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Alpha Male Nation | February 25, 2018

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Cardio Workouts - Alpha Male Nation

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A day without sports is a day lost!

Sport is very important in our lives. Because we all want a healthy life, we need at least an hour of sport every day, whether you do exercises at home or at a gym. Cardiovascular exercises helps you lose weight and keeps you healthy. It is important not to forget that you must to have a daily program to respect to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

In general, sport is not harmful to anyone. However, some people may have an interdiction to practice it intensely, due to a medical condition. Regardless of your age, sport must be welcomed in your life. It is important to allow at least 10 minutes of your time for sports every day. If you are a beginner, then 10 minutes is sufficient, but over time, the number of minutes need to grow. Basically, these exercises are for all persons who are fit to do sports, all those people who do not have a medical interdiction to physical effort.

Cardio exercises are also called aerobic exercises. These exercises provide multiple benefits for health. The advantages that this sport would have are to lower the blood pressure, but also, to burn some calories, which is highly beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

During the practice, the muscles receive a large amount of oxygen. These exercises must be practised with a certain intensity to ensure adequate training of the heart. A method to measure the degree of exertion during exercise is to monitor heart rate. It can be measured manually or using a heart rate monitor. Heart rate represents the number of heartbeats per minute.

Even if the purpose of the training is losing weight or just your desire to remain supple, it is essential to include cardio exercises into your workout routine. The best part is that it is not necessary to have a special equipment. There are several types of cardio exercise you can do to vary your daily routine, so you won’t get bored. Each type of exercise is consuming a different amount of calories.

Benefits of cardio exercises

These exercises not only stimulate the cardiovascular system, but shows that other aspects  are not neglected:

  • Combats anemia, because it stimulates the body to create a little amount of blood in the body. With more blood in your system, your mass will also grow, filling your body with minerals and essentials, leading in the end to healthy person who no longer suffers from anemia. Cardio exercises works in both ways, they are not only used for losing weight, but also for gaining weight, if executed correctly.
  • It boosts your immune system. Practising sport (it doesn’t necessary have to be cardio workouts) protects you from certain diseases and lowers the rate of developing chronic ones. It has been proven that people that have a sport routine can live longer than people who don’t have one.
  • Strengthen the joints and prevent arthritis. If you thought that if you are old, you don’t have to do your workouts, you’ve never been so wrong. Instead of producing damage to your body, cardio exercises actually repair what might be broken.
  • Decrease the incidence of cancer by improving oxygenation. If your cells are oxygenated properly, they will be rejuvenated, so your organism fights at maximum power to decrease the chances of the appearance of cancer.
  • They maintain youthfulness or maybe they’ll even regain you some lost years. Your cells will grow younger, instead of aging up. Have you seen those old men and women who run for marathons? Have you seen how happy and healthy they look like? If you have to run a marathon tomorrow, could you? Or you’ll just abandon it, because you will be fatigued after 200 m?
  • Successfully eliminate stress, after half an hour of cardio exercises you will feel physically and mentally better. It has been demonstrated that if you are angry, you can always do a quick workout and release your nerves while exercising harder and harder. You will eliminate all the negative energy by doing that. Also, you are sleepy, but you still have lot to do for the rest of the day, take 10 mins to run, it will wake you up and it will give you energy.
  • With cardio exercises you will lose weight the fastest of all types of physical exercises. They are made to rise your heart rate and burn fat at the same time. They are completely different from strength workouts, which only build muscles.
  • It reduces the level of cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can be dangerous for your organism and especially for your heart. You don’t need to be fat to have a high level of cholesterol, because the level is created by your diet. If you eat a lot of fat foods, then you might have a problem with it. Eventually, cholesterol will turn into fat and it will be hard for you then to change your diet completely to lose weight, so be careful at what you eat.
  • It improves memory and attention. Scientists discovered that a healthy and fit body also means a healthy mind. Your memory will be improved by losing all stress and by keeping the cells oxygenated.
  • It reduces menstrual pains. There is a big myth that says it is not recommended to practise any type of sport during your menstrual cycle. The myth was busted some years ago, when it was demonstrated that sport helps you by reducing pain, the quantity of blood you lose and by giving you a good mood. It is known that you may not be in your best shape and you may have a bad mood during your period, but if you can find a little bit of energy to do some exercises, your body will thank you.

