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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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Alpha Male Accessories - Alpha Male Nation

Alpha Male Accessories

Alpha male- what does it mean and how can you possibly achieve this state? Let’s take a brief look at what being an Alpha male entails and how difficult or easy it can be for a guy to adopt this ultimate stage of masculinity and respect. The term ‘Alpha male’ refers to a typology of men, the elite, the crème de la crème, the masculine and strong individuals who know exactly how to be strong, how to succeed in life and how to dominate others. This type of man’s man has a purpose, a drive, a sort of passion nowhere to be found, an emotional maturity and impulsivity which is recognized and respected by others. Furthermore, this man is generally characterized by superiority in terms of appearance, being significantly more beautiful than others, more Adonis-like, with a more sculpted body and finer facial traits. But what mostly distinguishes the alpha male from the rest of the pack is his intelligence and capacity to persuade others. He is doing it in such an active, but also passive manner that he becomes the leader of any group (the term alpha is correctly chosen for this position or role). He is constantly in the center of attention, wherever he may go and every joke, pleasant behavior appreciated by others, review or simple thought will be so persistently absorbed by others that he will be well known and regarded as a kind of Greek God, smooth politician, multi gifted and all-encompassing Hollywood actor. Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine or Ed Westwick… they’ve got nothing on him. This is how fierce, charming, clever and witty an alpha male is.

What is more, the alpha male knows what kind of effect he has on men and women, and, therefore, is not planning on refraining himself from controlling or influencing others. The case is even more interesting when it comes to enchanting and working his magic around women. He is without a shade of doubt a player (who will eventually settle down after a fair share of dates, conquests and romantic roller coasters), knowing exactly how to speak to women, how to make them be on his hook, how to remain smitten about him and how to treat him (like royalty, of course). This type of dominant, mesmerizing, spectacular and incredibly charming individual will not be in the heart and mind of a lady for a particular period of time, but for an extended timeframe, for future references and men comparisons to be made, expectations to lower and constantly going back and forth.

An alpha male is always able to put aside his emotions in order to adopt the best possible attitude at a given moment in time. He will never settle for anything less than perfect and, oftentimes, he will try to convince others that this approach is for the better.

This typology of man is commonly known to revolve around the following characteristics: perseverance, stability, adaptability, assertiveness, superiority, prominence, confidence, honesty and elegance. And speaking of elegance, we ought to emphasize here that this is only achieved when the alpha male assumes his presence, acknowledges his great looks and knows how to put them in a good light. Elegance, in this case, means dressing up for success and combining great looking clothes, fabrics and styles to look good, to make a lasting impression and become a role-model for all the guys and girls out there. The alpha male is born with certain traits, like the ones we previously mentioned, yet it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that the excellent taste and dose of refinement and ‘know it all’ when it comes to style and dressing up are all the most evident. Alpha males have a tendency to finish a shopping spree much easier, with no worries or stress whatsoever and with no problems regarding financial status, quality of clothing or fit.

Another important piece of information would be that alpha males know how to follow all the fashion trends in order to get ‘accepted’ in society (although they already know how to rule in any social circle), how to feel better in their own skin (although they already have a pretty great perception about themselves) and how to work up the corporate ladder by firstly dressing up to impress. They know what looks good on them, what is considered acceptable to wear in society and how to make use of clothing and valuable accessories to project a better image in order to win people’s admiration, friendship and trust.

Since we are talking about accessories, it is of utmost importance to mention the fact that these can also help an alpha male get above the others, distinguish himself from the rest and offer him the chance to look and feel special, refined, elegant and impeccable. Accessories are said to provide a man a certain elegance, a special vibe which can win a lot of compliments and make him stand out, irrespective of the place, gathering, group or environment he is in. Basically, accessories are the right trick up his sleeve in order to portray a well-put together combination, a look that can turn heads and make him feel as if he is on top of the world.

Without further ado, let’s see which the top accessories an alpha male should wear are:

