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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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5 Secrets To Building A Body That Turns Women On - Alpha Male Nation

5 Secrets To Building A Body That Turns Women On

Do you often dream about having a physique so chiseled that even a Greek god would be envious of you? Have you ever wanted to look so good that women would just line up to date you? Do you want to have that perfectly defined body that gets the ladies going every time, but don’t know where or how to start achieving it? Then look no further! With these truly amazing and overall approved 5 secrets to building a body that turns women on, you too could become the man of any woman’s dreams.

It’s no secret that, nowadays, it has become almost mandatory for every man to be at least some type of superhero in each and every aspect of his life (that is, from his job to his body) in order for him to be considered successful and attractive by the opposite sex. For example, he must be in a leading, well-paid position at his workplace, an outstanding member of his community, as well as a ‘roaring’ beast in bed. But, more importantly than anything, he absolutely has to look stunning from a physical point of view or else women won’t even bother talking to him, let alone invite him to bed. Though it sounds superficial at first, an amazing physique is actually a sign of good control and determination, not to mention a very clear display of power and confidence.

As a result, to help you on your path towards attaining this goal, we have narrowed it down to 5 essential factors which any man should have in view when wanting to create a physical appearance that should make every woman come at his beck and call:

  1. A healthy diet – before even thinking of transforming your body for the better on the outside, you need to start worrying about what’s inside or, more specifically, what you are putting into it. As a result, a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for both gaining and maintaining muscle mass, as well as making sure your appearance is perfectly balanced from an aesthetic point of view.

For starters, eliminate fast food, sugary drinks, excessive amounts of alcohol, etc. from your routine diet and concentrate on making sure your regular meals involve fruits, vegetables, cereals, and, of course, meats (as a good source of protein, essential for muscle development). If you are unsure of what your ideal caloric intake should be, then consult with a dietician or fitness instructor and then come up together with a nutritional program aimed at keeping you both fit and vigorous. Nevertheless, your new diet focused on muscle growth will most likely presuppose a higher, yet ‘smarter’ program of calorie consumption, which you will then transform through physical exercise into an attractive figure for the ladies. For example, the most recommended foods aimed at increasing muscle mass are beans, eggs, lean beef, fermented dairy products, chicken, nuts, salmon, brown rice, and many others. In addition, always remember to hydrate properly because water is critical in muscle mass build-up, as well as in improving digestion and accelerating weight loss.

Thus, by paying careful attention to what you are eating and drinking, all the other steps towards achieving a fit body will only be amplified and maximized from within. What is more, try to ‘cheat’ as little as possible with your dietary plan, since every, let’s say, slice of pizza or bar of candy might as well be another setback from attaining that flawless physique that all the ladies lust for. It might seem difficult to accomplish all of this at first, but keep in mind that an attractive body will bring you only attractive women in your life, so the initial struggle is well worth the eventual outcomes.

  1. Regular exercise – no matter your natural body type, you are most likely going to rely on a constant and sustained exercising routine in order to ideally define your physique. Again, you should definitely talk to a fitness or bodybuilding professional and create a routine specifically designed to help you optimize your own physique’s strong points. This personalized program will then ensure optimal results with minimal efforts involved.

Nevertheless, there are certain general guidelines that can be followed by anybody wishing to achieve that perfectly contoured figure that turns women on. First of all, rely on short-term goals rather than a ‘before’ and ‘after’ type of mentality – in this way, your body reshaping aims will be truly realistic, with small differences being usually more long-lasting than drastic, yet ultimately fading improvements. Secondly, make your workout sessions short, but intense. Why, you asbodybuilding-alphamalenationk? Because, after about one hour into any training routine, your body starts releasing the hormone called cortisol, which switches fat-burning to protein decomposition, which is exactly what you want to avoid at all costs. Thirdly, as previously mentioned, hydrate properly so as to keep your system working adequately and in your muscle-gaining favour.

Additionally, keep in mind that your entire appearance should look appealing, so work on all muscle types and body areas in a balanced fashion, so as to achieve an aesthetically pleasing figure. Admittedly, women will most likely notice your strong biceps or chiselled abdomen at first glance, but you should remember that other parts such as lean calves, muscular thighs or a nicely outlined chest will complete your shape to perfection.

Moreover, it’s not enough to get a chiselled physique – you have to maintain your hard earned body in order to keep the ladies around, too. So push yourself to hit the gym or work out at home on a constant basis, in order to keep yourself looking properly fit for as long as possible.

