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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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7 Cold Weather Skin Care Tips for Men - Alpha Male Nation

7 Cold Weather Skin Care Tips for Men

Let’s face it, guys: nobody wants to deal with dry skin, chapped lips, and a face that feels like it will most likely peel off entirely at your next shaving session. Luckily, these days, you won’t have to ‘steal’ your girlfriend’s hand cream to moisturize or endure that sandpaper texture on your skin simply because you are too embarrassed to ask for advice in this situation. To help you out, we have rounded up the essential 7 cold weather skin care tips for men needed to get you smoothly through these months.

Firstly, it stands to be noted that, as times have evolved, men have become increasingly more interested in grooming and in keeping themselves both looking and feeling good. Hence, many cosmetic companies of today offer large palettes of products aimed specifically at their male audience, while internet blogs and sites abound in skincare tips reserved specifically for men.

And, while many might enjoy the chilly weather of the cold season and even associate it with the holidays in some parts of the world, the truth is that this particular time of the year can be the cause of many unpleasant things. From truly inopportune colds to the need of bundling up in many layers of clothes before even thinking of going out, fall and winter weather can be a bit hard to handle for most, especially when it comes to the way your body reacts to it. Hence, your skin will be the first to tell you when it is time to start investing in a more careful routine of moisturizing and hydrating, but not only! So follow the steps presented below and you too could avoid having caveman skin this winter:

  1. Hydrate properly

You have probably heard this a thousand times before, but yes, the human body actually is more than 70% water, with your skin highly reflecting this percentage. Hence, a properly hydrated epidermis will be less likely to chap or become really dry, as well as form premature wrinkles or leave you with an overall uncomfortable sensation.

Additionally, even though you might be inclined to consume fewer liquids during the cold season, your goal should be around 8 glasses of water each day (about 2 litres), which will then ensure your skin remains hydrated from the inside. But don’t limit your water intake to hot beverages to keep warm or the occasional beer you drink with your friends on a Friday night – think outside the cold weather box and go for natural juices, unsweetened teas, and healthy vegetables broths or soups in order to keep yourself energetic and happy even during the gloomiest of months.

Since we are speaking of water, you should also take into consideration that taking very hot baths and showers during this period can be detrimental to your skin health. Although very welcomed after a hard day spent running around in the cold, the elevated temperature ends up removing the skin’s natural oils, as does scrubbing very harshly with towels in order to dry up. Thus, to avoid this situation, opt for a more neutral, lukewarm temperature and gently pat your skin with soft towels (preferably those made of cotton or other natural materials).

  1. Use quality brand creams and lotions

Undoubtedly, the best way to keep your skin looking nice and smooth during the cold period is to moisturize externally. This is important because not only does the moisturizer lock in your body’s natural water levels, but it also hydrates your skin on the surface, preventing it from becoming flaky or scabby.

While there are a lot of types of such gels, creams, and lotions circulating around the market, focus on those specifically designed for men and (preferably) from a brand you have heard of or actually used beforehand. The most recommended by dermatologists are those who have a UV protection screen included, so as to help keep your skin protected against damaging sunrays. Moreover, you cannot go wrong with perfume-free products which include naturally hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, all kinds of natural oils, and vitamin E.

During the cold weather, it is vital that you get into the habit of moisturizing twice daily (in the morning and before you go to bed at night), after you have taken a shower. By transforming this into a regular routine, you will start noticing your overall skin appearance improve within mere days.

Aside from perfect and smooth skin, moisturizing also helps men in the shaving department. Thus, it makes your skin less likely to get cuts or irritations, as well as prevent those undesirable ingrown hairs that occur when your facial hair is not hydrated enough.

  1. Shave smartly

Instead of going straight for the razor or shaving machine, aim towards protecting your complexion against irritations, redness, and lacerations in advance. As a result, begin by washing your face with some warm water in order to ‘loosen’ up the hair follicles and open up the pores (which will then make your skin more elastic).

Then, you could apply a layer of pre-shaving oil, which will help lock in moisture and prevent the apparition of any unwanted facial damage to the skin. It would be preferable for you to choose a natural-based oil, like those made from lavender, sunflower seeds or olives, because these work best towards ensuring a painless and cut-free shave.

Once all of this is taken care of, you can apply the gel or shaving cream (again, bonus points if you have chosen a product which matches your skin type) and go for a very careful and close shave. This technique will give you both a better looking shave and ensure you won’t ‘nip’ the skin, especially in those tricky areas such as your chin or down the neckline.

Once this process is complete, you can clean up with some lukewarm water, then moisturize generously with an aftershave in the form of a balm or soft gel. If you want your complexion to remain hydrated and clear this cold season, then definitely stay away from those aftershaves that contain alcohol and which give a burning sensation when used, since these dry up the skin immediately and only end up further damaging the face.