  1. Watch– this piece of jewelry is without a shade of doubt essential to any guy who needs to be punctual, look sharp and attract everyone’s attention. A watch is not only a necessary item for any man or woman, but a statement piece, a shiny object which, when chosen correctly, can work wonders for any outfit. Take, for instance, a smart casual look. This style can only be completed with a few smart accessories and nothing will say ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’, ‘hip’ or ‘stylish’ better than a designer watch. Whether you choose to get it in black leather or made entirely out of silver or gold, you will not want to put down the valuable piece of jewelry. This one of a kind jewelry has a bit of interesting history, as mankind first witnessed the appearance of such timepieces as early as the 14th Evolving from the portable spring-driven clocks, watches were first carried in the clothing pockets up until the 17th century. One source actually tells us the term ‘watch’ comes from the word ‘watchman’, thus depicting the action to assess time and keep an eye on everything. However, popular tales let us know that wristwatches are actually called like that from the 17th century sailors’ duty shifts called ‘watches’. These sailors used ingenious mechanism to monitor the length of time of their duties. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that history books certify the fact that around the 1600s Elizabeth I of England received such a timepiece from Robert Dudley, a renowned nobleman and important figure of British history. He characterized the piece of jewelry as an arm watch and from then on, such timepieces were made for the public to wear and enjoy. An interesting piece of information, however, regarding wristwatches is that these were originally worn exclusively by women, as a sort of tribute to the fact that the feminine side of royalty was offered such a great gift. The impact of the First World War had also brought a need for such pieces to be worn. Troop movements had to be coordinated in a way and synchronized. Thus, watches became to be worn on and off the battlefield, soon after the war ended the fashion of utilizing and wearing timepieces catching on. In the last months of the 1960s the quartz watch became commercialized, people being impressed by the fact that it created a signal with very precise frequency and made use of a quartz crystal and electronic oscillator, being very precise and soon becoming the world’s most used and popular timekeeping piece. In 1980s the mechanical watches started to be created. Alongside with human evolution regarding time keeping and monitoring, the fashion of wearing statement pieces became a prerequisite. Everyone looking particularly at military personnel admired their tenure and style, their elegant and sophisticated look. They were the real alpha males. Therefore, people copied their model and started using wrist watches of different shapes, sizes and brands. Amongst the first watches which were considered a luxury were, of course, Rolexes. These true masterpieces are the embodiment of elegance and class, wealth and prestige. Whoever wears them will surely be respected and envied at the same time in any community or social circle. But, besides Rolex, there are other more affordable brands an alpha male can try, including Daniel Klein, Omega, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Bvlgari, Corum, Gucci, Piaget, Fortis, Hublot, Zenith, Doxa, Mont Blanc, Timex, Casio, Fossil and so on and so forth.
  1. Sunglasses– typical alpha males like to protect their best assets, all their senses and, therefore, taking good care of their sight is primordial. How else can they do that unless by wearing highly efficient sunglasses? What ought to be mentioned regarding this type of accessory is that it is recommended not only for eye protection in case of strong sunlight or damaging UV rays, but also in order to look fantastic each and every day. Nothing can work better for an outfit in a warm sunny day like a cool pair of sunglasses. Whether you are interested in aviator type of sunglasses, cat eye, retro squad, brow line or round, club master style and sport types of sunglasses, you should note that each type is appropriate for different face shapes or outfits. You cannot go with a sport pair of sunglasses on a casual picnic with a girl you like, nor to the most important business meeting. You have to select the product according to the venue, as well as look chosen for the day. Believe it or not, but sunglasses have the most fascinating history. It all started allegedly with Roman emperor Nero who demanded protection from the intrusive sunlight and used a ‘prototype’ or primary form of sunglasses, being made by emeralds. It is important to keep in mind that these did not necessarily offer corrective options or much protection, as they appeared to have worked more like mirrors. The same kind of lenses were used by the Chinese a few centuries after. The real or modern kind of sunglasses began to be used in the 1920s by actors. At first, it was speculated that they wished to stand out and improve their look, but, actually, the truth is that sunglasses were utilized as a cover-up, a protection from paparazzi (just like it is the case today), as well as enabling the eyes to heal following the exposure to powerful arc lamps needed in movie making, as the film stocks that were used at that time were at an extremely slow speed. However, the usage of ultraviolet filters wiped this issue out. Today, glasses are indispensable and make out an entire outfit or bring the element of surprise for a particular look. Alpha males are encouraged to wear this fine type of accessory, as it will enable them to be linked to famous Hollywood actors or singers and to be more appreciated for their sense of fashion. Modern and high quality sunglasses can be purchased from popular brands such as: Ray Ban, Coach, Spy, Tom Ford, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Cocoon, DKNY, Diesel, Bozz, Dior, D&G, Polo, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Roberto Cavall, Michael Kors, Carrera, Lacoste, Serengeti, Diesel and so on and so forth.
