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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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Alpha man and alpha woman - Alpha Male Nation

Alpha man and alpha woman

We constantly hear the term ‘alpha’, designating a person who is unbeatable, who can move mountains, who can do whatever he pleases, who can win the trust and admiration of others and who can simply do whatever he wishes and gain all the positivity and energy in the world. It is essential to keep in mind that an alpha male is the type of individual who can be able to project confidence, emotion and who can handle himself quite well in any social gathering, circle or team. He is great with people, he can make friends easily and he can also influence them to do exactly what he wishes.

Alpha males are those individuals who are born with some qualities and abilities, but who can be able to acquire other skills throughout their lifetime. Yes, in addition to having a respect for themselves and for the nature around them or a native intelligence and spirit of intuition, as well as alertness, alpha men learn multiple things that can help them out tremendously. First and foremost, it is essential to keep in mind that alpha males can be able to master the art of verbally expressing themselves in a correct and comprehensive manner. Alphas can also be able to distinguish between right and wrong, making use of that inborn tenacity and vigilance, but also brushing up on these skills throughout time and learning how to efficiently and appropriately deal with any situation, environment, person or group of people. An alpha man is also capable of teaching himself how to maintain a calm and cool attitude, despite being choleric and somewhat on the edge, waiting to explode in any situation which might aggravate his mood. He can study the behavior of others around him or take the model seen on television, series, plays or books in order to learn how to pace himself, let go of inner ‘demons’ (nerves, disappointments, fears and so on and so forth) and be able to respond well to any situation so that he appears calm and reserved. Alphas can also master the art of patience and be able to wait for the right time to take action, whether it is about walking the extra mile to impress someone, decide to quit his job, run for a certain position or open a serious discussion with someone.


What is more, it is essential to keep in mind that alpha men can learn how to respond to challenges, how to rise up to any task and be able to manage just fine in order to leave a great impression, one that lasts. Speaking of making a great impression, it is essential to keep in mind that alpha men have the ability to dress up for success, smile and project a feeling of confidence and an excellent and friendly attitude which can be able to win other people over. They know exactly how to dress for any occasion and how to make people turn their head in admiration. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that alpha males have a tendency to select clothing and accessories in a heartbeat, as they have a great sense of style and fashion. They know their body and know exactly how to be able to emphasize their best features. Also, you should keep in mind that alpha males can be able to offer suggestions to those around them, as they know how to approach them, what can look good on them and which style suits them the best.

What you should also understand regarding alpha males is the fact that these individuals can definitely manage to stay on the right track. They are men of vision, of perspective, they like to think of themselves as those people who can shape their own future (and they can and will). They are able to make a significant difference in other’s lives as well and they know this too. These are the most evident traits or characteristics of an alpha male.

What many people fail to understand or simply do not know is that the highly spoken of and much admired word of Greek origin ‘alpha’ is to be associated with female as well. Oh yes, goodbye standard stereotypes and misconceptions or deeply rooted convictions that men rule the world and that they are true ‘alphas’. ‘A’ may be the first letter of the alphabet, but that does not mean that men come first. Okay, you may pull out the religion card and say that Eve was created after Adam, out of his own ‘flesh and blood’, but men and women have started to be on the same platter, being equal and having equal rights. So, ladies can be able to benefit from the same status and gain the same benefits as men do. But, it is important to thoroughly grasp what an alpha woman is.

An alpha kind of woman is very similar to men in terms of confidence, agility, assertiveness, positivity, intelligence and capacity to persuade others and communicate with people in an excellent manner. However, it should also be stated that women have something extra, something that makes them special and something which can definitely make them stand out, in front of women, as well as men. Yes, alpha ladies are those human beings which can dash out and look fabulous each and every day, project the ultimate level of confidence and manage to hypnotize those around them.

