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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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Causes and relief of “Blue Balls” - Alpha Male Nation

blue balls

Generalities about testicles

Did you ever wonder what connection is between blue balls and sex? Do you know to answer to the question: “What are blue balls?” “Blue balls” is a slang term that is believed to have originated in the United States, referring to a condition when unsatisfied and sexual excitement in men is causing a special condition named “blue balls”. When the blood that is filling the vessels in the genital area is not dissipated by having an orgasm, then the arteries are more constricted, generating pain in testicles. This unpleasant sensation has popularly named “blue balls”, perhaps because of the bluish tint of testicles that appears when blood is filling the vessels in a vasoconstriction. Medical terminology named this problem: epididymal hypertension.

Testicles are oval-shaped organs located in a sac hanging behind the penis. The testicles are producing sperm and the male hormone named testosterone, responsible for changes during puberty. After puberty, the testicles will produce sperm, specific liquid released from penis when a man is ejaculating.  These important male organs are growing since early puberty, from ages 10 to 13 ages, and the colors of the skin who cover the balls around scrotum becomes darker and develop hair. The testicles discharge sperm into the epididymis, the first structure in the duct system. The epididymis is a tube along the top and side of each testis. Inside the epididymis can be found several ducts that transfer the sperm from the testicles into the “vas deferens”. The vas deferens loops up into the body then are descending into a duct in the seminal vesicle. This duct joins also the ejaculatory duct, which extends through the prostate gland, and enters the superior segment of the urethra. In different situations and times, the urethra functions as a passage – way for urine and for sperm. During the travel of sperm through the duct system, inside you can find a combination of fluids from seminal vesicles, the prostate gland, and urethra.

The seminal vesicles, situated near the underside of the urinary bladder, are generating a sticky thick fluid. The prostate is a male gland, small dimensions, in the shape of a doughnut, which surrounds the urethra. This gland is secreting a substance who contributes to seminal fluid, alkaline, who protect the sperm and is essential for effective sperm action. Is important to know that sperm is at it high mobility when the act in a slightly alkaline medium. The semen formed in urethra, travel along the penis during ejaculation. If the man reaches orgasm and ejaculates, the arteries and veins reach their normal size and the volume of blood in the genitals is reduced. Penis and testicles return to their initial size rather quickly.

What Causes Epididymal Hypertension (blue balls)?

For a lot of men, experiencing “blue balls” is just a euphemism for their sexual frustration. But if you’ve felt some pain on testicle level or maybe you noticed your testicles are turning into a darker shade (bluish color)—you know it can be something that is affecting you physically, too. This variable blood flow will enlarge the volume of blood kept in the genitals and will help the penis to become hard and erect and in this way, the testicles will be invaded by with blood. During this process of vasoconstriction, the testicles are increasing their volume with 25-30%. Fluid and blood congestion in the testicles and prostate region can cause discomfort and even pain in these regions. The testicles themselves do not actually turn blue, but the common name for this effect is “blue balls”.

Medical specialists call these phenomena: epididymal hypertension. The good news is that not all males experience this problem. During sexual arousal in the male, blood flows into the pelvic region, inside cavernous bodies of the penis. This results in dilation of blood vessels and an erection – a hard penis. The veins carrying blood away from the region constrict and help to maintain the blood present, allowing the erection to remain present. This phenomenon is simply the vasoconstriction and also occurs in the testicles. The lack of orgasm allows this congestion to persist and men are feeling an ache or pain in the testicles. Here we have the famous problem: “blue balls”. Some people describe the sensation as heaviness inside balls.

Epididymis hypertension usually does not last long and men confess that the pain and suffering associated with blue balls are minor.  Many men may become frustrated when they get an erection during sexual activity, but finally, they do not end sexual act with an orgasm. This frustration and failure to ejaculate induce a degree of psychological stress associated with physical discomfort, making “blue balls” state seem even worse. Women can also be affected by a sort of pelvic congestion, or “blue vulva”, and they also experience the discomfort of unreleased vasoconstriction. During sexual arousal and excitement, the vulva, exterior genitals, uterus, and ovaries swell with blood, causing the same feeling of heaviness and pain that men experience in their genitals. Women can eliminate this discomfort by having an orgasm or at least waiting for a period of time. Note that the notion of “blue vulva” or the generic term “pelvic congestion” is different than what mean: “pelvic congestive syndrome”. The pelvic congestive syndrome is a condition where enlarged varicose veins cause chronic aching in the pelvic region. After an orgasm, woman’s body slides into a state of relaxation, but not always. If during the sexual act, women are not experiencing the orgasm, they can get pelvic pain and ache, sometimes only one orgasm is not enough to release all sexual tension. But same as in male’s version, this situation is inoffensive and harmless.

