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Alpha Male Nation | January 18, 2018

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7 Lessons about the Female Orgasm - Alpha Male Nation

7 Lessons about the Female Orgasm

7 Lessons about the Female Orgasm

Intimacy, that deep and meaningful state that connects two individuals and sparks the release of excitement, joy, a high level of comfort and emotional attachment, is also used to call a relationship that is purely of sexual nature. It is something couples highly need and desire. Getting physical, however, is much more than a mere act of sexual pleasure or an action with reproduction purposes. It is about taking into consideration many things: using protection, satisfying your partner, tearing down all barriers in order to relax and feel comfortable, understanding what your partner needs and wants and, ultimately, achieving orgasm. Sex is also about trust, mutual respect and valuing emotional attachment. Having sex is not to be regarded as unimportant, simple or redundant. It is something complex, involving high levels of pleasure, fulfillment, energy consumption, release of endorphins, muscular activity, such as spasms and a degree of freedom and relaxation, all in an intricate act.

The female orgasm- a subject which is considered by many as being taboo has sparked much curiosity along the years, as people wanted to know more about it, how it is manifested, what can cause it or what are the women’s top preferences in bed. Talking about intercourse is perfectly normal and not at all shameful. What would be worse is not knowing much about sexual arousal, protection and consequences of inappropriate hygiene or lack of protection during the sexual act.

It is important to note that orgasms are the perfectly normal reaction of our bodies at times of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle. This sudden discharge at the peak of sexual excitation comes as a result of repetitive muscular spasms in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Etymologically, this term is of Greek origin, meaning literally ‘excitement’ or ‘swelling’.

Sexual climax is controlled by the nervous system and often associated with involuntary muscular contraction. It is important to note that multiple areas of the body respond at the same time when stimulated physically. Also, vocalizations are expressed and, furthermore, the period following sexual climax (being known as the refractory time) is filled with feelings of satisfaction, carelessness and relaxation thanks to the release of endorphins.

When it comes to female orgasms, these can be achieved through direct intercourse (vaginal penetration) or through clitoris stimulation. It is true to state that there is much confusion when it comes to the female orgasm and the level of sensitivity of the vagina. For instance, it is worth noting that, in older studies, the vagina seems to be completely insensitive. However, this is not at all true, as there are parts of the anterior vaginal wall and urethra which are extremely sensitive. Furthermore, there is much buzz around the subject related to G-spot and its sensitivity. This erogenous part of the female body is also popularly known as the Gräfenberg spot, after a German gynecologist who studied intensely the female internal sexual anatomy. This erogenous area is located two or three inches into the vagina, up the anterior vaginal wall, at the side of the urinary bladder and the urethra and can lead to a high sexual arousal. Since we are talking about sensitivity and misconceptions, here are seven important lessons about the female orgasm, also called The Big O.