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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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Alpha male traits - Alpha Male Nation

Alpha male traits

Alpha male traits

Being an alpha male is without a shade of doubt the highest and the most important achievement a man can accomplish. An alpha male is that person characterized by dominance, strength, energy, peak physical performance, leadership, professionalism and many more. Becoming this individual doesn’t mean just being excellent with the ladies, but something much more profound. There is more to be and to lead an alpha male lifestyle than what may appear at a first glance. It is not just about the looks, the well-tailored suits or the body filled with muscles. It is not just about playing an act, being an alpha male is a habit, a feeling, a lifestyle and a custom you live by each and every day, it is a state of mind and the act of living life with full self-actualization. An alpha male is someone who quit playing a mere act, but who learned to improve himself and to reach the highest level of excellence, performance, intelligence and appeal.

The alpha male is the guy everyone looks for inspiration and, ultimately, become jealous of. This guy, this warrior, hero, bad boy, key-player in any group or however one likes to call him, is without a shade of doubt the man in the center of attention, desired by women who want to be with him and by men who want to become him. There are more than a handful of traits or characteristics that make a man the alpha. He is inspiring, positive, fun, wise, witty, and sexy, the last man standing and the man to lead. Falling for alpha males is undeniable, as ladies find these people irresistible and extremely appealing, very different from the rest of the guys.

There are many things that ought to be said regarding the alpha male. He is not just a powerful influence within any group, yet a great leader with whom both males and females can resonate or follow, he is not just a good listener, but the best communication partner who knows how to talk and walk smart, to articulate each and every word in order to leave a lasting impression, to dress up for success and to work out to have a heavenly body and a bright mind.

Here are a few traits of an alpha male:

Passion for life: As stated above, an alpha male is not just an individual made out of ‘plastic’, with no soul or preoccupied only with his looks and physical performance. He is the man who lives life to the fullest and becomes passionate about many things. An alpha male is the kind of person who loves to follow his dreams and to see positive results. He is optimistic and very conscious of his acts. In addition to having many goals, the alpha male never loses composure and is very driven. Passion for this individual means becoming successful in all aspects of life. Nothing can hold him back, as he is ready to take his determination and passion to the ultimate level and to overcome all challenges in life. After all, he is the alpha male…

Confidence in his own abilities: confidence is everything for the alpha male. This is an essential trait which enables the number one man, THE ONE, to radiate and to gather the attention of everyone. The alpha male is sure he is right (not because he is blind, arrogant or will not accept other alternatives, but because he always does things perfectly: he will remember essential historical or scientific facts in order to use them in future discussions, he is talented in many fields, including sports, board games, chess, electronics and so on, he is clever and a fine observant, being thus able to anticipate others’ behavior or actions, he KNOWS many things and he is very disciplined) and, therefore, confidence is just around the corner for him. Thanks to this trait, he can advance in any group and win the respect of many. Furthermore, he is very comfortable in his own skin and will never consider himself as beneath the others or incapable of impressing women or other men. He is sure of himself and never doubts his strengths or intellect. He is the Chuck Norris in real life, has the strength of Daniel Craig, the humor of Neil Patrick Harris, the wittiness of Benedict Cumberbatch, the sex appeal of Bradley Cooper, the slight narcissistic behavior of Robert Downey Jr., the smile of Tom Hiddleston, the body of Marc Fitt, the beauty of Chris Pine. He is the perfect mixture and the mixture of perfection.

The alpha male always has high values and morals. Any man who can be considered as being the alpha is principled and very respectful. Many people tend to think of these individuals as being bullies or fake, arrogant men who wish to harm others. This is not true. Whilst alpha males may brag about their strength and good looks in a humorous tone, they will never be aggressive with others (unless provoked, like all men, for that matter) and will not look down upon the rest. An alpha male is not a ‘loose man’, but a person with high principles and values, he believes in many things and he acts in a conscious, calculated and controlled manner. Discipline is very important to him, as is faith, being humble, calm and organized.

The alpha male always regards failure as a minor setback, a natural part of life- this ought not to be translated that alpha males accept failures and will tie their hands without looking for further alternatives. On the other hand, they will seek to surpass any difficulty, move mountains and reach that desired destination using all strengths and capabilities. They will move ahead in life solely if the failure did not depend on themselves or have nothing to do with their miscalculations (there are, indeed, negative moments and chapters in our life that have been written without us knowing or without being able to change their course). An alpha male sees his wrongdoings and works towards improving his behavior, learns from his mistakes and bounces back rapidly. He is persistent, being the tortoise, not the hare.

The alpha male is a natural leader– whether he is born with such a trait or learns step by step to represent others, to influence and persuade men and women into doing the right thing or to see the end benefit of the entire group, the alpha male is ready to provide direction and to spark motivation. He is not a boss who commands the others, but the leaders who shows the way, who brings people together and who inspires them to dream and to act in such a manner as to see all objectives being fulfilled. He is innovative, takes the blame when needed and finds remedy to all problems.

An alpha male is well-educated and clever. In addition to finishing a university and having all sorts of degrees, an alpha male is witty and truly wise in many aspects of life. He is not learning in a mechanic manner, but has a great memory and makes associations, having a deep thirst for knowledge and being fascinated by the world around him. It is important to note that he is clever and knows how to use the baggage of knowledge in his advantage. He can communicate with all people, from businessmen to preachers and he is always attentive to everything he hears, whilst also making a distinction between right and wrong, dividing the information into inaccurate or correct.