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Alpha Male Nation | January 16, 2018

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3 Signs You're Not An Alpha Male - Alpha Male Nation

3 sings that show that you are not an alphamale

What is an alpha male? How can he be so successful and what are his best assets? What tells you that you are not one? This article will analyze the personality of the ‘alpha’, the strong man, the leader of the pack and the one which grabs everyone’s attention. Also, you will learn about the top three signs that indicate the fact that you may be far from being such an alpha male and a few pointers to improve yourself.

Alpha males- we do seem to hear quite a lot about these individuals, don’t we? The almighty, the Greek God appearance, the strengths, the agility, the tenacity, the professionalism, the whimsical character, the fine appearance, the over confidence, the admiration they get, the respect they earn, the benefits they have, the women they conquer, the cars they drive, the powers they have, the influence they possess on other people’s lives, the all-encompassing qualities and amazing actions they take pride in. Yes, the world seems to revolve around the one type of individual who appears to have it all- the alpha male. Who is this guy anyway? For all those of you who did not know, an alpha male is a typology of people which is characterized by all the above. He does exist, despite some opinions, and comes to be by combining inborn qualities with assessments, abilities, skills he acquires and experiences he lives.

In order to understand what an alpha male is not, let’s take a look at what parts complete the puzzle and analyze how an alpha man came to be and how he acts, thinks and looks.

The alpha male is without a shade of doubt in the center of everyone’s attention. As it is said, ‘men want to become them, women want to be with them’.  And it is true. Due to the fact that the alpha man has such a high self-esteem, such great values, excellent physique and the right mindset, he turns heads wherever he may go and he is taken as a real role model by men. And let’s not get into what women see in them and how much they wish to be their next conquest.

Alpha males are those individuals who can definitely be able to look and act flawlessly in any situation. These are the guys who know what they’ve got and how to work with all the capabilities and traits in their advantage. They focus on improving their exterior, as well as interior and can be prepared for any situation which may arise. Alpha males are human beings with an acute sixth sense, with a high level of tenacity and stability.

So, here are the signs which can tell you that you are actually not an alpha male:


  • Sign number 1: The fear– you are scared of multiple things, be them silly, minor or over the top scary. Take, for instance, spiders, snakes, the darkness, device breakdowns, fear of going out and be seen in public, fear of talking to girls, fear of going alone on a journey or travel, fear of not being able to fix a damage, problem or situation, fear of not remembering things precisely in the most important moments and so on. These fears are not legitimate. You do not have a foundation for being scared and not thinking that you are capable of handling things your way. There are, on the other hand, more serious types of scenarios, scary issues or difficult problems: fear of not helping someone survive, fear caused by storm, avalanche, severe structural damage, big damage, plane crash, tornado, snow storm, toxic rain, blizzard, fear of losing money, fear of not being able to finish a race, important business project and so on and so forth. These fears are not at all common, felt every day, but their intensity is definitely high. What ought to be mentioned here is the fact that people have a tendency to be scared of the tiniest things, without taking the time to acknowledge the fact that their attitude is unjust, illogical. People who are not alpha males need to do the stop, drop and review method. This means that you need to stop what you are thinking, drop everything you are doing and review the entire situation. Take the fear and pass it through all the filters until you manage to assess whether or not it is legitimate. You cannot be scared by the dark, as nothing else is associated to it. You will not be harmed and you cannot be in a negative state because of this. Furthermore, you cannot possibly think that a creature 100 times smaller than you can hurt you. Granted, snakes can be poisonous, spiders too, but if you have the knowledge as to how these deadly species look like, you should refrain from being scared about those which are not. Why worry or why scream when seeing one? Also, why should you shake at the very thought of being put in a more difficult position, out of your comfort zone and completely unknown? Alphas have no problem responding to any challenge, new environment and acting in a cool manner no matter what. A suspicious item can be placed next to them and they still remain reserved, calm, as well as alert, without causing panic, without being too fearful or letting their emotion interfering with their judgment. The key is that you should have mind over matter. This means that, if you put your mind to it and analyze the risks, the consequences and the actions that should be taken in order for the outcome to be positive, you have full control of the matter. Life is all about getting to know more things, learning how to behave in the most positive and assertive way and you need to constantly push yourself to discover new things and new abilities that you might not imagine are inside you. Try it until you can achieve perfection. It goes like this: ‘practice makes it perfect’.