  1. Supplements – though this might come as a surprise at first, it should be noted that most dietary supplements currently existing on the market are actually designed to help you lose weight and increase your muscle mass by normalizing your intestinal balance. These particular supplements are called ‘probiotics’, since they rely on various types of ‘friendly’ bacteria to regulate bowel movement, maximize nutrient absorption at the level of the gut, and boost immunity. As a consequence, your dietary intake will be used to its fullest and your muscle mass will increase practically on its own.

Furthermore, some dietary supplements have been specifically created for men and their particular needs, with ingredients that stimulate testosterone levels in a natural and non-threatening way to your health. Thus, not only will you get all the ladies in no time at all, but you will also be able to perform better and longer in bed, with increased stamina to go along your charm and attractive physique. And who doesn’t want to be considered a sex god by women? Besides, some supplements even claim to improve focus, memory, and concentration levels, which is extremely helpful in keeping your body shaping goals at their peak at all times.

With an exponentially growing market and availability, such dietary supplements can be easily adapted to any shape-defining diet. For instance, you can select between supplements in the form of tablets, capsules or even powders (which result in shakes after being combined with water, fruit juices, etc.), depending on your meal plans and daily routine. Consequently, these will help define muscle mass by simultaneously optimizing your exercise routine and calorie intake, thereby leading you to the body you have always dreamed of having in order to woo the ladies.

  1. Maintain your goals – it should be known that getting that perfect body shape might end up being a process which ultimately requires time and patience, so you shouldn’t ever give up or lose track of your initial aims. Although the saying goes along the lines of ‘good things come to those who wait’, you should also keep in mind that time will only work to your advantage if you use it wisely. So train constantly, eat healthy, take care of your body properly, and the women around will start to swoon over you in no time.

For instance, when it comes to increasing your muscle mass, you should take into consideration that small steps are the best steps, since they secure both tissue retention and preservation, as well as overall health conservation. It’s easy to understand how burning out your energy quickly will only lead to unaccomplished aims and bodybuilding drawbacks. Nevertheless, by progressively going from basic routines to more complicated ones, you demonstrate your ability to persevere, put effort into your goals, and focus on your aims, these being mental attributes which ultimately attract women as much as a chiselled body.

It is universally recognized that females are drawn to men who are not only physically strong, but also highly motivated and determined to succeed in every aspect of their life. This is exactly reflected in the way you choose to work out and maintain your newly transformed body. Don’t brag or try to show off – instead, let you body language do the ‘talking’ for you and you’ll see how the ladies start lining up in no time. In addition, once you’ve acquired your desired physique, strive towards maintaining this figure, as well as your healthy eating habits and workout program, so as to profit from your hard work’s fruition for longer periods of time.

  1. Personal care – now that you have defined your physique to almost perfection, you should also take into consideration the fact that women are highly attracted to men who also pay a lot of attention to their personal grooming routine. As a result, it’s not really enough to look good naked – though, to be completely honest with ourselves, it does help a lot when it comes to women and their male-oriented desires.

Accordingly, a fitting wardrobe selection will clearly set you apart from the crowd and accentuate your physique to the fullest. Depending on your career demands and own tastes in clothing, you could make any outfit work to your advantage, from the classic three-piece suit to casual or even sporty outfits. Don’t think of clothes as something restrictive, but rather an additional asset which you could ‘play’ with and bring around to emphasizing your body’s newly gained shape.

What is more, you should also pay attention to your skin. If your complexion needs to be smooth, clear, and routinely maintained (by shaving or keeping your beard neatly trimmed), then the rest of your body could even use a shade or two of tanning, which would really make your muscles stand out for the ladies. This can be done either by soaking up the sun or opting for a ‘fake’ tan, with many salons offering packages designed specifically for men.

Last, but not least, you should accompany your strong and alluring figure with a matching personality. Thus, your behavior should aim to be the ideal mix between strength and approachability, as well as charm and assertiveness. In this way, not only will you conquer all the women, but you will also be taken more seriously at your workplace and in your social environment, amongst friends and family alike.

There you have it! These are the best 5 secrets towards achieving that god-like body all women want their ideal man to posses, whether they like admit it or not. As you can notice, they don’t all revolve exclusively around bodybuilding and muscle gaining, but they do all circle back to the idea that a good looking physique will eventually bring you numerous advantages, including (but not limited too) instant success and appeal towards females.

The key towards achieving all of these above presented goals is constant perseverance and determination, which will not only earn you a body that never fails to turn women on, but also the charm and sexual stamina to keep them around and coming for more. You just need the courage to start becoming better, fitter, and more confident in yourself and then the rest will follow naturally! So get working on that muscular and lean body today and the ladies will thank you for it in no time!