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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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How To Become Rich - Alpha Male Nation

How To Become Rich

“ How to Become Rich” – A Different Approach

How to Become Rich” was the title of many articles and publications in the past as well the theme of many endless discussions and disputes. Also, I am pretty sure that “How To Become Rich” sentence will never die and you’ll be able to find it anywhere from bookshelves in libraries to Christmas Wishes secret thoughts. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Let’s be real!

I am not going into “getting spiritual rich” stuff and being more anchored in real world I am considering primarily the money factor. Also, just to narrow the “How to Become Rich” to our environment I will consider the “getting rich” issue applied to our present population from US, most European and some developed Asian countries.

Traveling extensively you’ll realize that getting rich or being rich will be perceived a lot differently from place to place, country to country or continent to continent. If for some African communities having couple of cows means being rich, or for a Vietnamese getting his hands on a cheap Daewoo (less than 800cc) will mean a real top status (most of the population doesn’t even have a fridge, and their most valuable assets are a color TV and an old Scooter – a motor bike 49cc and with push pedals to start it), if you’ll go to Frankfurt, Singapore, Chicago, London or Vancouver, you’ll see that being rich has a totally different meaning.

The sole fact that we were not born in India, Philippines nor certain African or South American states will give us a big jump start toward the rest of population in our attempt of getting rich.

In my opinion, being rich it is all about own and other people’s perception about certain material things. There are people having a big mansion and driving a Jaguar due above average steady job that will consider themselves rich and other with the same assets seeing themselves as average. It is all about who do you benchmark against and what type of “circles” are you spinning in. Everybody has in mind at some point “How to Become Rich” no matter their wealth level.

In order to start (as a part of 99% of the population) moving towards the 1% target population, the first step will be to reconsider a bit your position, to put your goals in real terms and try to start to be happy with what you have (in some cases when you are rich without knowing, understating yourselves). Most of the time you are trying to get rich in the wrong place.

make-millionsAs a personal experience, I was visiting Israel which is associated with rich people running the world, etc, etc. It might be that however you cannot see it on the street. In Tel Aviv for instance, crossing the most expensive a lot of old un-refurbished building in the best parts of the town with layers of paint missing, a lot of cheap cars on the street (the vast majority) small shopping centers that have nothing to do with American or European malls (and I am not even discussing Dubai malls here). I don’t think that you’ll see in the near future malls like in US nor cars like at least Eastern Europe (Try to go Romania to see the cars running on the roads and you’ll be amazed). What is the point living in a country where you earn 5-6.000 USD monthly if the import taxes are over 100% – see Singapore, Israel, Vietnam, etc.? It is worth making most of your money only traveling abroad but then do we have the time?

My definition of being rich is being free, without having to go to work and exchanging your time for a pay check while not being worried that you don’t have to put on the table. I don’t need a helicopter, a huge castle that it is most of the time empty but with monthly expenses regardless, or the latest S Klass that despite having 6.000 miles in 3-4 years when the new model is out, looks dated to some of us anyway. I value the fact I don’t have to put up with a stupid boss every day nor go to work if I don’t want more than having the latest Mercedes.

Having said that, I can provide you with some real life examples: I’ve met people in Spain that considered themselves rich when having 2-3 properties to rent out and not having to go to work. They were getting 2.500 euro per month as rent income and spending most days at the beach (next to their house) while managing to put aside few hundreds every month. I’ve also met a guy with properties in Canada, Austria, South of France, Eastern Europe, etc. and while driving a white Bentley and having a Ferrari and a new Rolls in one of his garages was contemplating huge yachts in Puerto Banus asking himself where those rich people get their money from and thinking at a way of How to Become Rich.

In the light of the above, I believe being rich it is all about our own perception.