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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Deal with Gray Hair - Alpha Male Guide - Alpha Male Nation

Deal with Gray Hair – Alpha Male Guide

A Man’s Guide to Dealing with Gray Hair

Grey hair makes men feel uncomfortable, because is an obvious sign of aging, which we can hide, unless we choose to dye your hair. For many men is difficult to deal with grey hair, especially when they are young. Even if we like it or not, millions of people are affected by grey hair and have to accept it, unless they find ways to prevent it. You can use grey hair remedies, but you can be 100% sure they will work.

If you don’t want to try grey hair treatments, a good thing to do is to accept it. You are not the only guy with grey hair. If you find the best way to cut your hair, it could look great and improve your and your physical appearance. For some people, grey hair makes them special and unique, being an improvement. Certainly, you will find a way to make use of grey hair to your advantage.

Sometimes we choose to hide our graying hair because you are seeing perfect looking people everywhere, in the newspaper, in magazines or on television. The concept of beauty changes from one year to another and this influences the way we look at ourselves. What we should know is that beauty takes different forms and there are no rules. If black hair looks good in some men, others may look perfect with gray hair. There are different aspects that influence our appearance, and hair color is not the only thing to keep in mind.

If you think that dyeing our hair black will make us look younger, you would, probably be right, but there is more to it than that. It matters to feel young and not to feel defeat by a few strands of gray hair. These do not affect you as much as you think. In some cases, gray hair makes some men look better than if they would have their hair black.

Causes of the appearance of grey hair

The main cause of the appearance of grey hair is aging, due to the fact that when you age, our body stops the production of melanin, which is a chemical that provides our hair with its natural color. Aging causes the death of the pigment cells in the hair follicle. Genetics influences the appearance of grey hair. Therefore, if you have a parent who turned grey in his younger days, chances are that will turn grey sooner, too.

Normally, the graying process begins in one’s person thirties and increases once with the aging process. Caucasians begin turning grey sooner, in their mid-thirties, while Africans will experience graying in their mid-forties. If you are Asian, you will see grey hair in your late thirties. So, it depends on your ethnicity, which is another factor that influences graying hair.

We all hear how bas stress is for our health, but stressing not only that will affect our body functioning, but also will cause grey hair. It is no evidence to encourage this theory, but some specialists think that there is a connection between stress and the appearance of grey hair. So, it is better to reduce stress, if you want to have a beautiful black hair until your forties.

Also, if you smoke, it will accelerate the process of aging, which causes graying hair. If you want to prevent premature aging and look young even at an older age, it is better to stop smoking. Quitting smoke provides you only with benefits, such as preventing the formation of wrinkles and protecting the health of your body. Smoking is responsible for the appearance of numerous health problems, such as cancer and affects your longevity.

In some cases, grey hair is caused by certain health problems, like alopecia areata. This is an autoimmune disease, which lead to hair loss. After the new hair growth back, it is white or gray. Another medical condition that leads to graying hair is vitiligo, which is a pigmentation disorder, characterized by the destruction of the melancytes (the cells that produce pigment). When melanocytes are destroyed, it appears patches of very light skin or even of premature gray hair. Also, people with thyroid diseases, like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can have gray hair. If you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12, you could also experience graying hair.

When you have gray hair because of a medical condition, you can treat it by treating the disease. If you are losing your hair color due to other causes, you can choose natural remedies or accept your hair. It is possible that it doesn’t affect your look the way you imagine. You’d better ask for someone’s opinion, which can help you understand how people around you perceive that fact that your hair turns gray.

We hate aging, because we want to be young, as much as possible and it will be great if we could be young even at our eighties. This can happen, but we can be sure to do your best to feel great even when you are aging. If you take care of ourselves, exercise, eat healthy foods, and keep in shape, we will manage to look great even when you will be older. So, graying hair will not be a problem for us, if our overlook will be great.

Solutions for gray hair

You can be certain that they work, but you can try gray hair remedies. If the cause of graying hair is a deficiency of a nutrient, using natural product for restoring your hair color may work. Sometimes, the best solution is to use hair-coloring products, which will help you hide the fact that you have gray hair. It is true that some people think is not good for a man to dye his hair, but what do you do when you are young and you have plenty of grey hair, just as if you are in your forties.

