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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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Dating Tips for Shy Guys - Alpha Male Nation

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

When there are virtually thousands of single men and women out there, the dating game quickly begins in a fun, light and energetic manner. It is what connects people, springs jealousy to others and manages to bring joy and satisfaction both to those new to try the dating pool, as well as to more experienced users. However, what happens with those individuals who cannot seem to find that ‘special one’, who do not possess enough courage to ask a girl on a casual date or who cannot express their true emotions?

Those who are incredibly shy with women can learn step by step to overcome their fears and not feel left out. It is important to bear in mind that there are lessons anyone can learn in order to dazzle away that ultimate girl next door and make her change your opinion of you. Furthermore, you ought to bear in mind that, along with practice, your entire attitude of perceiving yourself, as well as others will change and notice your confidence levels skyrocket.

So, if you are one of those shy guys who want to be more courageous to ask a girl out and to actually go on a fabulous date with a woman who can appreciate you and end up falling in love with you, then you should follow a few simple tips:


  • Pull out the ‘simple and straightforward invitation card’

If it is the case of inviting a girl on a first date without knowing her too well beforehand, you should loosen up and pretend as if it is not a big, emotional or significant event. Adopt a casual attitude, smile gently and use a relaxed tone when talking with the woman you plan on taking out. ‘Are you free tonight? I was thinking of going for a stroll in the park. I’d like it if you joined me’/ ‘Do you have plans for tonight? How about we get some coffee? I know a nice place downtown which recently opened.’/ ‘I’d like to take you for dinner tomorrow. What do you say?’- All these are simple, yet efficient phrases to use in order to turn your vision into reality. You can practice your invitation skills home, preferably in front of the mirror. Do not get nervous, as women like men to be confident in their own skin, strong and determined. Also, practice makes it perfect, so do not worry if you may have sound a bit goofy for the first time. In case you do not know your “partner’s” name, you can make eye contact beforehand, glance at her with a short smile, look away, and then repeat the gesture in a relaxed manner. Following this step, walk straight to her in a slow pace, move your hands and legs in a chill way and salute her, whilst also introducing yourself: ‘Hey, I’m Tom’. Wait for her reply and use a nice, yet common phrase to speed up the conversation. ‘Do you mind if I join you for a drink?’ If her answer is a positive one, you can lead the discussion by talking about generic things. You will find that the easiest subjects to approach are related to the place you are at that moment (bar, pub, restaurant, waffle house, etc.), by enabling her to notice something, pointing out the best feature, whilst also adding interesting stories and having the right gestures. Find your exit after a while and exchange phone numbers in order to ask her out to a proper first date: ’Would you like to get coffee sometime? How about we catch a good movie?’



  • Create your story

Learning how to talk about yourself at a first date without being too arrogant or downsizing yourself can actually ‘speak volumes’ and is something all men, but also all women need to do. You must tell the other person who you are and where you come from, as everyone is curious to know on a first, second or third date. Of course, eventually, whoever you will be with in a relationship will find out about your background, your family, your uprising and your childhood. Nevertheless, questions will be asked on a first date and it is essential to creatively craft your story, putting an emphasis on what you love to do, how you were raised, what you value most in life etc. However, you should be careful not to dominate the conversation and get into too many details! You might end up being perceived in a different and quite negative manner. KISS is the rule you want to use: Keep It Short and Simple! No unnecessary embellishments, no lies, no embarrassing details or over bragging about your success. Also, it is crucial to pay attention to the tone you use and the way you articulate words. Every woman will be conquered by a man who knows how to be a charming storyteller, who makes pauses at the right moment, who knows how to lead her from one point of the narration to the other and who understands the right moment to maintain silence. This is a trait much more important than physical appearance. Have you ever seen odd couples on the streets which are composed of extremely good looking ladies and not so attractive males? How do you think the guys won them over? The answer is: by captivating them, by using their storytelling techniques, by appealing to very good jokes and having a great sense of humor.


  • Adopt a positive attitude!

whilst it may seem normal or natural to have cold feel before going out with a woman you like, it is important to stay focused and, as they say, ‘keep your eyes on the prize’. Start building up your confidence level and never think of yourself other than highly. Start each day with retracing your best steps and achievements throughout life. Also, be grateful for what you have and let that dose of positivism shine through and become part and parcel of who you are. Nobody likes being around sad and miserable people, so cheer yourself up in the morning and make sure you radiate with confidence whenever you meet women.


  • Say goodbye to cricket noises

At a first date, the conversation might take a downturn or stop in embarrassing or awkward moments. In order to save the chemistry, make a few playful gestures or smile in a charming manner, then change the subject in order to get her full attention. Tell her something about an interesting voyage you took or find out which shows you both like, music, movies and so on.


  • Act only at the right time

Most shy men find it extremely difficult to make the move on a first or second date. It is important to firstly mention that it is a misconception that women will not kiss a man on a first date or take it to a further level. If the moment is right and they feel like your entire act throughout the night was fine, they will not have any problem whatsoever getting physical. Also, should a man not try to make the first move, they will tend to feel awkward, despite the fact that more and more women take the lead nowadays. Be attentive at her mood throughout the date. If she offers any hints that she is interested in you, then you should work your magic towards the end of the date. You do not necessarily have to wait for a full moon or arriving at the final step in front of her house door. Tell her a funny joke, smile and when she least expects it, grab her by the waist and kiss her gently. Then, hold her hand firmly, yet release it after a few moments to see her reaction. The best behavior that will definitely work with the women is to act cool and be somewhat playful or adopt the behavior of an alpha male: be sure of yourself, talk in a slick manner and chuckle. They will surely giggle and feel proud for making the decision of going out with you.


  • Be sensitive!

All women wish to have that perfect guy who can be strong for them, act like an alpha male, be courageous and witty, yet they also long for that trait that allows men to resonate with their feelings, to protect them when they are hurt, to gently stroke their hair when they are under the weather and to offer a small token of appreciation from time to time, such as a red rose on the doorstep, a box of chocolates on a special day, freshly made coffee in the morning together with heart shaped pancakes just because it is a Thursday. Also, it is important to ask about your partner’s day and pay attention to all the little details she keeps repeating in order to figure out what she likes best and how she envisions the entire world. This will work wonders for you and for your ability to charm that special someone. Once you put together all the little pieces of the big puzzle and start showing her how much you care, you will definitely win her by your side.