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Alpha Male Nation | January 19, 2018

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4 Reasons the Rich people are Rich - AlphaMaleNation

“How To Become Rich” – or the 4 Reasons the Rich people are Rich

4 Reasons the Rich people are Rich 

According to some authors, the large mass of people accounting roughly for 99% of the poor (or not rich enough) people keen to answer to “ How to Become Rich?” question, can be divided upon two categories:

  • People that do not have enough money to start a business
  • People that are not willing to undertake any risks

While to some extent we can understand that (still you can start a business with no money or there are businesses that do not have any associated risk and you can develop them while you are still employed if afraid of giving up your existing employment contract), please find below a short list of 4 reasons that will explain why some people become rich.

What rich people are having in common?

  • They believe in themselves. People like that will consider that no matter how saturated a market is, there is always place on it for a new entrant that can make good money. They are not afraid of any competition and are considering that and business they will start will work if they look after it properly.
  • They are not all Steve Jobs in terms of business vision however still some very successful. Rich people don’t necessary have good ideas but they can spot various opportunities they’ve seen somewhere else and apply them on the right spot. At the end of the day it is not important the person who has the idea of a new business but the person who will start that particular business, no matter where he/she picked the idea from.
  • They don’t care what people say about them or their business ideas. They don’t listen to people telling them what do not want to hear such as” this has been done before, there is fierce competition, you have no field experience. This attitude it is closely related with the first reason presented above
  • Rich people understand the main difference between having resources and being resourceful. As stated above when talking about the part of 99% of the people thinking how to become rich however falls into people not having money to start a business, the 1% rich people do not think the same. They are able to find enough resources when needed despite not having the money at that time. Also, they can find their way in getting successful with a business sometimes even without investing any money. Think about a successful consultant. He knows his stuff and doesn’t even need an office while spending most time in client’s office. Apart from his know-how, the right attitude and a computer that you can get now for 300 USD from Best Buy he needs nothing else. And with his attitude, know-how and his 300 USD PC can get tens of thousands of USD over a very short period of time while not mentioning potential referrals for the next job. Such people can get rich in no time.

Just to conclude, there are many ways you can chose to get rich, some legal some crossing the law however my advice for you is:

  • Asses the “rich” sentence one more time and see what is the real meaning for you
  • Thing real however don’t stop dreaming and believing
  • Do something if you think it is worth-it. You might not get the second chance
  • One good idea sometime it is more than enough to get filthy rich
  • Get confident in yourself
  • Try to be legit.

With regards with someone I know who made a lot of money in the past crossing the law however, having to pay later for that he told me sometime recently. If I would had any idea few years back how much money you can make legally make (now it is far wealthier) I would have never touched the “dark side”. He is in computing business, a late 20s guy with a legit 7 figure income yearly (in USD) – still, a stained record due bad choices in his early ages.