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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Alpha Male Guide to white teeth - Alpha Male Nation

Alpha Male Guide to white teeth

It is easy to be self-confident when we are confident about our smile and have bright white teeth. It doesn’t’ matter if we are going to our work, on a date or a job interview, it is helpful to know that you can smile every time we want like, because we have a flawless smile. There are situations when different factors affect our white teeth, in which case we lose our self-confidence and find a solution in smiling less, hoping that this way nobody will notice our teeth. If you don’t want to go to a dentist to whiten your teeth, you can choose different products and even homemade remedies, which will whiten your teeth shortly.

Beyond the envy of shining white teeth, it is important to maintain dental health and avoid the prevention of tooth decay. If we properly care our teeth, we go to the dentist regularly, and we take care of the food we eat, we will manage to have bright and healthy teeth, no matter your age. Definitely, it is easier to smile with a good set of teeth.Even if you think it isn’t true, smiling puts you in a good position. People around you will love to see your smile and will want to be around you. Having healthy teeth will help you to have healthy relationships. Is it wrong not to take care of our teeth, because they can be our business card, meaning the way we care and we focus on our health and a healthy lifestyle.

Products you can use to whiten our teeth

Choosing the right product will help us whiten our teeth form the comfort of our homes, just as you can do at a dental office. The first product you should use is the whitening toothpaste, which contains chemical compounds that can whiten our teeth and remove surface stains. It is true that this type of product cannot whiten our teeth considerably, but if we are using it when our teeth are a little stained, it will help.

Also, you have to keep in mind that toothpastes for teeth whitening contain abrasive components, which can affect the enamel. So, it is better to use them only 3 times a day. These products could help you for eliminating the stains that formed on your teeth, but also prevent the formation of new stains and keep your teeth bright white.

Another solution for you is to use white strips, which can open the pores of your teeth to allow bleach to enter. Most of the white strips contain hydrogen peroxide, which can remove stains and are more effective than toothpaste whitening. You need to avoid the use of wine, coffee or chocolates after you use the white strips. So, it is better not to eat anything for about 40 minutes. The effect you make you happy, because it is an effective way of whitening your teeth.

It helps you whiten your teeth if you use mouth rinse before brushing your teeth. Most of the mouth rinses contain hydrogen peroxide, which can be used twice a day before brushing. Just gargle for about 1 minute, because it will be easier this way to remove unpleasant stains from your teeth. Some recommends chewing whitening gums, because they contain hexametaphosphate, which makes impossible the formation of new stains.

Another thing you can do is to visit a dentist, who can perform a bleaching treatment, which will surely whiten your teeth. A dentist will know exactly which product is best for you and will perform the exact procedure that will make your teeth brighter. This way, you will have a beautiful smile, in just a few minutes, depending on the procedure you will follow.

Along with toothpaste, gums, and mouth rinses for whitening your teeth, you can use trays and gels. These are effective, but the result you will receive depends on the action of peroxide in the gel. Sometimes you need around 3 days or a couple of weeks to see results. The best thing is to choose trays and gels from the dentist, because they are more effective.

Lost but not least, you can go for a laser bleacher. It is true that it is expensive, but the effects are guaranteed. We need only one session to see results and your smile will be perfect. As you can see, you can choose from different ways of whitening your teeth, depending on the effect you want to get and the money you are willing to spend.

Causes of teeth discoloration

In order to prevent the appearance of teeth discoloration, it is better to understand what the factors are that cause it. For instance, the stains that appear on the outer layer of the tooth, which is the enamel are caused by coffee, red wine, cola, smoking and different other drinks and foods. We need to pay attention to the product we use and brush our teeth regularly, after each meal and after each drink you consume, that could endanger the color of our teeth.

Extremely unpleasant is the intrinsic discoloration, which appears when the inner structure of the tooth turns darker or yellow. We can have this problem when we suffer a trauma, like a fall, when you were a child or if you suffer from a trauma in a permanent tooth and an internal bleeding affected the color of your tooth. Sometimes, teeth discoloration is caused but a rare condition, like dentinogenesis, which is characterized by grey, purple, or amber discoloration. Also, antibiotics can color our teeth.

In other cases, age is responsible for the appearance of discoloration. As we get older, our tooth become yellow, but is something you can prevent, if you use whitening product and seek for help by visiting a specialist. When we notice a discoloration of our teeth, the best thing we can do is visit a dentist.

