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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Beginners guide to perfect first date - Alpha Male Nation

Beginners guide to perfect first date

The first date is never easy, for neither men, nor women. What do you say at the beginning of your date? What topics of conversation do you choose? How do you get dressed properly, in order to look great, but not to exaggerate? All these are thoughts that cross the minds of those who go on a first date. Emotions are enormous, especially if you really want everything to go like magic.

If you manage to get a woman phone number, it will be stupid to give up now, just because you are afraid that the first date will be a failure. You had better decide where to go, because it is best to come up with an idea for a perfect location and not to ask her where she should love to go. The woman you invited will see how confident you are.

Do you have no idea where to go for the first time? Take into consideration common interests. In order to know what her interests are, you need to try to find out more about her during your first conversation. Your instinct will tell you, probably, to spend enough money to impress her. It may work, but it is better to have a fun, inexpensive and romantic night. Do not complicate things with fancy places and things!

Simple is always better! If everything goes well, you will have plenty of time to enjoy complicated dates. Because you need to find out more about each other, do not go to a concert, a movie, or theater. You need to have a nice conversation with her, no watching at the movie screen. The first date should be only about you tow, not your friends, so it is better to be alone with her, even though you think it would be easier if your friend will come.

Basic steps for a perfect first date

Making sure you organize a simple first date, doesn’t mean that is no need to pay attention to details. If your conversational skill is your strong points, you can go to a restaurant for the first date. It is important to be a good conversationalist, because if you aren’t, you will transform the date into an interview. You will wish only to end up the date sooner, if both of you won’t feel all right.

If you are afraid you will not have a great conversation with her, you could go for a drink or even for lunch. It is easier this way, than going to dinner and if you aren’t having a good time, it is easier to invent a good reason to leave, without embarrassing her. Before going on a date, you need to select a date. Choose a date when are both free and make sure you will have enough to prepare.

After choosing a date, you need to make a reservation, if there are necessary, depending on the place you go. Then call her and tell her the details about the date, but be sure to call her a few days before, to give her time to prepare her. It is important for women to plan, to have time choose their clothes, in order to dress properly.

If you pick her, up at her place, clean your car before, because first impression matters always. Choose your clothes before the date, to make sure you have them cleaned and ironed. Also, make sure you will be on time at the date, but if you are meeting at her place, don’t show up to early. Because women spend a lot of time preparing for a date, it is nice to make her a compliment. She will appreciate!

Conversation is important, but it is easy to get your discussion boring. When this thing happens, change the subject. You could talk about travel, music, movies and even about her plans and aspiration. It will give you two the opportunity to know each other better and to spend a nice time together. At the end of your date, it is better that you pay, even if she offers to pay.

Your date ends and you have a lot of time. Now you have to make sure she gets home safely. It could happen that she invites you to her place, case in which you should accept her invitation and lets the night continue naturally. If she doesn’t invite you in, kiss her and hug goodbye and leave. You will be invited next time!

The next rule is to call her the next day. Girls wait to be called and if nothing happens, she will be worried that the date was horrible and you don’t like her.

How can you tell that your first date was a success?

The next thing you think about after your first date is how it actually went. Sometimes you can tell if everything is going to be fine form the beginning, when you say “hello” to each other. If there is a connection that you both are feeling it, the chances are that your first date is going to be a success.

Other good indicators of a successful date are the things you two have in common. It is good to find common ground, which can show later how good your date went. Therefore, if you have in common a certain food, a movie, a book, an actor, a music band or even a favorite holiday destination, it’s good.

If your date is interesting, you will be engaged in deep conversation, without realizing how time is passing by. If during the date, you are trying hard to find interesting topics, but you end up talking about your jobs, it could meet that things aren’t as good as you wanted them to be. A good way of knowing if she loved the time she spends with you is by taking into consideration how much attention does she paid to all the things you’ve said.

If she was all the time busy you’re her phone, chatting with her friends, it is not a good sign. This only means that she was bored to death and the only thing she wanted was to end the date and return home. When she is interested in what you have to say and it looks at you for the entire date, it means she is not disappointed and definitely will be future dates, even more interesting than your first.

