naturally thin and have always been in this shape, however, it is not the case. Despite the fact that there are a couple of advantages in being fit and skinny, there are some problems that come with it. Firstly let`s speak about the advantages. When you don`t gain weight very easy, you can eat whatever you want. This aspect is considered one of the best advantages by the people who have to keep a regular diet in order to not become overweight. Another advantage that comes with being naturally slim is the fact that you don`t have to go to the gym every day in order to keep your body in a good shape. Normally, people who have to keep a regular diet must walk an extra mile and always hit the gym to burn down all calories, get sweaty, and spend a significant amount of time in order to keep their body in a good shape. Another advantage of being slim is the fact that you can breathe more easily than a person who is obese. The rib cage of a person with a low-fat-content body can expand and the lungs can perform a free exchange of oxygen.

Despite all these advantages of being a slim person, there are, of course, a couple of disadvantages. For example, it was scientifically proven the fact that skinny people get headaches more often. This thing can be explained by the fact that our brain is made up of fats. The liver provides these fats to the brain and, if there are no fat cells in your body, the liver will not be able to offer your brain with enough fat cells to use in order for the body to function properly. Another important disadvantage of being too thin is the fact that you are more likely to suffer from dry skin problems. If there are no fat cells in your body, your skin will look dry and pale, due to the fact that your body will try to send the fat cells to your brain, as was previously mentioned. Despite these serious advantages and disadvantages of being naturally slim, there is other kind of argument that skinny people have complained about. They always have to wear a belt due to the fact that they rarely find pants that fit their waist or go for dresses that are puffy or loose rather than tight in order to avoid getting pitty looks or outrages comments about their physique. They also might have to wear kids’ clothes. Despite the fact that this kind of garment source is cheaper, their clothing style is limited.
The majority of people who are naturally slim have encountered these problems. Some of them accepted the fact that they are skinny and tried to look at the good side of it, others didn`t accept this aspect of their lives and tried to do something in order to gain some weight. A significant amount of people who tried to gain some healthy pounds have encountered the same problem. They can`t gain weight due to the fact that they are not able to eat too much at one single meal. This aspect brings another problem for thin people: Because they are not able to eat a significant amount of food at one single meal, they are always hungry and have to have snacks. Many people tried to eat more and more every day, but their body didn`t allowed them to eat and all they managed to do was to get sick. In order to help people who are too skinny to gain some weight, teams of nutritionists put their efforts in order to elaborate some diets that are proven to make you gain weight.

There some aliments that must be included in your weekly diet if you want to gain some pounds:
Lean Red Meat- This food is one of the best choices when it comes to gaining weight due to the fact that steak contains tons of proteins and iron. It is important to mention the fact that, if you want to gain some weight you must eat the fatty cuts where meat is marbled. Not all steak cuts are made, so you have to find the fatty ones which have more calories (this aspect is the main goal when you try to gain weight). What is more, the ones that are fatties are also more delicious than the ones which are low-content in fat. It is important to mention the fact that eating red meat has its disadvantages. First of all, it is well known that red meat is high in cholesterol. Due to this fact many nutritionists insist that if you eat red meat regular you must keep in mind the fact that you don`t have to make any excesses if you don`t want to have some health problems. If you eat red meat a few times per week, your health will be good and you will start to gain weight day by day.
Real nut butters-When it comes to proteins and fats, there is no other aliment which is packed with these better than the real peanut butter. This aspect makes the nut butter, one of the best choices of aliments to be included in your regular diet if you desire to gain some weight. Compared with other aliments which are rich in proteins and fats, the peanut butter does not affect your health. To understand why this aliment is recommended to be included in your diet, you must know the fact that just on spoon of real nut butter contains 100 calories and has 4 grams of protein. Another benefit of eating real peanut butter is the fact that this terrific aliment is high in a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, vitamin B3, vitamin E and also in folate. When you decide to the supermarket and buy yourself some peanut butter, you must pay attention on the ingredients which are written on the package. Try to find all natural peanut butter that does not contains a huge amount of sugar and other ingredients added.