In order to prevent the appearance of stains on our teeth, you can brush and floss our teeth regularly. So, we need to brush our teeth at list in the morning and in the evening and floss at least once a day. After we drink wine, coffee or we eat food that could color out teeth, it is better to rinse our mouth with water. Also, we need to visit a dentist, who can provide a proper care and help us prevent discoloration and dental problems.

Other useful tips for a bright white smile

Men shouldn’t be worried about their teeth color, because with a proper care, it is as easy as it is for women to have bright white teeth. Our smile is important for both men and women. It helps us have better personal and professional relationships. If we have yellow teeth and or worse, if we cavities, we will be unable to smile because we will be afraid that others will notice your dental problems. So, we lose your self-confidence and we allowed to be affected by complex and fears. If instead, we take care of our teeth and we manage to make it look flawless, it will be easier to smile every day and send positive energy to others.

Whether we are on a first date, at job interview or a holiday, a pleasant wide smile can tell a lot about us. Definitely, it will help us create a pleasant first impression. Therefore, it is better to do all we can to have beautiful teeth and a bright smile, and to have healthy teeth. Healthy teeth are important for each of us, plus dental pain is not at all bearable.

It is important to brush our teeth first thing in the morning to eliminate plaque and bacteria that may be produced while we sleep. Before you go to bed, we also need to clean the plaque and brush our teeth, but it is not wrong to brush our teeth after a meal or a coffee. As we use toothpaste, we should use dental floss, because it helps us ensure a proper cleaning of our teeth. Make sure you have packages of floss in your desk, in your car or in your briefcase. It could help you a lot when you aren’t at home, after you ate something.

Mouthwash is good for your teeth, especially after you drank a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. For some if us, it is impossible to give up coffee, smoking, cola or red wine. If you continue to drink coffee or red wine, it is important to use mouthwash. This will refresh our mouth and eliminate bacteria. Make sure you are using a mouthwash, which contains less alcohol, because some of the mouthwashes with too much alcohol can dry out the tissues in your mouth.

Have you considered brush your teeth with baking soda? If you are willing to give it a try to homemade remedies for whiten your teeth, baking soda is one of the best. It will remove stains and will whiten your teeth, so it is recommended to use it with your toothpaste once a week. You can also brush your teeth with salt. Another useful home remedy is apple cider vinegar. You should use it to gargle every morning, because it will help, you remove stains and will whiten your teeth, while it destroys bacteria. Use it before brushing your teeth.

Nevertheless, you should eat foods that clean your teeth, like apples, known as a nature’s toothbrush. Apple is also fool of vitamins, so you will have multiple benefits to enjoy by eating two or three apples a day. You can also eat ray carrots, celery, or popcorn. These foods stimulate the production of saliva and clean your teeth easily.

Not only for whitening our teeth, but also for a fresh breath, it is important to clean our tongue. You can use a tongue scraper to remove tongue plaque. Of course, you can go with a white diet and avoid the use of coffee, red wine or cola. Red wine is also good for your overall health, because it contains flavonoids and improves the functioning of your cardiovascular system, if you use it with moderation.

Therefore, some of the foods or drinks that may affect the color of our teeth are good for our overall health. If it is impossible for us to use only foods that won’t cause teeth discoloration, we can be more careful with cleaning our teeth after each meal or each drink that could be harmful to our smile. Also, it helps a lot visiting a dentist, who knows exactly what we need for a perfect smile.

A dentist can offer us professional solutions for teeth whitening, like laser whitening and effective products. Even if we use these products at home, they were created by specialist, in order to effectively whiten our teeth and prevent the formation of stains. So, it is always better to visit a specialist, who can give us the best advice, based on which you can whiten our teeth or keep our teeth bright white.

You may think that the perfect smile is overrated, but it isn’t. The way we look is influenced by the way our smile looks. It is not enough to lose weight, workout in the gym, dress nice and have an inspired haircut, if our teeth are completely yellow. Sooner or later we will begin to be more affected by our smile and we will try to smile less and talk with your mouth closed because fear that others will notice our yellow teeth. It is much better to try to keep our teeth white by giving special attention to dental hygiene and use high quality products.

Our smile could be similar to the ones we see in the commercial for dental care products. Even if we have a sensibility and our teeth are prone to yellowing, we can find solutions with little effort, to have an enviable smile. Even lazy people who do not want to lose hours a day to care for their teeth can find quick and efficient solutions for whitening.

Therefore, it is easier than we are thing to have a beautiful and bright smile, with perfect teeth. A smile that can make us feel better about ourselves and more self-confident. A smile has the power to do many things and by taking good care of our teeth, you can be the happy owners of a powerful smile.