Relief methods for Blue Balls

The medical community didn’t get some special advice for releasing this particular pain. This condition is not dangerous for health; in fact, nothing happens if a man is not ejaculating.   If ejaculation does not occur, discomfort and pain will be released within an hour. Several solutions can be found for reliefs of blue balls. The first advice that a man can get is to get an immediate sexual release – ejaculation will result in a decrease of the vasoconstriction and after that, blood will flow out of the groin area. This is the most effective way to relieve “blue balls” Masturbation will provide almost instantaneous relief. Relaxation and lie down is another way to help to divert the blood flow away from the groin, and decrease pressure. The sexual excitement will start to fade and man will feel better. A gentle massage of testicle and scrotum will alleviate blood pooling and will offer comfort, in order to eliminate pain in testicles. The feminine partner can choose this message when the situation is not favorable for a total intercourse followed up with ejaculation. The message of testicles even can prevent blue balls.

Taking a cold shower can be another simple cure:  dipping them in cold water will help to release the pain and constrict the blood vessels. Sometimes it is also possible to make the problem worse since the blood vassals constrict, and then you can try a warm bath for relaxation and eliminating the testicular discomfort. Exercise by lifting something heavy is a way who can be helpful for getting your blood flowing, walking up some stairs, jogging, walking or make some physical exercises, have the same effective result for blue balls relief.

For the health of man’s testicles, doctors recommend a self-exam, for knowing if any problem occurs. This examination can be done after warm bath or shower. The warm water relaxes the skin and tissue, making easier to feel. The testicles must be rolled up between finger and thumbs, using both hands. In this way, you can discover anything unusual. It is normal for testicles to be different as to size, sometimes one is bigger than other, many men are experienced that. This aspect doesn’t affect the good function of your reproductive system. Any change is aspect or dimensions should worry a man and must direct him to see the health care provider. Lumps or swelling may not announce cancer, but testicles should be checked by your doctor as soon as possible.


A successful sexual life doesn’t mean that each time when men are excited, they should ejaculate. In fact, a lot of circumstances occur and don’t allow the orgasm, but “blue balls” don’t appear to all men, just some of them are experiencing a real pain of testicles when are full of blood and cannot release sexual tension. Because is a temporary situation, the genitals will return to normal soon, so don’t need to panic or to get anxious in this case.

Testicles are a very sensitive part of men’s body, so is normal that any pain in this region, including pelvis region, to worry your partner. Women know also this phenomenon when they are passing through an exciting episode without reaching the top: orgasm. Each partner should manifest understanding for each other, by relieving the unpleasant sensation with care and relaxation.

Speaking of sex, you should know that sometimes sex without ejaculation can be great, and very appreciated especially by women. She can benefit from more time to reach her orgasm if you are not ejaculating and you extend the duration of the sexual intercourse. Learning how to control your ejaculation will prevent the symptom of blue balls and will increase the duration and level of pleasure. Some exercises can strengthen your muscles in order to control ejaculation. The exercises are named Kegel, after the name of the doctor who introduces the method of controlling urine stream for a better control of ejaculation. If you hold your urine flow for seconds, after exercises you will be able to control also the moment of your ejaculation. Psychical control will help as well. The brain can control the moment of ejaculation, if your mind is able to think about different issues apart from sex, so you are the one who decides if you will ejaculate or not. Deep breath in the moment of imminent ejaculation will help you to control the process. In this way, you will not suffer from blue balls because the delay of ejaculation will improve your sexual performances.

With training and self-control, the sex will gain quality and increased performances. Most men have been used to ejaculate when they get an erection, during sexual activity. Failure to ejaculate and to feel orgasm often adds frustration and a dose of disappointment to the reality of the physical sensation. Men who believe that they must ejaculate every time they have an erection are likely to exert pressure on their partner to proceed with sex without taking her feelings and desires into consideration. Many men are able to perform quality sex without ejaculation, so this method can be an option also for you. The danger of blue balls can be controlled by you, increasing the time of intercourse instead of premature ejaculation