Whole fat milk-When you drink milk which was a low-content in fat, your body only receives a small amount of calcium and vitamins. If you decide to quit the low-content of fat milk and replace it with a fat one, you will definitely start to gain some weight and also benefit from the vitamins and nutrient intake. Whole milk has been proven to be high in vitamin D and vitamin A. A glass of whole milk was 60 calories more than a glass of skim milk. This is just one reason why many nutritionists recommend substituting the skimmed milk for whole milk when you try to gain some weight. Whole milk can be used whenever you would normally use skim milk. You can eat your cereals with whole milk; you can add whole milk in your sauces and if you like to drink your coffee with milk, you can replace the skim milk with cream, which is based on whole milk.

Tropical fruit- If you are looking for aliments to eat in order to gain weight and keep your health in a great condition, than you must start eating some tropical fruits. Fruits like bananas, (which is the fruit known to have the most calories), papaya, mango and pineapple are the best choices recommended by the experts in nutrition when it comes to gain weight in a healthy method. These delicious aliments are full of natural sugar, and will give you plenty of energy for your day. It is known that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but eating tropical fruits will help you stay healthy, give you energy and help you gain some weight. You can eat the fruits, or you can blend them and make a delicious smoothie which will help you gain some weight.

Avocado- Avocado is one of the best solutions recommended by experts in nutrition when someone wants to gain some weight. This great vegetable is extremely rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and folic acid. Another benefit of adding avocado in your regular diet is the fact that this green vegetable contains only heart-healthy fats. One half on an avocado contains 140 calories, which will help you gain weight, but it also contains a high level of potassium. You can make a delicious salad and add some avocado, you can cut up on meat or even spread on toast.

Natural Granola- This tasty snack is a great aliment if you are trying to gain some weight due to the fact that it is made from rolled oats, sugar, and healthy fats. You will find the same type of fats in coconut oil and also in nuts. Natural granola with no added refined sugar is a great cereal and you can also feel free to add more dried fruits and nuts. You can get your energy to help you complete your daily tasks from a breakfast made of natural granola served with thick yogurt, fruit and honey. Eating a breakfast like this one will provide your body with high level of proteins, fibers, sugars and fat.

Whole wheat bread.- If you want to gain weight but you do not know where to start from, you should bear in mind the fact that many experts in nutrition recommend eating healthy bread products. Not any kind of bread will help you in the process of gaining weight. You must look for the whole grains. It is true the fact that everybody eats white bread, but this type of bread is low in nutrients due to the fact that the wheat is refining too much. When you decide that is the perfect time to gain some weight, you must substitute the white bread with whole grain varieties. These are known to be very rich in fiber and minerals and will give you plenty of energy.
Vegetable oil- The oil extracted from a wide range of vegetable including olives, safflowers, coconuts and peanuts can provide you with heart-healthy calories. The taste of this product cannot be replaced by anything when it is used in salads. It is important to bear in your mind the fact that you do not have to make any excess using vegetable oil. Despite the fact that it can provides you with healthy calories, when it is used in large amounts, it can cause some health problems.

Nuts- Nuts represent some of the best snacks when it comes to gaining weight. These ingredients are a great choice to add in your diet if you want to gain weight due to the fact that they contain high level of nutrients, fiber and also healthy fats. It is important to mention the fact that not all nuts can provide you with the same amount of fiber. Almonds are a great choice also if you want to get more fiber in your body, while macadamia nuts represent the best solution for people who want to gain weight due to the high level of fat. Nutrition experts recommend eating mixed nuts due to the nutrient benefit of many varieties.

Cheese- This aliment is one of the favorite foods in many countries. Wondering why? The answer is quite simple. If you eat cheese you benefit from the entire nutrient that you find in milk, and add some fat. This product will help you gain some weight according to many experts in nutrition. Despite the fact that it will provide you with healthy fat, cheese will provide you with plenty amount of protein.
Potatoes- Carbohydrates represent the first thing that people are cutting off from their diets when they try to lose some weight. Therefore, if you want to gain some weight, you should add carbohydrates in your daily diet. Potatoes are really high in protein, contain fiber and have plenty of vitamin C. If you want to get the all the nutrients a potato can provide you with, you should eat the skin of the potato too. If you peel the potato, the protein level will be cut in half.