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Alpha Male Nation | December 18, 2017

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10 symptoms of chronic bachelorhood - Alpha Male Nation

10 symptoms of chronic bachelorhood

Everyone keeps asking you when are you going to get married, but you act like you’re still in high school. Find out whether you’re pushing it too far with this life of idle luxury!

After a long time of bachelorhood, you start getting some hints that maybe it’s time to change your status. Here are some of the most frequent signs that you’ve been single for too long.

1. You’ve started nitpicking and always find a bunch of flaws in women, even when they are breathtakingly beautiful. Well, as they say, sour grapes… What you’re actually doing is finding excuses for not being in a relationship.

2. People around you start wondering about your sexual orientation. You spend all your time in the company of other men, and if you also happen to be some fashionable dandy or have at least one metrosexual in your gang… you’re screwed!

3. You’re desperate. And women see that… You’re too insistent around women, you get out of your way to be noticed and use any means to get a date. Have you forgotten the rules, such as “never call the next day”?

4. Women have stopped coming to your house, even when they’re just friends. That’s because for a long time you’ve ignored women in favor of your bachelor buddies, so women start avoiding you as well.

5. You’ve become more and more attracted to… pornography. You possess a whole arsenal of XXX DVDs – you don’t even know how you collected so many of them -, and you’ve turned into a devout reader of “naughty” (meaning, more than usual) magazines.

6. Your manners are sort of… missing. Since you haven’t been truly interested in a woman for a long time, you’re beginning to forget that you should hold the door for them, that it’s not polite to scratch yourself in their presence, etc.

7. You discover new passions. Of course, not for women! You suddenly realize that you’re more and more interested in science, technology and become a victim of… addictions (computer, TV, games of all sorts).

8. A simple first date is too much for you. You don’t know what subjects to discuss, you want to get straight to action and you don’t have the patience you used to have! Plus, you’re always condescending and don’t miss any opportunity to make fun of your friends who are involved in serious relationships.

9. You behave strangely around women. All the misogynistic jokes, conversation full of obscenities and stories that present no interest whatsoever for a woman make you completely asocial. You should do something about it as soon as possible, or you’ll turn into a savage!

10.   You misread women’s signals. You interpret every glance, conversation or gesture as a declaration of erotic intentions. Obviously, it’s not the case!

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