  1. Cufflinks– believe it or not, cufflinks to a high quality shirt are more than appreciated by women. This shows how much men are ready to walk the extra mile in order to look well put together and how much they wish to invest in themselves. Cufflinks are the smallest possible detail an outfit can comprise of, yet speak volumes like no other piece (including belt, tie, shoes or bag) can. These tiny accessories symbolize class, elegance, refinement and a pinch of creativity. Cufflinks are special pieces made out of gold, silver, plastic, metal, leather, stone or any combination of these, being utilized in order to secure shirt cuffs as tight as possible, while also offering men the chance to reveal their good taste and fashion preferences. What ought to be said regarding cufflinks is the fact that this pair of accessories is designed solely for blouses or shirts which contain buttonholes on each side, but have no buttons. These are either single or double length (also called French type of cufflinks). Men can choose how to wear them, either pinching them together, securing them in a barrel style, in a kissing style and so on and so forth. Alpha males can also decide whether or not they wish to personalize them (for instance, adding the name initials or adding any embellishments like gemstones, Rhine stones- although not a real option for such a typology of person- inlays, enamel, 2 or 3 D forms and so on and so forth). The history of cufflinks is just as exciting as the one pertaining to the sunglasses. Here is what alpha males should know (in case they are asked about their beautiful accessories on a date, gentlemen’s club gatherings, social events or balls). The first such accessories were used in the 17th century, although they did not become common until the end of the 1700s. Their evolution is closely linked to that of the male shirt. Despite the fact that men have been wearing clothing similar to T shirts and shirts since the creation of woven fabric, it was not until the Middle Ages that the space most appropriate for added elements or embellishments was the wrist. The accessories or decorative pieces closest to the idea of cufflinks were court frills used by attorneys or judges. These were quite long in comparison with cufflinks, yet, with the advent of the industrial revolution, as well as change in social class (the emergence of bourgeoisie), men began to wear practical systems to secure their shirts, thus cufflinks were born in the modern sense that we know them. More advanced types of accessories appeared with the help of legendary Coco Chanel, the Woodstock generation advancement and the end of the Second World War, a moment in time for gentlemen to reaffirm themselves, by using all sorts of fashion ensembles, wearing high quality clothes and adorning themselves with a vast array of accessories, including tie pins, watches, key chains, money clips, cigarette cases, notebooks, pens and so on.
  1. Leather wallet– we all know that alpha males are true gentlemen, true fashion forward thinkers and people with a keen sense of perspective and practicability. Thus, leather wallets are their number one choice, believing that the place they put their valuable documents, photos, money and other personal things should also be of great value. A wallet is not something you see at an alpha male from a distance, as it is kept safely in the pocket, yet, once it is taken out, it should also follow the already established fashion pattern and it should also catch everyone’s attention. The leather wallet is a classic, yet this is not the only important thing worth noting when selecting alpha male accessories. Leather pieces are known for their durability and high quality. Furthermore, leather works well with just about any pattern and has a great appearance. It is only normal that an alpha male selects such a wallet to keep his personal belongings and money.
  1. Belt– most people, especially in our day and age, have started giving up on the traditional belt and use just pants and a simple T-shirt or blouse. Most people are not alpha males. An alpha type of individual always dresses to impress and cannot overlook basic fashion rules that are considered ‘common sense’. A shirt that is tucked in the trousers or jeans and a nice leather belt that surrounds the waist is mandatory for an alpha. This accessory is highly needed not only because it secures the combination and supports the pants for better movement, but also looks amazing, especially if it is of a different color from the shirt or jeans selected. Leather belts, heavy cloth belts, formal belts, metallic looking belts (with metal finish), buckle or strap kind of belts, studded belts, embroiled belts, tooled leather accessories, exotic belts, printed strap belts, they all add a personal touch to an outfit, create a distinction between the alphas and the others, make a huge fashion statement and improves the overall look. The choices are so varied and there are many ways in which you can wear a simple and elegant black belt- either in combination with white shirts and black pants, all black outfits, denim and white or black shirts, making a pop of color from the waist up, adding texture to a plain outfit, having the necessary pinch of elegance and polish, you name it…An alpha male must definitely have in his closet multiple styles of belts, as you never know where you might get invited or end up, how fashion returns with old trends, how cool new shoes must match with your belt and so on. Nevertheless, in an alpha male’s closet, there should obligatory be: a formal black leather belt, a brown (dark brown or light shade) belt, tan or natural looking belts, belts that make a strong statement (with the help of the buckle) and a belt with a metallic finish to light out any outfit. You can look at quality belts practically everywhere, yet it is important to note that, generally, the most expensive accessories are to be found under popular and extravagant names, including Gucci, Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Haider Ackermann, Tommy Hilfiger, Maison Margiela, Fendi, Brioni, Dolce& Gabbana, Moschino, Tod’s and so on and so forth. So, alpha males, make sure you enjoy shopping for the best looking and quality accessories to make any outfit pop and make yourself stand out among the rest!