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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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7 Ways To Achieve Any Goal - Alpha Male Nation

7 Useful Methods to Transform Your Goals into Dependable Systems

7 Useful Methods to Transform Your Objectives into Dependable Systems

Goals or objectives in life are easy to idealize. It is quite easy for you to convince your inner-self that this time, it will be different. But, most of the times you leave your goals unreached or undone. You made up your mind to polish your skills in playing the guitar, but you do not touch your guitar for weeks.

You desperately wanted to learn a new language, but you suddenly stop practicing the language. You think of finishing some good novels, but you have them scattered across your hard drive. These are examples of unachieved goals, the goals that you think of achieving but fail to do so with time.

So, why is it so that people fail to achieve their goals? Speaking about the commitment level in people would be irrelevant. There is one specific reason that validates the fact that people fail to achieve their goals. It is when people set goals, they start laying much stress on the achievement of the goals.

This is the main reason why people fail to achieve their goals. This is the wrong way of approaching one’s goals. Upon that, you are also making the choice of wrong goals initially. There are 7 methods that can help you in transforming your goals into the dependable system and they are as follows:

Try Being System-Oriented

Trying to focus only on the achievement of goals will not give you the best scope of success. People who are achievement-oriented have a constant success failure at its best. Scott Adams came up with this statement in his book called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

He also said that permanent failure for achievement-oriented people is worse. According to Adams, end-state thinking leads to a separation between achievement and progress. To be explained in simple terms, if you are not winning, you are actually failing.

A purposeful and an organized structure consisting of interdependent and interrelated elements is called a system. Taking on a systems mindset helps in shifting an individual’s thought process away from the end-state.

It gives him or her scope of focusing on his or her progress. Being systems-oriented will help in skyrocketing your scopes of success. Most importantly, you need to start with the right goals.

Do not go for S.M.A.R.T Goals, Set Big Goals

Large and popular companies who have this objective of serving their customers in the best way possible set strategic long-term goals. These are called BHAGs or Big, Hairy Audacious Goals. BHAGs are compelling and clear and they represent a specific vision. They also help in the inspiring tremendous effort. One perfect example of BHAG is from the popular bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Arnold was asked about his goals post his bodybuilding career, he said that he would become a superstar in Hollywood. Now that is a big goal. S.M.A.R.T goals, meaning Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Time Bound goals are inspiring. They inspire people in the same like BHAGs but they are boring and often limiting.

People need to give more room to the BHAGs in their lives and especially the ones that excite them. People should give way to the BHAGs that stimulate their success triggers. They should consider the BHAGs that enable them to think about their futures in a more creative manner. Therefore, when you set your objectives in life, go for the big goals. Think about BHAG.

Try Being Calculative and Bring in Your Strategies

Being calculative will help you in getting the know-how of an idea. Strategy propels an individual forward and guides an individual on the path where he or she needs to go. Calculative or strategic goals will help you achieve your BHAGs. This is because such goals drive almost everything that an individual does.

You must always consider BHAG for living a fulfilled and abundant life, a life that is free of financial worries. Think of one conceptualized goal that supports the BHAG of living a fulfilled life. Making an extra $1000 per month would be one such strategic or calculative goal. Setting this conceptualized goal can help in achieving the vision of having an abundant and fulfilling life. Techniques comprise the what behind the strategies.

These are specific actions that people take depending on their strategic goals. You can always think of the different actions that you can engage in for the purpose of making that extra $1000 per month. This would include working overtime three days every week or selling a freelance content per week.

This would also include the shopping garage sales during weekends and then selling them online for a profit. Remember, the techniques that you employ will always support your conceptualized goals. This is turn support and push you towards your BHAGs.

You must try and break such techniques down into actionable elements that can transform into habits. In order to sell content every week, you must start by writing 200 words per day. Soon this will transform into a habit and you will have behaviors linking your habits to your techniques. Further, you will have your techniques, linking to your strategies and your strategies to your BHAGs. This will be your initial step towards creating a dependable system.

Set Milestones and Try Celebrating Them

It is important for dependable systems to contain benchmarks for gauging their effectiveness. This will help you in knowing whether your systems are working perfectly or not. Your benchmarks can be time-bound like 30 days or 90 days. They can even be result-driven having intervals properly set at specific waypoints.

The way you set milestones is less important in comparison to the fact that you should set the milestones, to begin with. People should have the ability to measure themselves against the progress that they expect to obtain. Once you are successful in reaching a milestone, the very first thing that you need to do is celebrate.

You must celebrate every little win in life. Every gain in life, no matter how minuscule it is, is the right movement towards the right path. You must always try and cheer for yourself. This will further help you in setting the right goal and in having a very clear vision.

Mark Your Progress and Always Look for Successful Turns

It is important for you to make certain important adjustments if your chances of achieving a milestone are very low. If you have a corrupt system, it is up to you whether you like to tweak it or scrap it. Systems are highly flexible and this is the best thing about systems.

Try an altogether different approach for something that is not working. The people who are able to do this in the best way possible are the entrepreneurs. It is quite common to hear about entrepreneurs who continuously failed until they took up the right systems.

This can be cited as another main reason to pursue BHAGs. BHAGs help in keeping the focus on the reward while worrying less about small things.

Try Getting Solicit Feedback

It is important for you to keep in mind that you alone cannot build dependable systems. You might require support in order to achieve success. Getting an accountability team or partner will help you in knowing the things where you went wrong.

Remain Focused

Always try to remain focused on your journey. This will help you in building habits that support your goals.