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Alpha Male Nation | January 17, 2018

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20 suggestions for an impeccable business outfit - Alpha Male Nation

20 suggestions for an impeccable business outfit

It probably happened to you at least once to be invited to a business event and not know what to wear. AlphaMale helps you obtain an impeccable business outfit.

  1. How many suit buttons must be buttoned? Regardless of the number of buttons on your jacket, the general rule says that the last button is never buttoned (namely the lowest one).
  2. Every time you sit down, you must unbutton your jacket. Otherwise you’d feel uncomfortable. Plus, the jacket will get wrinkled and, because of the wrinkles formed around the buttons, it will look like it doesn’t fit you.
  3. If you want to be taken seriously, never wear white pants with a business outfit. There may be some occasions when white pants are appropriate, but it’s never the case in a business environment.
  4. Same rule applies to blue jeans.
  5. Pants with crease or without crease? The crease gives them a neat look.
  6. The matching rule for business suits: shoes must match the belt in terms of material, shine and color.
  7. It is very important how you match your shoes with your suit. Thus you can show you have style. A good advice would be to wear black shoes with a black suit.
  8. No matter how tempting it may be, do not wear a Hawaiian shirt or other shirts with floral patterns. If you are confused about choosing the color, white and blue are the most appropriate for a business outfit.
  9. When wearing a suit, the shirt must always be tucked in. If you want a more casual look, you must move to a different environment. In the business environment you’d have no luck.
  10. The shirt that you wear with your suit must always be clean and ironed. It is important to look very neat and tidy from head to toes.
  11. Never wear a short-sleeved shirt with a suit.
  12. If you find it difficult to choose your shoes, the Oxford model eliminates any risk of mistakes.
  13. Sport shoes are never a good match for the business outfit, but whenever you want a more casual look for going out, you can change your shoes and wear a pair of sneakers.
  14. White shoes have no place whatsoever in the business dress code.
  15. Your shoes must always be clean and polished! It will show that you care about how you look.
  16. Length of the tie: the tie must slightly touch the upper side of the belt. It must not reach lower than the level of the belt or, on the contrary, be too shot.
  17. Length of the shirt: If the shirt is too short, it will stick out of your pants, and if it is too long, will become wrinkled more easily.
  18. The tie knot must be adjusted to the shirt collar and must not feel like it’s choking you.

19. The proper socks for a suit are black socks. Never choose white socks; they are appropriate with a sport outfit, but not for a business suit.

  1. Accessories: a watch, a pair of cufflinks or pocket handkerchief, alongside the mandatory tie will reveal your personality and fashionable taste.

These are only some of the common mistakes when wearing a business outfit. Being aware of them is an important step towards eliminating them.

The way we present ourselves in such circumstances may have a great impact on the person next to us. A good first impression may help us get a better job, successfully close a deal, or even build important relationships.