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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Best Cardio Workout Ever - Alpha Male Nation

Best cardio workout ever for an alphamale -

At what are you thinking when I say “sport”? At the various world championships when someone comments enthusiastically? The sculptured silhouettes that we sign after all? The hours spent with ambition and perseverance? Some of us are thinking about a strong body without any disease. We all suspect how well can do even one hour of sport per day. We are used to see it as a chore, so instead of doing our chores we spend precious hours lying in front of the TV and we are crunching diverse snacks. That chore will brings us the wellbeing and optimism which you will feel in every centimeter of the body. Along with a healthy diet, exercise can help keep you both in form and lose weight. If you stop doing sport, your muscles will atrophy and you will lose the tonus, but they will not turn into fat. Similarly, if you do not do sport, the body will store more fat while muscle mass decreases. Men tend to add muscle mass faster than it can burn fat. A woman doing sports and following a balanced diet, it will remove the excess fat and muscles will be more toned,but it will not make excessive muscle mass.

If you exercise even 10 minutes a day is very beneficial. You will not necessarily lose weight, but sport does not have the sole purpose of losing weight. Obviously, 10 minutes of sport per day is better than not doing it at all. If you’re at the beginning, 10 minutes a day doing fitness are excellent, if you subsequently add a fixed number of minutes per week. Gradually, as you increase the level of sports training, the benefits will increase too. You must have a balanced program and appropriate level of exercise that you can do. A mild pain is common, such as muscle fever over one or two days from the date in which you start doing your workouts. If the pain intensifies, it means that you exaggerated with exercise and is recommended to go to a doctor.

Nutrition has a huge impact on our general condition. So, it is time to choose a healthy diet and together with an active lifestyle, it will help you stay in form and reduce the inconvenience caused by digestive discomfort.

The CARDIO term refers to the heart. Cardio exercises maintain high frequency of heartbeat for a period. Many people speak about cardio exercises, about their beneficial effects on the heart, but also about being overweight. Few people know what makes them so important and special.

Your strength is put to the test on these workouts. This type of workouts bring you a lot of benefits for your health. Below I will present some of the main reasons for which you must include in your daily training this kind of activities.

  • Increases lungs capacity and make them strong
  • Make your heart more resistant
  • Reduces stress
  • Brings energy
  • Lowers the risk of a heart attack
  • Helps losing weight and burns calories

Basically, these exercises are given to all people who are fit to do sports, all those people who do not have an interdiction from their medical staff.

It is advisable not to push your heart too much in exercises. For maximum results, it is necessary to measure how much your heartbeat rhythm in a minute. For this, women need to decrease their age of out 226 and men out of 220.

Why our heart beat so hard when we do sports? Because it must quickly put in motion a larger quantity of blood loaded with oxygen to energize the muscles. The more you exercise, the more your heart gets stronger.

Experts say that cardio training can help you lose weight. This is my dream, yours and any women who wants to reshape its silhouette: fast, healthy and easy. Many of us want to be lightweight and to avoid extra calories we ingest every day without knowing. How can we do that? Are you climbing some stairs anywhere? Are you dancing? I think you do! Then you can say that you’re doing a cardio.

Cardio workouts involve a multitude of medical benefits at the level of the entire body and the most happy organ in this type of activity being the heart. All organs of the body are modified in one way or another when we move, in any form, from the banal walks or cardio workouts done at  the gym.

You want to change your entire appearance and you do not know any method? The most effective exercises that will help you are the cardio exercises. They are effective because they help increase the metabolism, they burn calories, reduce the stress, but most importantly, they help weight loss.

In general, this type of exercise is best used for a long time. People usually call them aerobic exercises. In these workouts, muscles use oxygen for burning fat.

I will show you how to burn fat more efficiently and spend less time in the gym. The most used exercises are as follows: swimming, jogging, walking, the well known gym, cycling, ball sports and dancing.

In order to obtain good results, it should be done often, up to 6 cardio exercise programs per week. If, at first glance, the activities seem easy, here are some rules that you should keep in mind:

  • time devoted to the workouts: you should start gradually, by minimum 30 minutes per day and after you become more pro, you can extend your training to several hours
  • correct breathing: you have to learn how to breathe in order to get your workout as correct as possible and as a plus, if you breathe properly, you can get less fatigue, than if you don’t
  • involvement: you must get involved totally in all this, you don’t have to think of it as something you have to do, but you don’t like it

Even if many of them sounds like fun activities you can confuse them with relaxing activities, which also doesn’t mean it is “cardio”, because cardio exercises are based on effort, intensity, pulse and accelerated breathing .

