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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Exercising - Alpha Male Nation

5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Exercising

Many people pay a load of attention to what they look like. Guys included. And they do so much to have the body of an Adonis. Even mistakes. That’s what we’re talking about today: the most common mistakes beginners make when at the gym.

As we’ve said before, a healthy body requires a healthy lifestyle. When one says lifestyle, one speaks of so many aspects. From what you eat to how much sleep you get, everything you do counts when it comes to the way your body looks. This is the reason why we encourage a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a healthy attitude towards life is the first step to take.

So, before starting any bodybuilding program, make sure you see your nutrition expert and get a personalized diet. Pay attention to what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Quit unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and make sure you don’t skip sleep. And the last but not the least, exercise on a regular basis. Make sure sports activities are part of your schedule.

Now, if you’re a beginner, you might want to check the list below. It’s about the most common mistakes beginners make when exercising or embarking upon a bodybuilding program. Keep them in mind, avoid them and you’ll get one step closer to that body you dream of sooner than you think.

 Wanting too much too soon
So, there’s a lot to work out when it comes to your body. You didn’t visit the gym too often but now you’ve decided to start building that body you dream of. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t get the body of some Greek god overnight. Nope. Those guys displaying their well-built body and packs have trained hard to get there. Results will show in time if you are truly committed and dedicated to your bodybuilding program.

Many people give up because they have false expectations or false ideas about the time needed to build muscles. They train a bit, see minor results or none at all and give up because it’s too hard. Commitment is the key here. Stick to your program, be patient and results won’t fail to appear. Plus, once the first results will be visible, you’ll get more courage. If you think those minor results are ok for now and you give up, you will end up losing those minor changes as well. You need to build a strong body and muscles and then maintain them. It’s not enough to exercise and train a while, stop exercising and then expect your body to look like that forever. Commitment, commitment, commitment.

Training too much 
This one mistake is somehow related to the first one. People want a lot in the shortest time possible. Well, again, it doesn’t work like that. You won’t get to look like your favorite bodybuilder if you train like crazy a week. You will only get muscle soreness and a lot of “ouches”. So, the attitude here is: train slowly and increase the complexity of your workouts gradually. Allow your body to adapt to the new effort. In order not to overdo it, ask your gym trainer to help you work a training program to suit your physical condition. Follow the steps he mentions and, again, be patient and committed.

Lift weights properly 
Why do gyms come with gym trainers? Because they know what you should do to feed your bodybuilding needs and aspirations, how and when to do it. Many beginners lift weights chaotically. Ask your gym trainer about how to use the gym equipment properly. Again, if you lift them improperly, you will get muscle soreness and even injuries. So, don’t be shy here. Ask your trainer what to do each time you need an answer.
Too much weight too soon 
This is similar to too much training. Lifting too much weight when you’re a beginner and your body is just not ready for that much will only lead to muscle soreness and injuries. And who wants that? So, make sure the weight you start with is appropriate for a beginner. If you’re committed, you’ll get to lift those weights heavy bodybuilders lift in the future. That won’t and shouldn’t happen now when you’re a beginner. For now, stick to small weight and increase it gradually.

Wrong diet 
Exercises are just one of the two important parts a correct bodybuilding program is based on. The other one is the food you have. Muscles need training and proteins to develop. If you train a lot, increase the complexity of your training slowly but you don’t have the proper diet, you won’t get the results you’re expecting.

Therefore, see your nutrition expert before starting your bodybuilding program. You will need to get in a good shape even before starting your exercises. As general guidelines, you should have 25-30g of proteins every 2-3 hours. This will help your body to recover between workouts. Complex carbohydrates are also a must. It is great if you can have 5 small meals a day instead of going for 3 consistent meals. Plus, junk food is definitely out of your options. And that applies to all of us no matter if we train or not.

Again, it is very important to see your nutrition expert and get a custom diet. What works for other people might simply not work for you. Keep in mind the mistakes mentioned above and avoid them in order to build the body you dream of properly and safely.