If graying hair bothers you a lot, you can choose progressive coloring, also called “Grecian Formula”. This uses progressive dyes to eliminate or hide gray hair with a solution of metallic salts. You apply this solution daily and gradually, because it is important to make sure that the salts absorb oxygen from the air, which produces chemical changes that will make your hair look darker. This way you will get a natural and discreet look, so no one around you will notice that your hair was progressive colored.

Are you looking for a quick solution? If you do, temporary color is perfect for you, because it is easy to apply and will quickly hide your gray hair. The disadvantages are that temporary dyes are easily washed away, after only a few washes, depending on the products you are using. Still, if you are willing to dye your hair regularly, this may the perfect thing you can do to make your hair look younger.

A more permanent color can be obtained with semi-permanent dyes, which contains peroxide. This compound allows the color to penetrate the hair shaft. Using this type of products, you will get a hair coloring twice as resistant as temporary color. It will give the natural look that you are looking for and is perfect for men with a few gray hairs.

Permanent color is the solution for those with plenty of gray hair. It works perfectly of hiding gray hair and resist longer than semi-permanent colors, but it is important to like the color you are choosing, because if you don’t, you have to You have to bear for some time, due to the prolonged resistance.

If you feel completely lost and have no idea which product is best for you, you’d better go to a hairstylist. It is true that it costs more if you go to a hairstylist, but you can be sure that you will get the best results. Coloring your hair wrong, it will really affect your look and make you look unnatural. So, it is recommended to choose carefully the product you are using to dye your hair or visit a hairstylist. You want to improve your look not to make things worse!

The perfect haircut could improve your graying hair look

Not all of us have the patience to dye our hair, just because our graying hair makes us feel uncomfortable. If you don’t want to color it, but we still want to make some changes, we can start with the haircut. It is easier and it can give us a perfect look, which will make us love our gray hair. It sounds impossible, but it actually can happen. Have you seen George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan. They look lovely with their gray hair, because they have inspired haircuts.

Next time you go to your hairdresser, tell him to cut your hair in a beautiful Caesar Cut. You can also go for Buzz Cut, because will make you look younger and more interesting. The important thing is to cut your hair shorter, because as hairstylist say, longer gray hair it doesn’t look as good as shorter hair. It depends on your overall look, of course. Who knows, maybe for you, long gray hair could be perfect.

Although you are worried because your hair turns gray, we will be surprised how many men turning gray on purpose. You could get inspired by their haircuts and discover your perfect new look, which will fit your personality and will make you look better. Keep in mind that there are celebrities who dye their hair gray, as a way to improve your look.

If your hair is graying naturally, why shouldn’t find ways to hide it, when you can enjoy it. Silver can be your perfect hair color, especially if the colors of your eyes and skin are a perfect match. It is important not to have a warm skin tone. If your skin is colder than warm, you will benefit from a silvery shade of your hair. Who knows, you may accentuate features of your face, while you can highlight your eyes. Therefore, it is better to think very carefully before you choose to color the hair, in order to hide the graying.

Aging is not a pleasant process, because our body changes, not only physically, but also physiologically. We see the changes every day, even if it is a slight loss of memory, fatigue, insomnia, hormonal changes, fattening or graying. Some of the changes that aging brings can be prevented or ameliorated, but others can be easily taken, because it doesn’t affect our lives. Graying, for instance, it doesn’t affect us at all. In some cases, it may be happen that gray hair perfectly fits our needs, which is great. All you have to do is to adapt your haircut and you manage to create the ideal look for you.

If gray hairs really bother you, then you should opt for hair dyeing. Whether you choose hair permanent colors, semi – permanent coloring products, or you prefer progressive hair dyes, it is important to use quality products, to get a result that will satisfy you. A wrong hair color will make you look bad and certainly will not be to our advantage.

Because it may seem complicate to dye your hair at home, it is better to go to a hairdresser. This way, you can be sure that it will really improve your look and hide your gray hair in a professional manner. No matter what you decide to do, the best thing is to make sure it will make you feel comfortable.

Going to the right hairdresser will help you find the perfect hair cut for you. Haircuts that will make your gray hair look amazing. You can prove this way that having gray hair it is not the problem, but the way you are wearing your hair. The key of dealing with gray hair, is therefore, accepting aging as a natural process during which you change, but also move to another stage of your life. Each period of our life is beautiful, even when we get older. Moreover, the appearance of the first gray hairs doesn’t have to worry us so much. We are still young and have our whole life ahead of us. It is better to enjoy than to complain about things less important.