If you choose to lose weight in a fun way, you can choose the dance. There are many ways in which you can dance, either at home on your favorite song, where you can burn about 120 calories in 30 minutes or at a specialized dance hall where you can burn 230 calories in the same time.

One of the most practised dances nowadays is Zumba, which can get you rid of 300 calories in 30 minutes. From the perspective of many people, dancing is one of the cardio workouts that gives you energy and at the same time, lets you to have fun. For weight loss and much more, dancing can be practised by anyone, it is not necessarily for you to be talented.


If you want to get rid of 400 calories in 30 minutes and to melt the extra pounds, this method is suitable to tone your lower body. Aerobic exercises help you improve the quality of breathing and the heart rate. Aerobics help you lose weight, it will strengthen your immune system and it will improve your all body functions. Other benefits are:

  • Developing and maintaining a proper physical condition
  • Lowers the risk of serious illness
  • Assists in maintaining an appropriate body weight
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Combat emotional stress and it is also known to help treat depression

Swimming is one of the sports that encompasses your entire body. You can lose 400 calories swimming in just 30 minutes. Swimming gives you cardio-pulmonary resistance, stimulates blood circulation and helps you maintain normal blood pressure. Benefits:

  • It is useful especially for obese, pregnant and also for those with joint and back problems
  • Swimming is a sport for people of all ages
  • Do not expect pressure on the joints, which are frequent on running or aerobics
  • It helps you to lose more pounds, if you do it regularly and with a proper diet


It is one of the easiest ways and it is used by anyone(even if it is done involuntary), because it is a very simple cardio. In order to get good results, you need to maintain an increased heart rate, that means you have to walk fast enough.


No matter what kind of bike you choose, even it is the one from the gym, you will burn the fat in a practical method. The classical one can burn more fat than one from a gym if it is used in trips or as a transportation way to your work. Though this kind of exercise can burn more body fat, don’t do in excess if you are a beginner. It generally helps you to tone the muscles of the legs, if you have traveled an enough distance with a moderate speed. It burns a different amount of calories depending on the speed you use. Benefits:

  • It helps losing weight, as any other cardio exercise
  • It decreases insulin resistance
  • It decreases blood pressure levels


One of the best cardio exercises that you can do is jogging. It can be practiced by anyone because it does not require any special equipment. But, you might need some special shoes that will protect your joints. Benefits:

  • It leads to an active life
  • It will help you to burn fat and therefore, to achieve a body of a model
  • If you have a low appetite, jogging will improve your appetite
  • It will help you sleep better

Sport and obesity

Between sport and obesity lies a very big connection. Even if we are born obese, sport can change that. Each of us must have a healthy lifestyle and sport is one of the ways that can help us achieve what we desire. Physical exercises are those that give us a surplus of energy, not the contrary as some may believe.

Sport, memory and mental illnesses

Normally, sport is seen a medicine for memory. To be more specifically, walking at least 10 kilometers a week may be the only thing people can do to prevent the decrease of the brain cells and the occurrence of dementia, according to a US study. On the other hand, researchers from Harvard announces that exercise done regularly delays aging. Researchers from Maryland and Baltimore, have discovered that people with Parkinson, who have walked on the treadmill at a comfortable speed  for an extended period improved their ability to walk.

Cardio strengthens the cardiovascular system and uses mostly fats for the consume of energy, but if the level of carbohydrates stored in the body is low, you can help fat burning through diet. Energy consumption is maximum during training and a few hours after. An active way of life can consume more calories than your workouts at the gym. If your goal is to burn fat, keep in mind that you start to burn fat after barely 20 minutes of cardio workouts.

Eat a low-calorie snack within an hour before your workout, such as an apple or half a cup of yogurt with low fat or cottage cheese. Do not starve yourself before a workout. Hydration is very important. During workouts, best is to wear loose clothing (short, shirt and sneakers) and do intense workouts for at least 30 minutes. By doing this, you’re going to sweat and burn a lot of calories and fat. When doing cardio, don’t neglect your sleep and eat more to compensate the calories you’ve just lost. This is one of the bad habits that people abuse from.

To maintain your weight and to prevent body fat to accumulate, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and regular workouts are some of the most important things you need to respect.

Sport is one of the most common non medicamentous therapy recommended to combat stress and depression. Nutrition has a huge impact on our general condition. So, it is time to choose a healthy diet, which together with an active lifestyle, to help you stay in form and reduce inconvenience caused by digestive discomfort.

There are lots of benefits you can get from doing cardio exercises and whatever the reason you have for doing them, I wish you good luck in achieving what you have in mind.