Elegance is key in the case of such ladies, as an alpha woman will never go out the house without wearing a full face kind of makeup, dazzling jewelry and a hair that can smell of apples and cinnamon from afar. She works the hallways like a runway and she walks with such agility, fierceness and class that she can be mistaken for an internationally acclaimed fashion model or heir of a throne. The letter ‘A’ stands, of course, for aggressiveness in movement, agility, assertiveness and attention to the smallest details. An alpha lady is the one which can, without a shade of doubt, be mesmerizing without putting much effort into it. It is important to emphasize this trait, as some people do not know that such ladies are actually born unique and take very little time to prepare before going out. Yes, makeup may take half an hour, yes, the manicure requires a visit to the salon and the hair should be taken care of in order to look shiny and healthy at all times, yet do not imagine that an alpha woman struggles to make herself beautiful. She has already gorgeous features and she can be very efficient in preparing for a night out, a casual date or a formal event. She is quick and tenacious and she knows exactly how to combine colors, fabrics, styles and accessories to pull together a flawless outfit. Her hair will appear effortlessly made, her makeup will seem natural and extremely easy and her clothes will become inspiration for all women out there. When she shops, she knows right at the door which piece of clothing on the hanger is right for her, which is stylish and which can portray the best possible feeling. She thinks of clothes that carry a message: ‘this blouse says I am confident’, ‘these shoes suggest refinement and uniqueness’, ‘this necklace is Hollywood worthy’, ‘this dress screams success’. Yes, clothes are important and to all women out there and in particular to alpha ladies, clothing means expressing creativity, emotion, suggesting the personal style and liking, conveying a serious message and telling a lot about the person who wears it.


Always on the go and never backing up, the alpha lady is a good time management professional. Women, but alpha ladies in particular, have that sixth sense and know exactly when something is right, when a situation is ‘fishy’ or when a person in front of them does not act in an appropriate manner. It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that alphas have a situational awareness and can definitely be able to sense everything, whether it is a behavior, a malicious action, an individual and so on and so forth. What is more, it is essential to grasp the fact that such women are fine observers of the reality in front of them, assimilating everything around and using their flare and experience to handle any situation. Such an alpha lady is the best psychologist, as well as the best actor. Why is that? The reason is due to the fact that this woman can act in a manner that can project confidence and trust from the part of others, as well as adopt a positive and friendly attitude which can help the other person befriend them more easily. Women, alphas in particular, will be everyone’s friend, but will take into consideration that solely powerful friendships with influential ladies or men will bring advantages and will shape their future. Of course, this is not to say that alpha ladies are shallow, yet they have certain purposes in mind and know that, in additional to true friends and valuable links, they also need perks.

Speaking of playing the part, alpha women can be similar to men in what concerns disguising their intentions. And sometimes it happens that they can outsmart gentlemen. They have their own agenda (a love conquest, let’s say) and can act in such a manner to hide their true self, their thoughts and certain ardent desire to be with someone so that the other person feels somewhat ignored. Playing hard to get is always the best trick up their sleeves. Men want what they cannot have and men also wish to have what is desired by other men. Alpha ladies know these things very well, so they play dumb, ignore men, let others take a good look at them and wait. Patience is also a strong feature in alpha women. Such ladies can win a battle even if it takes long months or if some might consider it a lost game. No, alphas never back down and they never dare to say that they can settle down.

Perfection is a dream and oh, how they dream of it. In their case, however, this can be turned into reality. How? Well…. By appealing to the above-mentioned techniques and managing to play the part they need to finally catch the big fish. They can be cunning, deceitful, but no one will deny their excellent ability to lie and dissimulate. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. You might change your opinion of alpha ladies by reading this, but it is important to keep in mind that we all lie, we all hide our true thoughts and we like to be seen as someone we are not from time to time. Most of us cannot manage to pull it through, but alphas can. And let’s just be honest and have a clear head when tackling women’s intentions. Alpha women can lie in order to save their marriage, put on a happy face in order to be with the man they wish to be, although they know that he sometimes doesn’t do them justice. They can hide their intentions to surprise someone close to them or to make someone’s battle for recovery or for the better even more great by appearing to be disappointed at all times. Alpha women are kind, deep down, they are sensitive, but never appear to be so, as in this world, if you are sensed as being shy, scared or plainly shaky, you will be put to the ground. Another essential piece of information which can be highlighted is that alpha women like to maintain a balance and here we are talking about mixing good things in life, in their relationships, in their family. They might play games as long as they please, yet, in the end, they solely wish to settle down, have a happy marriage and healthy kids that can make her feel complete. An alpha woman is a family kind of woman, a sensitive, intuitive and loving person who needs to feel good vibes each and every day. She is the alpha of the alphas…