For both men and women body language says a lot about many things. It can say things about you and even about how a first date went. If you two are having good eye contact, you laugh when you speak; it only means that your date is a success. There are things she does that are influenced by her way of being, which can mean a certain thing, but it is easy to tell if she is interested in the date just by watching her.

Sometimes, during the date, you mention small details that don’t really matter. If she remembers and mentions them throughout the conversation, you’ve managed to get her attention. It certainly is a good sign because it proves that everything you say and everything you do is important to her. She wants to know more about your and this is wanted you want, isn’t it? There isn’t a rule that all these signs must be noticed you throughout the date. If you pay attention, certainly will be a sign to show you that she is interested in you and that she is pleased with your date.

Do you want to be sure that your date was a success? It is easy to find that out, especially if your date lasted longer than expected. After your dinner or lunch ended, did you end your date or you continue speaking. Did you go somewhere else to continue your date? If you did, it means that thing went great and you want to continue your lovely date.

If she had a good time, it is possible to suggest your future plans and dates. In addition, it is possible she will invite you to her place. Even if she is not inviting you to her place, she may tell what a nice time she had with you. What other sings do you need to convince that your first date was a success? Ultimately, it is a first date and maybe she is afraid to be too honest, because she thinks her impressions are not mutual. Sometimes, it is good to remain a small mystery about how everything went, even though it will make you a little nervous.

What shouldn’t you do on the first date?

Like in other situations, there are things that works and things that will only make everything worse. First, you should dress to impress her, but also it feels comfortable. Don’t dress only to look great, because you need to feel truly comfortable. If your clothes don’t make you feel comfortable enough, go and buy some.

Don’t exaggerate with your chivalry. It is true that women love to feel protected and nurtured, but most of the times top much is really too much. Act your best, be nice, attentive and considering, without being creepy. Keep in mind that it is a date, not a job interview. Be natural and act natural, don’t act just as if you are the manager, when you are the delivery person.

Also, don’t forget to clean your place! Who knows, you could come with her to your place and you don’t want to see your mess. Take care of things before and if it happens to continue your first date at your place, your home will look clean and decent. Even if she wants to pay for the date, don’t let her.

Probably the most important thing is not to try to sleep with her, especially if you want a relationship with her. As studies show, it could be more difficult for you to develop a relationship. Try also to pay attention to its preferences, listen to what she has to say and don’t monopolize the entire discussion. It is true that she wants to know you and hear different things about you, but she also wants to be heard. First impression matters very much and your first date is decisive for the following dates. In order to be any future dates, it is important that the first one to be perfect. You can try to be charming, polite, honest, and attentive. Don’t take her to an expensive restaurant just to impress, because she will think we expect something in return or she will start to think that the only thing we are capable of doing in order to get her attention is spending a lot of money.  Because you want to know more about her, you tend to ask too many questions. It is true that not many men do it, but if you are anxious to know everything about her, make sure you don’t exaggerate with questions. You can find out interesting things about her, just by saying things about you. If you tell her about an experience you had in your summer trip, she will share one of her touristic experiences.  Try not being too negative, not only about your ex-girlfriend, but also about your job, friends, family, neighbors. Negative people seem too sad and it is not too fun to be around such person. So, a positive attitude will help you get her attention.  If you like each other, you will probably want a second date. The good thing you can do is to make sure you don’t insist in planning the second date. She might become less attractive to you and you ruin any chance of second dates. It is better to let things come naturally. It is good to make plans, but not specific. It is better to say “we should to a special Italian restaurant sometimes in the spring”, but not “we should to their next Saturday”.  Although everything seems so complicated and it is difficult to know when you are saying the right thing and when you are doing everything wrong, it is easy to have a successful first date. Sometimes the chemistry between you two can make things easier and don’t you worry, if you like each other, there will be plenty of chemistry.  After the first date, if everything works perfectly, you can prepare for the second date, which may be easier, but you will still have things to worry about. Probably you will be more comfortable after a few dates, when you are certain of how things are.  No matter how difficult it is to do everything right during your first date, you will be living special moments you will always remember with pleasure.