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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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The most cool gifts for your girlfriend - Alphamalenation

The coolest gifts for your girlfriend

The coolest gifts are always those offered for no particular reason, for instance “because today is Monday”, “because I want you to have a wonderful day”, “just because…”.

Subscription to a magazine

If your girlfriend loves flipping through magazines, surprise her with a subscription for that particular magazine’s “sister”… from France! She will be delighted to have both the American and the French edition of Women’s Magazine! And we guarantee that she’ll appreciate that you are considerate about her passions even if you don’t share them.


A woman constantly needs reassurance, even though she knows that you love her, that she looks great in that red dress, that she’s good in everything she does… So, take some time to think about her and write down for her the simplest and more sincere thoughts. Hide love notes in the pocket of her jacket, in her purse or wallet. When she finds them later, your words will make her very happy.

A surprise vacation

This gift requires some planning, but you can organize by yourself a little getaway for you and your girlfriend. To make sure that she’s ready for the trip, tell her that you’re going to visit your parents, and in the meanwhile make reservations to a nice hotel in her favourite city or resort.

A packed lunch

Make a special lunchbox for your girlfriend and deliver it yourself, with flowers. You already know her tastes, so all you have to do is make a short list and surprise your girlfriend with a declaration of love that will delight her senses. If you make this surprise gesture on Monday, she’ll have reasons to smile at work for the whole week.


Your girlfriend always craves for sweets, but she’s concerned about her figure, so she only allows herself to eat them on special occasions. Give her the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cake, just the two of you, only “because she’s the most beautiful woman in the world” and deserves to be celebrated.

A romantic anniversary

Whether it’s her birthday or your anniversary, or simply another day when you feel crazy about her, you can always find a reason to organize a romantic evening for the two of you. You can plan everything by yourself, but don’t forget to let her know you’ll have a night out.

Gift cards

If you’re planning to offer your girlfriend a piece of jewelry, keep in mind that no matter how well you think you know her, it’s very possible to buy something that doesn’t quite match her taste, so the best idea is to leave her the freedom of choice.