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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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6 Signs of Excessive Drinking - Alpha Male Nation

6 Signs of Excessive Drinking

Are You an Alcoholic? 6 Warning Signs

You are prone to having wine during dinner and a second or third beer while you are happy. However, this does not make you an overindulgent drinker, does it? The answer to this question depends on the drinking habits of a person and these habits vary from one person to another.

As per 2015 report, there are a large number of Americans who are in the drinking danger zone. This report has been published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry by the National Institutes of Health. As per this report, around one-third of the adults in America has an Alcohol Abuse Disorder at some point in life. The report also suggests that only 20% of these adults seek proper treatment.

Something that is alarming is the fact that there has been a considerable increase in the intensity of consuming alcohol. The director of the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, George Koob states this. He said that he and his team have seen a 5% increase in the recent times. This is roughly a million more people than what the case was ten years ago. This 5 % people are the ones who are into taking more than 5, 8 and 10 drinks in just one sitting.

Who are Binge Drinkers?

Problem drinkers are not always the one you would think of. There are over 38 million people who are binge drinkers who binge drink around four times per month. This has been evaluated from CDC data. Among these binge drinkers, the ones between 18 and 34 years of age have increased chances of going overboard.

This is in comparison to the people in other age groups. It is basically the people above 65 years of age who do it very often.  Having one or two drinks seldom is often harmless, but overindulgence in alcohol might result in deaths. Reports on this subject, evaluate that over 80, 000 deaths in America are because of people overindulging in alcohol.

Overindulgence is alcohol is also considered the third principal reason behind the preventable deaths. Therefore, it is important for you to have an idea about the alcohol quantity that is considered overdoing. Binge drinking for men means having more than five drinks within a short span of time.

There are many people who are into alcohol overindulgence and they are not considered alcoholic. However, experts are of the view that there are just two groups or categories of drinkers. Many people are just somewhere between these two categories. There are some signs that will help you determine whether you are a binge drinker or not. Have a look at the signs below:

You Turn Daredevil

Drinking has the ability to lower inhibitions. You might be sure of this fact if you have seen your generally shy colleague dancing intensely in the bar. Getting excessively drunk can accompany repercussions which can be worse than feeling embarrassed.

Excessive drinking can result in risky decisions. According to Gregory A. Smith, drinking can change your life for the worse. Gregory A. Smith is the M.D and addiction specialist at Comprehensive Pain Relief Group operating in Los Angeles.

Around 60% of the serious drowning and fatal injuries are also a result of excessive drinking. Approximately, 40% of serious car accidents and falls are caused due to alcohol. It is also worth noting that around half of the cases of sexual assaults are also due to excessive drinking. All these reports have been evaluated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism or NIAAA.

You are a Weekend Drinker

If you do not drink regularly, but you drink excessively on weekends like Friday night, you are a binge drinker. Gregory A. Smith further confirms this fact. According to research, having around seven alcoholic beverages every week can lower the chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, not drinking throughout the week only to gulp five to six glasses on a single sitting eliminates the health benefits. Furthermore, excessive drinking can interact with some medicines and increase blood pressure.

Drinking Takes Over You

There might be times when you have made up your mind to have only one drink when you are happy. However, this goal is never achieved as you get downed for four to five drinks eventually.

One major sign that you might be a binge drinker is not having any idea about your limits. You might be surprised when you suddenly pass your limits of alcohol intake and this should be taken as a major symptom. Very similar to the other health problems, drinking issues develop gradually.

This is the reason why it is wise to reevaluate your habit of drinking on a regular basis. You can do this by writing down the amount of alcohol you take and the time when you take it. This will make it very easy for you to control yourself in case you start getting overindulgent.

You are Losing Memory

The effect of alcohol differs from person to person depending on their genes and the medicines that people might be taking. It also differs in people who take alcohol just after having a huge meal. This is because food slows down alcohol absorption in the blood stream.

Researchers are of the view that binge drinking can have a major effect on the memory of a person. It can disturb the most important brain messenger called the glutamate. This brain messenger is directly connected to the memory of an individual.

You do not Take Up Your Responsibilities

Drinking can become a major problem if you identify that you have started neglecting your responsibilities. Keith Humphrey confirms this fact. He is from the VA/Stanford University Center for Health Care Evaluation located in Palo Alto in California. When you start prioritizing your habit of drinking over the normal day-to-day activities, you are in the danger zone.

You are a Subject of Concern for the People Around You

If you have your family, friends and colleagues worried about you, it is time for you to cut back on your habit of drinking.