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Alpha Male Nation | July 24, 2018

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Alpha Male in Relationships - Alpha Male Nation

Alpha Male in Relationships

What Does It Take for a Man to Become the Alpha Male His Woman Wants?

Let’s face it, men’s behavior towards women is often influenced by the behavior of the men they had around growing up and the education they received from the women in their lives. Some are shy and unable to act on their feelings. Others are too bold and intimidating, and scare off women with their attitude.

However, when they find the right women, if they receive the necessary push in the right direction, all men can change. All it takes is time, motivation, and a lot of love. Women can’t expect men to change just because they want them to. They should motivate and reward changes, and give the men a chance to see why changing is necessary, and what benefits it can bring about.

It is up to the woman to make the man feel strong, powerful, and in control, until he actually becomes that way. It is up to the man to defend his loved ones from all harm, to know when to put a stop to undesirable situations, to stand up for himself and his beliefs.

To give you some examples, we’ve all seen men who treat their women like dirt to convince their friends they are in control and they do what they please. We’ve all seen men who turn their back on their friends because their wives won’t allow them to continue hanging out with them.

We’ve also seen men and women who will listen to their parents no matter what, even in the detriment of their life partner. They allow their parents to dictate their lives and turn their loved ones into slaves for their parents.

A lasting relationship doesn’t work like that, and an alpha male will never allow that. The alpha male treasures friendships, but doesn’t allow them to influence the relationship with their partner. He respects his parents, but knows where to draw the line, and gives them no other choice than to respect his choices and his life partner. He also respects his partner’s parents, without allowing his partner to put them first and undermine his place in their relationship.


In the end, the alpha male is not the big bad wolf able to kill everything in its way and force the pack to follow blindly. He is the balanced male who earns love and respect and offers them to those around him. He knows what he wants and fights to get it.

He treasures his relationships, and is not afraid to change in order to keep them. He offers protection and support, he doesn’t give up, and he doesn’t run away from problems. He is self-confident and strong, and he makes his woman feel the same way.