  1. Buy a good lip balm

First of all, no, it will not be considered lipstick and no, you will not be less of a man if you start using chapstick. Nowadays, you can find lip balms designed specifically for men in almost every cosmetics store because, to be honest, nobody likes having dry and peeling lips regardless of the season, but more so during chilly autumns and winters.

Furthermore, avoid licking your lips, since the saliva will most likely combine with the cold weather and further crack the surface of your lips. Instead, go for a highly moisturizing, clear tinted lip balm. You receive ‘bonus’ points if it has any sort of sun protection in its composition, since light reflects more powerfully from surfaces such as snow, for instance, and can damage your skin without you even noticing it.

Having a chapstick in your pocket at all times can prove really handy when you are in a relationship – guys, would you ever truly want to kiss somebody with cracked lips? – or might end up smooching someone under the mistletoe on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Exfoliate regularly

Don’t be fooled into believing that exfoliation is just for women. Indeed, while they are most likely to face the consequences of ‘dead’ skin – with the issues of make-up and constantly shaving at hand – your skin will naturally regenerate itself periodically, no matter your gender. Thus, you will need to get rid of that extra layer before it clogs up the one beneath it, leading to dry and unpleasantly looking skin.

There are a variety of ways in which you could choose to exfoliate. For instance, there are entire cosmetic lines of creams, gels, scrubs, etc. dedicated specifically to males and their particular skin needs. While these items work perfectly for your body, you can concentrate on using milder products on your face, especially if you are in the habit of shaving regularly. For instance, you can use masks, exfoliating gloves or pumice soaps for this area. If you are more of an organic guy, then you can easily resort to natural exfoliating products, which are based on fruit seeds, coffee grounds, sea salts, and other such semiabrasive elements that will take care of any surface debris, but without affecting the healthy skin underneath.

Consequently, the key towards any successful and efficient exfoliation process is to use adequate products regularly, never force your skin (especially the face area), and always moisturize properly afterwards.

  1. Dress appropriately for the season

The cold weather usually means bundling up in layers upon layers of clothes. Nevertheless, men usually go for the essentials – pants, shirts and sweaters, maybe a fluffy jacket of some sorts – and often forget to protect the rest of their skin against the effects of low temperatures and wind. Nevertheless, this can simply be avoided by resorting to a few dressing tricks, so that you and your skin can face the cold weather victoriously this year.

For example, wearing a beanie or warm hat during bad weather days will both make you appear fashionably cool and protect the skin of your scalp (which can become incredibly dry owing to the cold and hence create troublesome problems such as irritation and dandruff). Furthermore, go for a good winter scarf – that is versatile and practical at the same time – to keep your neck warm and your skin protected.

Also, don’t forget the hands! A suitable pair of gloves will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to skin care. For men, one of the most ‘badass’ looks you can achieve is by wearing a pair of leather gloves. Admittedly, they are nowadays made from faux leather, but usually from very fine, quality materials and with the added bonus of warm and soft padding to keep your hands protected at all times. Other glove variations include wool and cotton, with an abundance of styles and patterns to choose from.

Also, believe it or not, your feet are the most weather-beaten during the cold season, so make the skin on your soles a priority. Besides moisturizing, always wear warm socks (made from materials that allow the skin to ‘breathe’, such as cotton) and choose a pair of shoes or boots that insulate you nicely from the low temperatures.

  1. Don’t forget to exercise

Right about now, you might be asking yourself: ’what does skin health have to do with exercising?’. Well, if we take the word of specialists for granted, then everything. You see, regular exercise greatly improves blood flow throughout the body, especially at the level of the skin. This makes epithelial cells regenerate faster, thereby making your skin look more elastic, glowing, and overall healthy.

What is more, you are additionally performing a ‘cleansing’ from the inside, by eliminating toxins and debris through sweating, for instance, which then helps with moisture locking and skin wellbeing from the inside. Exercise also reduces stress and improves hormone levels, meaning that you will not have to worry about acne or skin eruptions anymore, which is always a good thing to keep in mind.

Hence, if you are not in the habit of exercising daily, then you should work your way towards a regular session of exercises amounting to anywhere between 15-30 minutes so as to get your blood bumping and your skin better looking. Not only will you stay fit and attractive during the cold season (when, on the contrary, most of us tend to put on some extra weight), but you will also make sure your complexion and skin in general stay clear and wholesome.

There you have it! These are the best 7 tips for male skin care during the cold weather. So, remember! Stay hydrated, moisturized, and warm this season in order to both look and feel good in your own skin! It is actually the manliest thing you can do for yourself this winter!