  • Sign number two: the low self-esteem– being connected to the first sign of not being an alpha male, low self-esteem is a problem most men have. This can go way back to early childhood, to bullying in the playground, to bad parenting methods, to ugly experiences, to depressive moments in pre-adolescence or adolescence, yet the truth of the matter is that bad self-image can be improved. Many people have become successful thanks to their ability to leave behind the ugly past, the troublesome memories, the bullying, the pranking, the making fun of, the stupid behaviors others had, as well as the bad habits and bad luck they had. Low self-esteem is never encountered in alpha males and it should be mentioned that such individuals are indeed born with a certain positive image about themselves, but the environment, the compliments others have given them and the opinion they constructed in their head definitely paid off. Most of the time, low self-confidence means inability to carry a conversation with a person who may be entirely different than you. Let’s say he is of a choleric personality, meaning that he will dominate you the entire time, speak loudly, emphasize the key points he wishes to make, talk too much about himself, about his experiences and so on and so forth. In such a case, an individual with a bad self-image will feel more threatened and prefer to nod than speak, let alone defend himself or correct the other if he is wrong about something or someone. Low self-esteem also means not getting involved in social activities or not being that interested in expressing his opinion, not taking chances, not leading a team or even attempt to take over the steering wheel. A person who minimizes himself will not be able to make friends that easily due to the fact that he is scared of being rejected, of being patronized or making fun of. In society, this tendency has been observed, that those who do not think highly of themselves will not manage to actually be close to someone or befriend many people. It has also been proven that, sadly, people who criticize themselves way too much and who have a low self-esteem do not take action and are not prone to achieve success. It is unfortunate, but it is a fact. And why is it so? Let’s try to analyze it: if a man is not so confident in himself, others will pick it up too and will not trust him or get him involved in certain activities. In the corporate environment, the big players are the ones who can convey trust, respect, professionalism, who appear super men, who project the highest possible level of confidence and who can definitely befriend anyone. These people love to be around others and to make a bond, a connection with them that will not only translate in close friendships that can provide enjoyment, fun and support in bad times, but also entailing business opportunities. Yes, big self-esteem can lead to this which automatically leads to success in the career path. This is an important sign that tells you that you are not an alpha male. You have to learn from it, though, and try to boost you morale so that you can see all the positive things you are capable of accomplishing, your best assets and features, your hidden potential. Each and every one of us has huge potential. It is our duty to discover it and to work with it so that we make significant steps to improve ourselves, to believe in ourselves and to actually see ourselves making a change.


  • Sign number three: the poor choice of clothes– Dressing up for success is not just a saying people have invented. No, it is a fact and many people fail to comprehend it or its effects in society, in the career plan or in the personal field. Dressing up in the most efficient manner, by knowing which clothes fit you, by combining high quality fabrics, pieces of jewelry, shoes or colors and by comprehending how to emphasize your good features can become your best trick. It is not just about buying expensive things, as, sometimes, you can hit the priciest stores and walk out empty handed or, worse, with some pieces of clothing that are extremely undesirable and will not benefit you at all. The key is to shop smartly and to make good decisions about price, quality and versatility. You can’t just buy a leather jacket just because it looks phenomenal and not have anything to match it with. You must think in perspective, weigh in all options and see on what occasions you can wear it, what can it say about you, what kind of compliments or reactions it can attract and how it can work in your advantage. Clothing is meant to not only cover your skin and protect you in case of cold, heat or sun waves. Whoever told you that it doesn’t matter how you dress or the clothes you pick up is a fool and should be completely disregarded. It is important to know how to dress and it is absolutely essential to put yourself in a good light. Haven’t you seen big transformations on TV with men who have been pulled from the streets and dressed in expensive Armani suits, watch, belt, tie and all? How did they look? The style, the clothes and the small details certainly make a difference and can turn any beggar into a business man (not literally, but in what concerns people’s image and opinion). But, who knows? Maybe if the beggar has an excellent self-esteem after this experiment and is thought how to handle money and make it in the corporate world, he might manage just fine. The point is that all of these are connected: the mindset, the clothes, the image you have about yourself, the way you treat yourself and in response to others, the way you manage to tackle any challenge and turn each bad day into a fine one and so on and so forth. It lies in you to make a change and improve the whole package so that you can be successful and as close as possible to an alpha male. You can do it!