5 cardio exercises that burn 400 calories

  • Alternative Running

Choose one morning per week (preferably with beautiful weather) to replace the treadmill with a run outside. I recommend you to jog around your block or in a park. Choose to run on earth, because asphalt is rough for the joints. You can also try, if you decide to jog on asphalt, special running shoes made for athletes, because if you have some low quality sneakers, your joints will suffer from the hardness of the asphalt. In the first 5 minutes run very fast, as fast as you can, then begin to jog gently for another 5 minutes. Then alternate running fast with knees to the chest for a minute, then run a light jog three minutes. 1 minute of running fast, three-minute slow jog, then finish with a 10-minute walk.

  • Aerobic and music

Choose a playlist that you like and put it on your mp4, phone or speakers and do some aerobic exercises on the music rhythm. They will be so much fun. When you can add some joy in your life, why won’t you? Aerobic can be made on a special mat or while standing. You can look up the internet for aerobic exercises or you can hire a personal trainer. If it’s done twice a week it can bring miracles to you.

  • Rope jumping

To jump the rope is a good cardio exercise, as long as you variate different types of jumps and you won’t stop for at least 5 minutes of continuous jumping. It is advisable to wear sneakers with high and soft soles and to practice these exercises on a soft surface. I’m sure you did it too when you were just a kid and you considered it fun, so maybe try acting like a kid again and enjoy doing the cardio exercises you need.

  • Running on the same spot

If you do not feel ready to run outdoors or if you are beginners in terms of cardio, then you can initiate cardio programs with a running on the same spot. As above, it is advisable to alternate light running with fast running. Initially, run in the same place, ease your pace for 5 minutes, trying to breathe in a well defined rhythm (inhale the first two steps, exhale the next two steps and later, after several workouts, you can extend your workout at 3 steps). Next, do one minute of fast running with knees to chest (or higher, depending on your mobility) and then again five minutes of easy running, one minute running fast and finish with a slow jog of 5 minutes.

Pay attention tho, because you should not stop during running at all, even if you change pace from slow to fast running.

  • Bicycle

No matter if you choose an indoor bike or a classical one, anyway you will enjoy a simple and effective cardio exercise. It is true that bicycling outdoors is more suitable effective than an indoor one, because it requires other muscle groups at the same time for balance, but not everyone knows how to work a bike at its maximum. Anyway, if you choose an indoor bicycle, it is recommended to start for the first 5 minutes at a low speed/strength, then increase speed gears from minute to minute up to the maximum that you can bear. It is advisable to practice half an hour of cycling three times a week.

Another cardio exercises


Swimming is a fun way to spend a hot day of summer. Even if it is not summer, you can choose a gym that includes an indoor pool and sauna and make a membership, you won’t regret it. Swimming is one of the oldest ways to exercise, used by our ancestors to fish and survive. But they did not know that they were benefiting from it in other ways too. Combine swimming sessions with sauna. Swim for 30 minutes, then go for a 15 minutes sauna session and then take a cold shower to maximize the results. Swimming is destined for all ages, as long if you know to swim. If you don’t know to know, take some classes, maybe sometime they will be helpful and maybe they’ll save your life. Also, it is a very wise decision for women to give birth to their child in water. The baby will learn to swim, because it is a natural instinct, which some animals have it too.

Don’t forget to shower before entering any pool and to wear slippers.


Just like swimming, it involves all the muscles from your body. It improves the blood circulation in the body, your brain will be more oxygenated and you will sweat, eliminating all the toxins. Skiing is more a fun sport, then a exercise chosen for losing weight. We all love to go on vacation in the winter, somewhere in the mountains, with the whole family. If you already got bored of all the available exercises, take your family for a trip and you can all learn to ski. There are professional instructors everywhere you go. Ask for one of them to help you in case you can’t handle it yourself. Be careful tho, you can easily injure yourself while skiing. You will burn 300 calories after only 30 minutes of skiing. What are you waiting for? Take a special skiing suit and go ski on a special track. If you think 30 minutes are a lot of time, you will see that at the end of the day you will still be on the snow with lots of bruises and having fun. And besides, that hot chocolate that waits for you inside, can wait a little longer.

There a lot more cardio exercises you can perform to lose weight or to escape stress. Some are so common, you didn’t even realised they are cardio exercises, like dancing, doing chores and everything that puts your heart on the move. Make a change in your life for your best. Pay for a gym membership if you think you can’t do it alone at home. But whatever the method you choose, try to do it more entertaining and they time will fly. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and to have a balanced diet. I hope my methods of doing cardio exercises are useful to you.

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